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discogeek t1_j18fg1f wrote

>The study group held its first meeting last week, during which chairman Rep. Larry Frieman, R-Abita Springs, said its goals are to understand what ESG is and “hopefully eliminate its use in our state of Louisiana in all of our sectors and industries.”

Already decided to cancel-culture eliminate it, even though he admits he doesn't understand it. Sounds like solid conservative policy there.


jtaustin64 t1_j18sxzn wrote

I think he is just playing dumb. Louisiana is home to a lot of oil and gas and chemical production. ESG will hurt the companies in Louisiana particularly due to the excess impact those operations have on minority communities. Going against ESG because of the "culture war" is likely just a cover to get rid of it to help their corporate donors.


sudoku7 t1_j197jfp wrote

And then they are left to figure out why oil, gas, and chemical companies leave LA anyway as the water levels change how valuable LA's port is.