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Chard069 t1_j17ctjd wrote

Which god? Osiris? Coyote? Juno? Kali? Quetzalcoatl? Bob Dobbs?


dirtyblueshirt t1_j17e0i0 wrote

Allah. Definitely Allah.


Zwets t1_j187qf5 wrote

The Astecs had a game where 2 teams kicked a ball through a basketball hoop and the losing team got sacrificed right? (Unless Discovery channel lied to me, as they've been know to do)

So probably Quetzalcoatl, or maybe Chaac instead.


melt11 t1_j18kfja wrote

No it was the WINNING team. That’s how devoted to their gods they were.


Zwets t1_j18l0lh wrote

You know... that makes my country's performance at penalties make a lot more sense. Chaac doesn't want to see professionals with millions of euros worth of training preform outstanding athletic feats.

The god of soccer just wants to see complete amateurs flailing comically.


CokeGuy623 t1_j17q3pe wrote

Obviously its Bill Belichick, the reaper of souls


go4tli t1_j19nuro wrote

Clemson doesn’t feed the sun with the hearts of their enemies, so not Quetzalcoatl.

They would win more games if they did, the Feathered Serpent rewards the faithful.

Personally I would like to hear what is the difference between God’s “image” and “likeness”.

Nothing wrong with being a devout Christian, which nowadays means you just make up whatever theology you like and run with it. I like football, it’s good, therefore the creator of the universe is blessing me when I do it. Just don’t read 1 Corinthians 13:11, this GAME is very important to society, PLAY is super crucial.

Why isn’t Clemson undefeated every year? Who sinned and removed God’s countenance from the team, or can THE LORD just not overcome Florida State?


mlorusso4 t1_j18avj1 wrote

He’s right. God was instrumental to Clemson being what it is now. How else would you explain the $10,000 baptisms.

For those who don’t know, recruits would come to Dabos church and get baptized, and boosters would give them money as a baptism gift to get around the ncaa


Friendofthegarden t1_j18rfmg wrote

>For those who don’t know, recruits would come to Dabos church and get baptized, and boosters would give them money as a baptism gift to get around the ncaa

What in the godless, unethical fuck did I just learn...


Hipcheck16 t1_j17obsk wrote

If that’s true, you’d think they’d win more games, right?


Omegalazarus t1_j17g730 wrote

How is this not sacrilegious??


SwayzeOfArabia t1_j18cita wrote

See US christians think sacrilegious is a mix of being sacred and religious which is even better than being just religious. It happens when you're only allowed to read one book and dont even bother reading that one.

Wish I was /s


HamNEgger9677 t1_j17hq9e wrote

Man upstairs gave him Trevor Lawrence for 3 years and only won one ring. I'd say he's angry with Dabo.


therealduckrabbit t1_j17b0it wrote

fucking pagans!


archdukewaldorf t1_j17g9x1 wrote

Where? These bushes? These ones here? Tell me where are these fucking pagans? I’m desperate and a total pervert. Is those bushes? Look lady, we all know pagans fuck in bushes — so stop holding out, OK?


Good_Nyborg t1_j17s9zi wrote

Ah yes. The Holy Trinity; name, image, and likeness! What's the difference between image and likeness again?


Grimm2020 t1_j188e58 wrote

pretty sure God prefers Soccer...although he'd like the fake injury thingy to go away


coyote-1 t1_j188ycj wrote

Are you kidding? Those fake injuries are His favorite part!


FUCKYOUINYOURFACE t1_j18qae9 wrote

Sounds like a politician selling his football program to Christian fans.


ragunaxAS t1_j17buac wrote

So, on fairytales, covering up children being raped, endless money tax free and accounting for more murders in the world than anything else ever.

Got it.


fromwayuphigh t1_j17jvld wrote

I really cannot stand these tiresome godbothering clowns, so: Pretty sure it was aliens.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j18k7e7 wrote

The American capitalist Jesus. Exploitation of the workers.


PeeOnSocks t1_j1abfwd wrote

Oh no doubt. He’s looking to exploit for his own gains, I’m sure churches across the country are praising him for his “bravery” since they like to claim Christianity is always under attack


diogenes_shadow t1_j17cin2 wrote

So the god between his ears is Knute Rockney


LateStageAdult t1_j17zf8a wrote

Gross... and I used to like Dabo.

All that money has gone to his head.

Too much money rots the brain.


MrLumpykins t1_j18drd3 wrote

If there was a god, he would have nothing to do with the exploitation of young men for the profit of old men. He also would probably have an issue with the entire idea of football, and the violence it glorifies.


VanDenBroeck t1_j191o0i wrote

Just forget all about that graven image commandment. I’ll turn you into a great player. Make you rich. Make you a god.


crnelson10 t1_j19rb5g wrote

As a Tennessee fan, I’m excited about our opportunity to kill god.


soysubstitute t1_j19tfqx wrote

God is detached, and doesn't care about college football, especially not NotreDame.


Exact_Kaleidoscope_7 t1_j17vmq2 wrote

Escaping the grim state of Their creation via artificial excitement and "games" is the major concern of the truE goD of Menkind, because They don't give a shit about us.


SaltyBarDog t1_j1875nb wrote

God gets his ass kicked by a shitty SC team? Why should I worship that?


muishkin t1_j18jf7g wrote

I remember when we didn’t tolerate this kind of bullshit from government employees


Meocross t1_j18wkbi wrote

I love that the internet will bully this boy into oblivion.


Lch207560 t1_j19jynl wrote

This is why I've always hated this guy and rooted against Clemson.


QuestionableAI t1_j19lzme wrote

They can't even hear the words coming out of their mouth, ... if they did, it would give them pause.


Alert-Mud-672 t1_j19r1ab wrote

Dabo apparently played a lot sans helmet.


mykilososa t1_j1asngd wrote

What the fuck is this, catechism?!


shaunl666 t1_j1awd37 wrote

great reason not to send your kid to clemson, as the outcome is inevitably a stupid adult


moondancer224 t1_j1bcm0u wrote

I missed the chapter of the Bible that talked about proper defensive line formations.


P7BinSD t1_j17h721 wrote

Welcome to South Carolina.


stu8018 t1_j17hudx wrote

Says the man who shared a bed with his mom in college.