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earhere t1_j18er9w wrote

Cops are notoriously ignorant when it comes to actual laws, and it doesn't help that the courts decided it's okay for cops to be wrong about the laws they're enforcing.


No_North_8522 t1_j19g3vu wrote

There are people who's job it is to know the law and they're called lawyers. I agree cops should be familiar but the bar of knowing the law is too high for a police officer IMO


earhere t1_j19gsdc wrote

This feels like a failing of policing in general. It's not that much of an ask for a police officer to be able to articulate the law that a person is being ticketed/arrested for. It's also a failing that a police officer can just enforce their will against the public regardless if their actions are lawful or not, and the civilian has to argue in court or have a lawyer argue on their behalf to show that the cop's actions indeed were not lawful; and they'll still have to pay court costs.