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newsman0719 t1_j16hwuc wrote

What ever happened to the Republican Party that was opposed to excessive government intervention in people’s lives?


excalibrax t1_j17lv2d wrote

Look back at Mcarthyism, Its been part of the conservative DNA For a LONG time.


hansolemio t1_j177s7k wrote

They have always wanted complete iron-gripped control over every aspect of all of our lives. They just lie and say they believe in freedom for the same reasons the Nazis said they were socialists


Main_Dirt_7302 t1_j17ozdx wrote

I still don't get this at all. They ultimately work towards Taliban/Handmaid's Tale society yet use the symbolism and rhetoric of "freedom" in the process. It's not a mass conspiracy & there's no central command center but I'm perplexed by how their belief system works.


StarMangledSpanner t1_j187q7g wrote

They simply want the freedom to tell other people what to do while simultaneously believing that nobody can tell them what to do.


DuckQueue t1_j18rgdy wrote

"Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect."


Main_Dirt_7302 t1_j18bbei wrote

Exactly! Nicely said. I just think it's so strange that some groups involved in political movements can take their greatest weakness and then simply claim it to be one of their assets.

Pairing traditional values with freedom is like trying to blend oil and water


DifficultyWithMyLife t1_j1886e4 wrote

It's basically ignoring the meanings of words so they can control discourse, and thus people's very thoughts.

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

― George Orwell, 1984

The scary part is, it works. We really are nothing more than dumb animals that learned how to talk and build things.


Lower-Cantaloupe3274 t1_j18nz41 wrote

I was raised in the belief system. As soon as you start to think critically and ask questions, it unravels alarmingly quickly. It all makes sense until you pull that one string. Then the avalanche of "well, if that's not true, what about..." and when you ask earnest questions to try to salvage any if it, you are labeled as "woke" and pretty much anything you say is immediately discredited.


Main_Dirt_7302 t1_j193otu wrote

Yes. I'm just curious if there is more of a general process in psychology that accounts for this. Everyone knows (on a subconscious level) the major weaknesses of their theory/belief system. It seems like they charge forward with the freedom stuff because it makes them feel invincible and morally justified (if it were true).


Lower-Cantaloupe3274 t1_j196h5o wrote

Well I think confirmation bias is part of it. Also affinity bias. Spreading of alternatives. So is the need to belong to a group, which is stronger in some people than others.

I am not sure everyone knows the weaknesses if their belief system. If you come from an authoritarian background, you are taught from a young age not to question authority and are punished if you do.

I do think some people are highly aware and exploit people. Others may not understand the underlying mechanisms, but they can smell it a mile away and use it to their advantage.


kittenfordinner t1_j1ale08 wrote

your over thinking it. Remember when you were 7 or 8 years old? and you thought that you were right and everyone who thought you were wrong was an idiot? There is nothing more to understand, my buddy was bitching about the government making people do something or whatever, and I asked about how come they all were insisting on MAKING people swear to the flag, and say "under God" in school. He was like "I don't understand why anyone would not want to say the pledge of allegiance" It didn't compute, didn't matter. They want to win, they are right, you are wrong, the principles which they hold dear only apply, like the bible, if and when they want them to and how they want them too. Don't over think it, people, like animals, do what they do


Main_Dirt_7302 t1_j1br6px wrote

Thanks yeah... That makes sense. What do you think the equivalent of this is on the more liberal side of the political spectrum? Like something where there's a massive level of bs but the group writ large is totally ambivalent to it???


kittenfordinner t1_j1c03dy wrote

I'm sure their are lots of things , probably some of the more dumbass woke people, like the people who think sayings like "the pot calling the kettle black" is racist. There is no apples to apples comparison though. Because the crazies don't make it all the way to the too. Right now being a nut job is requisite to gathering favor among the right wingers. So it's really a totally different environment that we all are living in


boxsmith91 t1_j1amlz9 wrote

It's backfiring to some extent though. Most libertarians no longer align themselves with Republicans anymore, especially in light of roe v Wade.

Source: have libertarian friend. Maybe a few, though it's never been super clear with some of them.

And just to be clear, I think libertarianism is stupid for many reasons. We just don't talk politics much and that's how we get along.


Main_Dirt_7302 t1_j1bros3 wrote

Yeah that makes sense. Reconciling the following is likely to just piss them off::: wanting laws that result in throwing a women in jail for having an abortion after being raped by her father VS protesting laws for the right to go have lunch at Olive Garden (a private company) during the height of the pandemic without proof of vaccination...(my body my choice)


WTF_is_this___ t1_j1atwxa wrote

When a republican politician says something you can safely assume the opposite is true.


Snakestream t1_j17nztc wrote

Without double standards, Republicans would have no standards at all.


halfar t1_j16szjc wrote

It never existed.


Swampwolf42 t1_j18axji wrote

No, no, no…they never wanted that. They were, are, and always have been opposed to excessive government intervention in their lives. Other peoples’ lives? That’s just fine.


HDC3 t1_j16i3jt wrote

It turned fascist.


Skripka t1_j16saa7 wrote

Turned? It has been a "Freedom!.... Wait! No not like that!" Party since the Nixon days


hansolemio t1_j177v0a wrote

They’ve been the party of criminal fascism since the 70’s


donkeylipsh t1_j198bqi wrote

>since the 70's 30's

Prescott Bush (H.W. Bush's dad and Republican US Senator from CT) attempted a fascist coup on FDR


ramriot t1_j17m3kt wrote

That change the day they decide that the constitution was merely optional & not something they needed to take account of before drafting legislation.

Makes me wonder if like with a public business one can sue those making the decisions for fiscal irresponsibility.


garry4321 t1_j18yfj4 wrote

Its gov. intervention into THEIR lives AKA I can do what I want, and you cant.


bigbangbilly t1_j189sob wrote

Lack of excess doesn't mean no intervention at all. Minimal and moral intervention is necessary for a society at least /s

But seriously, the "moral" meddling is basically unnecessary and actually harmful while regulatory intervention is actually necessary for safety (especially when self-regulation due to the financial incentived against self-regulation)


Lower-Cantaloupe3274 t1_j18nabf wrote

Well, that only applies in circumstances that are convenient to them. The purpose of the government is to support their beliefs and squash anything and anyone that causes open dialog.

At least that's how it looks to me.


HobbitFoot t1_j18vuiv wrote

You might have had some natural libertarians, but a lot of people became Republican around the time that legislation was being enacted to get rid of racial segregation.


ph30nix01 t1_j19s7fo wrote

Only intervention that protected people from scams and con artists.


GabeTheJerk t1_j174986 wrote

What ever happened to the democrats that hung black people like balloons simply for looking at them and that fought back against the union?

Oh right.


JimC29 t1_j178k74 wrote

They became Republicans starting with Nixon southern strategy. Do you know anything about American politics.


21_MushroomCupcakes t1_j17xl3s wrote

I'm assuming (hoping) they were being facetious.

But I've been mistaken before.


cmmosher t1_j1kmuh2 wrote

During the civil rights movement there was a flip between the parties.


FawksyBoxes t1_j177yhz wrote

They switched to the Republican party after the Civil rights act was signed


gonzo2thumbs t1_j16ntu6 wrote

That's an interesting article. Louisiana is doing the people wrong. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Folks should start getting involved in politics and start taking things seriously. This new law will also prevent big corporations from liability to protect people where insurance is concerned. Yikes. Louisiana conservatives do not love their fellow citizens.


Humble-Dragonfly-321 t1_j16qsd5 wrote

Yet they still are voted in.


Doublethink101 t1_j17rk0r wrote

Hating brown people and the gays is a hell of a drug.


losemyshis t1_j1991tu wrote

Just a hypothetical, if all the lgbt+ and dark skinned folk left conservative states who would the attack next?


trap_shut t1_j199xnf wrote

Women. They already have this lined up.


nomokatsa t1_j19aeky wrote

Oh minorities don't actually need to be there to be a good target for hate...

In my country for example, the villages which have next to no immigrants vote most anti-immigrant, while the cities with immigrants actually see that they are not what the right paints them to be..


Im_a_seaturtle t1_j19yvmr wrote

They would still come after gays and browns. I’m from California, but currently live in Florida. :(. . People here that have literally never stepped foot in California, have soooooo much to say about Newsom, homelessness, regulations etc. Hatred and ignorance have no borders unfortunately.


sambull t1_j19hwdy wrote

they make the lines clear,

>The document, consisting of 14 sections divided into bullet points, had a section on "rules of war" that stated "make an offer of peace before declaring war", which within stated that the enemy must "surrender on terms" of no abortions, no same-sex marriage, no communism and "must obey Biblical law", then continued: "If they do not yield — kill all males".


losemyshis t1_j19wnnk wrote

Damn he disappeared with 60 Ukrainian orphans? Wtf!!!


Xaero_Hour t1_j1a2r26 wrote

IIRC, it was Arizona that passed a law by overriding a veto from the governor banning trans people in school sports. The state had 4 trans athletes. Four people. A whole-ass law. The presence of conservative hate-targets isn't even a secondary concern; they fear the very idea of non-cis/white/heterosexuals and will trade anything and everything to punish them for nothing.


Shadowkitty252 t1_j1a2t3g wrote


And once thats gone, it will be people who arent 'white enough' as the people who are used to define whiteness (the absence of visible race) have been removed.

The band will just get narrower and narrower, because it has to


Knight_Owls t1_j1ak9vh wrote

All they have to do is point their finger at a letter other than an R after the name of any political candidate.

"The _ want to destroy America!"

That's it. That's the whole excuse right there. It's just that everyone they point at now is easier to spot with the naked eye and so, easier to attack.


potential_human0 t1_j18k1mv wrote

Because conservatives have been very successful at implementing laws and policies that specifically target people who are more likely to not vote conservative, to get them not to vote or make their vote inconsequential.


Qzack t1_j18eork wrote

The majority are just willfully ignorant. The rest are finding ways to leave.


ok-awesome t1_j18p6wv wrote

Born and bred Louisianian, when the previous Republican governor defunded the universities and hospitals to lower taxes that was the final straw for me.


DasDunXel t1_j18sluq wrote

Blind loyalty is the Hallmark of Religion and Conservatives.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_j191la0 wrote

Of course it is. I keep saying that the root of the evil of "conservative" politics is religion.

Someone who is raised, indoctrinated, groomed shall we say, from birth, to listen to what the loud man behind the pulpit says no matter what, to never question that loud, charismatic authority, even when they can see absolutely no evidence of the truthfulness of his words...

Well, a pulpit is basically a fancified podium, isn't it?


jefuchs t1_j1aohjr wrote

>Louisiana conservatives do not love their fellow citizens.



Padhome t1_j18v4we wrote

We literally have third world spots in this country.


BecauseItWasThere t1_j1887am wrote

If successful they will just make Louisiana uninvestable


Padhome t1_j18vsvj wrote

I really don't get it. Aren't they just digging their own graves at this point?


dmat3889 t1_j19r0ji wrote

as long as the right people are being hurt the most, they dont care.


Knight_Owls t1_j1akkf9 wrote

It never is just "the right people" though. It always affects everyone below a certain financial threshold. It's so foolish.


dmat3889 t1_j1an5hq wrote

Thats the point, while the "right" people are assumed to usually be minorities, its really just the poor.


Knight_Owls t1_j1aolp8 wrote

Yup, I was agreeing with you. I think my use of the word "though" was a misuse on my part to make it look like I had contention. Sorry about that.


Big_Ole_Smoke t1_j1abbab wrote

They're all old enough to have one foot in the grave already. They don't care about long term consequences because they won't be alive to see them


Padhome t1_j1abmgu wrote

Then can we just kind of.. push em in already?


discogeek t1_j18fg1f wrote

>The study group held its first meeting last week, during which chairman Rep. Larry Frieman, R-Abita Springs, said its goals are to understand what ESG is and “hopefully eliminate its use in our state of Louisiana in all of our sectors and industries.”

Already decided to cancel-culture eliminate it, even though he admits he doesn't understand it. Sounds like solid conservative policy there.


jtaustin64 t1_j18sxzn wrote

I think he is just playing dumb. Louisiana is home to a lot of oil and gas and chemical production. ESG will hurt the companies in Louisiana particularly due to the excess impact those operations have on minority communities. Going against ESG because of the "culture war" is likely just a cover to get rid of it to help their corporate donors.


sudoku7 t1_j197jfp wrote

And then they are left to figure out why oil, gas, and chemical companies leave LA anyway as the water levels change how valuable LA's port is.


namedjughead t1_j16cii5 wrote

To cut off one's nose to spite one's face


amador9 t1_j17spxi wrote

ESG has become the latest bugaboo of the Batshit Right. A few corporations have figured out that some folks; ie Blue State Liberal types, are more inclined to do business with them if they market themselves as environmentally conscious. If a company invests some money in alternative energy, it’s not a bad thing even if it isn’t that big a deal. Well, out in Conservo-land, it is a bad thing; a real Bad Thing. In certain circles, Big Corporations that provide spouses benefits for same sex couple, include abortion and birth control in their Insurance coverage, and now support alternative energy are Bad. Obviously, if they pander to the dreaded Liberals, they don’t respect us. Actually, unlike garden variety Republicans, populist types seem to really hate Big Corporations.

While this seems crazy, a lot of politicians have picked up on it. De Santini has declared himself “enemy of woke businesses”. Now the folks of Louisiana are doing him one better.


Tapingdrywallsucks t1_j18ebc9 wrote

A ban. A ban on someone else's opinion. That's awesome.

This country is so fucked up. It boggles the mind that there's still anyone trying to immigrate here.


BabserellaWT t1_j17cric wrote

Huh! That sure does sound anti-capitalist of them!


ICLazeru t1_j17ecyi wrote

Louisiana conservatives consider banning thoughts.


LeapIntoInaction t1_j17oqgd wrote

Oh, those darned liberals! What will they think of next? Desegregation? Women allowed to vote? Why, there ought to be a law!


Chard069 t1_j16l6do wrote

'Liberal' means 'freed'. The opposite of 'liberal' is not 'conservative' but 'enslaved'. Captured slave-minds can be fed all sorts of sh!te, and swallow it entirely. Then there's a truism: The conservative refuses to acknowledge a New Moon out of respect for that venerable institution, the Old Moon. ;)


unitool t1_j18jay4 wrote

“How can we make our state even more of a garbage pile?”


SweatyTax4669 t1_j18lp4l wrote

>The study group held its first meeting last week, during which chairman Rep. Larry Frieman, R-Abita Springs, said its goals are to understand what ESG is and “hopefully eliminate its use in our state of Louisiana in all of our sectors and industries.”

"We don't know what it is, but by god we know it needs to be eliminated".


louise_mcsass t1_j18df5z wrote

Ah, yes, oppress political opponents. How very democratic. /s


creperobot t1_j17xqn2 wrote

Land of the free!


phinbar t1_j18tqqt wrote

So free you can drown it on a bathtub!


The_Hemp_Cat t1_j18hhis wrote

To ban liberalism is to ban freedom and American Patriotism.


Kaitensatsuma t1_j19i31f wrote

Conservatives just celebrated "Owning the Entitled $25/hour wanting Libs" because McDonalds unveiled their first fully automated store.

In Texas.

A Deeply Conservative State.

With a Minimum wage of 7.25

The party "Of the People" is ecstatic that the World's Largest International Fast Food Chain is going to stop hiring human employees at stores to reap as much profit as humanly possible and is starting in Texas. 😄


mojavekoyote t1_j17c2wx wrote

All you have is New Orleans, Louisiana. Enjoy being a true shithole state in 10 years with legislation like this.


IUsedTheRandomizer t1_j18nm0q wrote

It's already a shithole. There's no money anywhere, New Orleans pays double or triple the taxes of other parishes because the state can't afford anything otherwise. New Orleans itself is 1/3 apathetic voters or generational residents who are too exhausted by bullshit, 1/3 transplants who barely know anything about the grift-based politics anyway, and 1/3 empty houses owned by out of state assholes trying to make money off unregulated airbnbs. Nothing gets better because not enough people care; most of the rest of Louisiana just cares about hating abortion and never having to see a dime go to schools. I mean honestly, the state's industries are tourism in one city, Tabasco, and LSU. That's pretty much it.

But as always, thank you Mississippi.


donkeylipsh t1_j198ts2 wrote

>Rep. Larry Frieman, R-Abita Springs, said its goals are to understand what ESG is and “hopefully eliminate its use in our state of Louisiana in all of our sectors and industries.”

You know someone has a totally pure and just objection to something when they already assume the need to ban it before they even understand it.


ItsDominare t1_j199jcs wrote

Starting with the conclusion and working backwards from there is a classic conservative move. See e.g. "the election was stolen, now we just need to find the evidence".


murphdog100 t1_j18x1t1 wrote

“We need to understand what it is and then eliminate it “. Sounds like they already made up their minds to ban it with out knowing exactly what it is. Typical R.


Snowmoji t1_j19whz4 wrote

Perhaps the federal government should show support to them by refusing to give them hand outs, that comprise half of the states revenue (19B out of 38B of state budget). It's the conservative thing to do.


HI_Handbasket t1_j19if0g wrote

> goals are to understand what ESG is and hopefully eliminate its use

Is that one of the most conservative phrases ever? "We don't understand it, so it must be eliminated!" Anti-education and anti free market all bundled into one ignorant position.


Salvia_McLovin t1_j1a6i7l wrote

American Right wingers truly are defined by being the most unaware partisan hacks in existence. ReEEeeEE mUh FrEEDumb But NoT FoR you!


Kendog75 t1_j1arcpq wrote

I discriminate against republicans before I take them on as clients. I research their leanings on social media, and take them on, or not. Fuck it, I’m not dealing with these assholes anymore.


LurkinLivy t1_j17r8bo wrote

Taking the liberal out of economic liberalism


Lower-Cantaloupe3274 t1_j18mfa9 wrote

Oh my! Electric cars and solar energy! What on earth is this world coming to! THEY ARE THREATENING OUR CONSERVATIVE IDEALS (of ruining the planet and fostering unethical business practices?)

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.


americansherlock201 t1_j19cbkh wrote

I love the part where they say the committee is focused on “understanding what ESG is and how to prevent it from being used in Louisiana”.

So in 1 sentence they said their goal is to ban something they don’t understand.


celanthe t1_j1a2hyx wrote

Can't wait to get the heck out of this state. The GQP makes it easier every day to be sure we're making the right choice by moving as soon as we can.


PeeOnSocks t1_j1a5ajb wrote

Conservative are trying to create solutions to problems that don’t exist except in conservative fantasies. In doing so they are creating problems


mymar101 t1_j18b85q wrote

That’s pretty vague


pililies t1_j18q6ye wrote

That's very free market economy of them.


Alucard661 t1_j18w2la wrote

Ahh the party of free market.


GringosTaqueria t1_j1and13 wrote

Can we all agree, finally, that it’s to hit the reset button on that quarter of the continental US? Turn that ugly hellscape into a giant parking lot.


pickleer t1_j18ud89 wrote

Cuz when your business model is responsible for the by state greatest rate of loss of land to sea level rise and subsidence, you double down!! It makes no sense to little people like you and me but to people with lots of money and investments and important shit, fuck little people like you and me!! Wouldn't it be neat if THEY drowned instead?


rosssk8ing1 t1_j196o72 wrote

I thought conservatives were all about small government. Does the Republican party stand for anything anymore?


GoGreenD t1_j19leuc wrote

So much for the "free market"...


adstaylor77 t1_j1a6bsv wrote

Always working on Jim Crow 2.0…


memberflex t1_j1ahmz0 wrote

Wait until President Business hears about this


Jewboy-Deluxe t1_j1aiwrl wrote

Liberal businesses should move to Massachusetts!


PostNutMalone t1_j1ajq3n wrote

Being the shittiest state is not enough already?


melody_elf t1_j1at5iv wrote

Free speech and capitalism


Thazber t1_j1b1lxf wrote

Desantis is promoting this too. Pathetic and disgraceful... and talk about government over reach, my god.


FlattenInnerTube t1_j1dncat wrote

Conservatives are literally afraid of everything that doesn't look exactly like them. Everything.


hisroyalnastiness t1_j1xcu32 wrote

Government should stay out of business and let them operate


thaisofalexandria t1_j1895px wrote

The socio-psychological explanations being put forward for this are quite beside the point. The simple fact is conservatives recognise the danger to capital (production for profit) of the admission of any 'ethical' principle, which is to say (equivalently) any principle that considers the common (rather than private good) or admits consideration of any criterion other than the maximisation of profit. And they are absolutely right to recognise this.


OrangeJr36 t1_j18jrtm wrote

Except the reasons for embracing ESG is because companies have determined that it increases their productivity, worker retention, opportunities for growth and with it profitability.


HI_Handbasket t1_j19itfm wrote

Have you seen where Louisiana is ranked in just about every positive metric? Down near the bottom with Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi. You have to be a stupid motherfucker to vote Republican these past 50 years or so, but there it is.


Jellote t1_j19fhfu wrote

Ben Shapiro has entered the chat


thaisofalexandria t1_j19ravu wrote

Capitalist enterprise could be managed by a board of Jesus, Buddha and Marcus Aurelius and it would still be exploitative: profit comes from labour and the maximisation of profit is the maximum exploitation of value from labour. As someone else points out, the apparent embrace of ESG is due to the perception that it 'increases productivity' (which it may, though only until the market forces prices down to increase market share). Marx didn't get everything right, but he got this right: capitalism is exploitative by nature. There is no 'ethical' capitalist enterprise. A business that put welfare, ethics, compassion, before proft can't succeed when the market as a whole is driven by the profit motive.

It might be nice to believe in a version of socialism that comes about because capital gains a conscience, but it's dangerous naivety. Socialism is the system that governs production according to human need, so that is what is worth fighting for.


Chariots487 t1_j16fa5o wrote

Why is there an active subreddit dedicated to an election that ended four years ago?


H-Barbara t1_j16jrm4 wrote

That subreddit tells users to move over to the new one. r/VoteDem


DeweyLoranjorp t1_j1850dq wrote

We don't actually believe in this. Just giving you losers a taste of your own medicine. Sucks when the government tells you how to live your life, huh?


neilligan t1_j187mt8 wrote

Yeah, lock businesses out of your state, and fuck up your own economy. That'll show em!

You realize no-one cares and we're laughing at you right?


Papergrin t1_j187vuz wrote

If your political ideology isn't about coming up with solutions, but about smugly "owning" the other side, it's not worth it. Maybe you're the real loser.


BoredSlightlyAroused t1_j18e0ci wrote

What specific laws are you mentioning where liberals used the government to control people's lives?


DeweyLoranjorp t1_j18o19a wrote

Vaccination mandates, for starters.


BoredSlightlyAroused t1_j18qpm3 wrote

Could you provide more? Vaccination mandates have existed for a long time for both public education and many occupations. I think those mandates are bipartisan.


Hushnw52 t1_j19ac6x wrote


This isn’t nice or mature to call people.

“Taste of your own medicine”

What does this even mean?

I don’t think you understand what “liberals” mean by government.


DeweyLoranjorp t1_j19cons wrote

It also isn't nice or mature to tear a President's State of the Union address in four, yet your party leader did just that to Trump. It isn't nice or mature to fire people from their jobs due to an ideological difference, yet I see it happen all the time - my mother's boss explicitly told her that bashing Trump is ok, but Biden is off limits or it's cause for termination. This is in the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY. Liberals want accountability, but only for conservatives and it's insultingly obvious.


Hushnw52 t1_j19g5q3 wrote

When did I bring up “President’s State of the Union address”?

What do you man “your party leader”? When did I say or state my “political party”?

If people were fired for “ideological difference”, wouldn’t they just sue?

You have not given any context to the statement about your story about “bashing” Trump and Biden. Where is the evidence?

If it is “insulting obvious”, they show evidence:


DeweyLoranjorp t1_j19ru5e wrote

I brought up the SOTU as an example of your hypocrisy. You called me immature so gave you an example of how your own leader is.

Your political stance is obvious, so you never needed to state which party you belong to.

They ARE suing. In droves. Do you live under a rock or are you being intentionally dense?

As this incident happened behind closed doors, I have no evidence, so you can choose to not believe me. But I'm not making this up. Boss literally told her, in no uncertain terms, that she couldn't say anything negative about Biden or she'd be unemployed. To which she responded, "But Trump is fair game, right?" Boss replied "Correct."

Annnnnnddddd now we're done. I'm breaking my cardinal rule to never argue with a redditor. Can't fix stupid.


Hushnw52 t1_j1a7pkl wrote

What “hypocrisy”?

“Your own leader”

Who said I had a “leader”?

Making wild assumptions and guessing about political stance doesn’t help you.

You have yet to show any evidence for your claims. If it easy then show it.

Why should I believe someone who has shone no evidence and makes wild assumptions?

When did you ever prove “stupid”?

Insults of others make you look bad.