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awesomesauce1030 t1_j19g06b wrote

So I assumed that the headline was a little hyperbolic, and that this probably had something to do with a small business tax credit that they weren't getting because of the nature of their business. But no, they straight up went in full regalia and said "we see you're spending money on waste management, you should give us money to build a dungeon."

I respect the boldness.


mnorthwood13 OP t1_j19g70b wrote

On brand tho


nox_nox t1_j1b0hi2 wrote



woahdude12321 t1_j1cp9lb wrote

Is the Florida state government a sub or dom? Tune in at 6 to find out


fall0fdark t1_j1cpym6 wrote

from what i’ve hear they a sub that thinks it’s a dom


MykeEl_K t1_j1ctm8f wrote

That's referred to as "Topping from the bottom"


DerekB52 t1_j1c9iik wrote

I assumed it was some kind of anti religion protest. I thought maybe the country was giving money to a church or something.

Nope. Just a bold bitch. I respect it.


Independent_Ad_2073 t1_j19kztr wrote

I mean to be fair, those lawmakers probably frequent that club, so they should pay for it instead


phriendlyphellow t1_j1bgab1 wrote

The one guy seems totally innocent by asking if any districts have a dungeon. 🤣


AnxiousAd3182 t1_j190fgg wrote

Tax money to fund their dungeons? Who do they think they are, the CIA?


Space_Pirate_R t1_j1a50ts wrote

If I was the CIA, I've give it a super secret code name so nobody would ever guess what's going on. Maybe... Operation Midnight Climax!


allegedlyjustkidding t1_j1ceq9s wrote

Nah. There would be the word "blue" somewhere


rbmk1 t1_j1bhtvd wrote

It's a Party in the C.I.A.!


opaldibella t1_j1brdhy wrote

Tapping the phones like yeah, Shredding the files like yeah


Factual_Statistician t1_j1bz5dq wrote

I need a CIA " party in the usa" parody now.


icematt12 t1_j1b842t wrote

There must be at least one person from Langley now who thinks using such a dungeon as the name of a front is a good idea. Somewhat relevant name that seems unlikely to be part of an alphabet agency.


criticalpwnage t1_j1g6yc9 wrote

It would probably be cheaper to put suspected terrorists in a sex dungeon rather than keep them at Guantanamo bay


ACaffeinatedWandress t1_j192whc wrote

How did that conversation go?

“You have all been very, very naughty councilmen. Very, very naughty councilmen. Just look at this budget report. Look at what you did. We need to fix this.”



OozeNAahz t1_j1bwvnd wrote

Said she would be happy to spank them all. So..yes?


[deleted] t1_j18xyx9 wrote



trekie88 t1_j19ir9v wrote

I would rather see my tax dollars used to fund sex dungeons then another one of those unethical migrant flights.


ChanThe4th t1_j1arvmr wrote

Oh they do, you didn't hear about Epstein? Or his magical list of highly decorated and famous guests at his child torture mansion?


WebbityWebbs t1_j18ztfs wrote

It’s culture. We have to support American culture!


GuessWhatIGot t1_j1ad6ir wrote

I just saw this on the news in CA. The anchors added at the end that, apparently, this was a PR stunt for a new club opening up in Miami. I didn't catch the name, but I gotta say, they know their audience. Politicians.


anthonycj t1_j1b3vn3 wrote

Ah, thanks I was wondering about this because it felt so planned and rehearsed I was assuming it was some kind of crazy anti-lgbtq/false flag crap but it was just questionable advertising.


Veraciraptor7 t1_j1ac4y5 wrote

Not even close to the most ridiculous use of taxpayer dollars I've ever seen if it passes.


Saint_Poolan t1_j1cisgj wrote

San Francisco Budgets $1.7 Million for a Single Public Toilet, it better have a dungeon smh


TheNaug t1_j1d0ixy wrote

Does the toilet cook you coffee, clean your shoes and massage your feet while you're taking a dump? Otherwise San Francisco city might've been bamboozled on this one.


kleverjoe t1_j1a6hds wrote

"City Manager, are there any districts that have a dungeon?" Was waiting for him to add "Asking for a friend..."


pighammerduck t1_j1a02bv wrote

So was it a demand when the Steinbrenners threatened take the Yankees to another city if the taxpayers didn't pony up half a billion dollars for their new stadium? Sex dungeon would be more worth it, tbh.


sirhecsivart t1_j1ddtve wrote

Sex Dungeon?!?! I thought they closed that place down!


AdministrationDry507 t1_j18ve1g wrote

For S&M right?


CertainRound4464 t1_j1a1mkl wrote

Well they use taxpayer dollars to build sports arena's. Why not a public Dungeon. Lol Man I love living in Florida. Never a dull moment. 😂😂


Just-Leadership6617 t1_j1awqvu wrote

This is the type of shit I want to see battled out on ballots


marker8050 t1_j1bltyq wrote

I'm not against a community dungeon


Sumthin-Sumthin44692 t1_j1awafh wrote

>According to the Cambridge Dictionary, in BDSM culture, a "dom" means dominant, and "sub" is submissive.

They really had to pull out the big guns for that citation.


AirbagOff t1_j1b8uwi wrote

The author wanted to pretend that they were vanilla.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, in BDSM culture, “vanilla” means someone who is not kinky.


chevalier716 t1_j1ccak6 wrote

To be fair, sports teams get this treatment. Why not other forms of entertainment?


garry4321 t1_j19td54 wrote

Its Florida.

If they deny it, its because the participants are too old for the politicians liking.


LessResponsibility32 t1_j191xyz wrote

Black Leather Matters


gero_the_hero_ t1_j195rtd wrote



be-like-water-2022 t1_j1awsc2 wrote

Red Latex, Black Leather


gero_the_hero_ t1_j1axu3o wrote

How to tell the two apart in a pic:

Shiny, soft and wet looking, usually hugs skin: Latex

Not as shiny, rough looking, doesn’t conform as much to skin: leather

Unless this is a reference to a song or something


popecorkyxxiv t1_j19kdew wrote

Would make sense. It's an open secret that anytime republicans events visit a city the local sex trade sees a massive increase in traffic, especially the specialist BDSM ones.


fastseahorse t1_j1bzgg7 wrote

hate to burst your bubble but as an anarchist I am informing you it’s politicians from both parties. As well as major sporting events. Professional conferences of all industries. Men of all demographics and from all categories desperately want sex. Anywhere any large group of men are congregating, the SWers will follow. Imagine thinking only republicans enjoy it


TheFeshy t1_j19ry3h wrote

Great advertising, but I doubt they really want this - after all, a publicly funded dungeon would have to be open to the public.


thepro7864 t1_j1ahe53 wrote

This is just a giga brain marketing strat. Perfect match for those loaded council men who’re always in control.


fsckstix t1_j1cz4g3 wrote

Do you want Slaanesh? Because that's how you get Slaanesh.


thetburg t1_j1d6f3j wrote

>Do you want Slaanesh?

Honestly, I'd rather have updog.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_j1aopbg wrote

As long as they don't have drag queens, the Florida city will probably give them the money.


Notsnowbound t1_j1au5cc wrote

Hey, better than some overpriced office renovation!


CodinOdin t1_j1bcd9p wrote

Well, this is certainly some bold advertising for their club.


dumbasstupidbaby t1_j1c9jld wrote

I just want to slap some sense into these people but they'd probably enjoy that


Ambar_Orion t1_j1cnm4h wrote

Maybe Saints Row isn't that crazy anymore


fastseahorse t1_j1c07i6 wrote

As a Floridian, I propose that we donate the I-4 Eyesore in Orlando for Mistress’ dungeon.


BeetlesMa t1_j1cd0v1 wrote

You can just stop the headlines after Florida. We got it.


MeIncogNeto t1_j1clain wrote

I've seen crazier demand tax payers dollars


philovax t1_j1b347e wrote

Dont they know thats in the Federal Budget. Lindsey Graham has at least one intern dedicated to this.


Eso-One t1_j1cf80u wrote

This chic pegs


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j1co0ky wrote

As long as every taxpayer can come by and get fully dominated there. I need some spanking I've been a bad bad boy.


jral1987 t1_j1col38 wrote

It's Florida, I'm no longer surprised with any of the weird and crazy shit that happens there.


set-271 t1_j1cx0pr wrote

I'm sure they quietly got their funding to build the new dungeon in a undisclosed location next to a city counselor.


ifsavage t1_j1czq9d wrote

Guess where I’m moving!


Jinxed0ne t1_j1d6gmg wrote

I rather give them money than fucking churches. At least they provide an actual service.


daveescaped t1_j1ez5qc wrote

Clearly they are making a joke. This is nonsense.


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NoGlzy t1_j1cm3rp wrote

The Honored Matres have returned from the scattering to conquer the old imperium and ask for some money for their nasty sex house


DrSendy t1_j1cupc1 wrote

That story needs to start with "Florida man...."


dead_andbored t1_j1d8msw wrote

100% supportive of having my tax money going to dominatrix clubs instead of cops


KyleGrizz t1_j1df78c wrote

Or churches. At least bdsm clubs give to everyone.


Moon_Bassist t1_j1dlcyy wrote

Is this kinda like when those two guys pitched to their their local city council the idea of tax-funded party yachts?


spudgun20 t1_j1cw7rt wrote

So, just trying to turn the local council into paypigs. Really living the gimmick aren't they?


elghoto t1_j1dc9ku wrote

What do they think they are? A church?


BaconDragon69 t1_j1de3bu wrote

Sure as hell money better spent than the fucking church


[deleted] t1_j1dh74d wrote

I love how organized, and to these point these women are, and for the most part respectful of the whole process, can’t say the same for the religious crazy groups that show up at our Florida local city councils almost every week.

Would love to see them again, I feel that they could get so much accomplished.


smoke99999 t1_j1diwno wrote

given as often as the government fucks the tax payers

I would assume its only fair for the tax payer to demand a dungeon for the shenanigans to continue in private

anybody happen to get the number for the wide hipped girl 2nd in line? I know a person wants to know


milesdraws t1_j1dlixg wrote

I mean... They were shooting their shot, good for them. Hope they get some money for their dungeon.


Wendidigo t1_j1at4o5 wrote

Oath Keepers at it again.


Eyes-9 t1_j1d4y3i wrote

I suppose it's a publicity stunt?

Still seems a bit silly. Businesses usually need investors to get the ball rolling and keep their doors open.