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BecauseItWasThere t1_j1887am wrote

If successful they will just make Louisiana uninvestable


Padhome t1_j18vsvj wrote

I really don't get it. Aren't they just digging their own graves at this point?


dmat3889 t1_j19r0ji wrote

as long as the right people are being hurt the most, they dont care.


Knight_Owls t1_j1akkf9 wrote

It never is just "the right people" though. It always affects everyone below a certain financial threshold. It's so foolish.


dmat3889 t1_j1an5hq wrote

Thats the point, while the "right" people are assumed to usually be minorities, its really just the poor.


Knight_Owls t1_j1aolp8 wrote

Yup, I was agreeing with you. I think my use of the word "though" was a misuse on my part to make it look like I had contention. Sorry about that.


Big_Ole_Smoke t1_j1abbab wrote

They're all old enough to have one foot in the grave already. They don't care about long term consequences because they won't be alive to see them


Padhome t1_j1abmgu wrote

Then can we just kind of.. push em in already?