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AreWeThereYet61 t1_j20ewg6 wrote

Why do people buy bosses gifts? They make 10x what we make. Shouldn't they be buying us gifts?


for_dishonor t1_j20nhlq wrote

She makes 116K. Not bad but probably less than some state employees. I've been in jobs where the head of the team or department got everyone something so we pulled moneybto get them something. Never seemed unfair to me.


DragonGarlicBreath t1_j217cw1 wrote

I don't know if a state where the governor is the highest-paid employee. Usually, it's a football coach by a wiiiiide margin. (Think millions, frequently.) Still, $116k is pretty solid when the highest-paid employee in South Dakota gets in the $300k area, at least compared with the margins elsewhere.

The real comparison is to what her staff makes and whether she gave them gifts.


America_the_Horrific t1_j2214t4 wrote

Never, under any circumstances, buy gifts for the boss. It's bad etiquette and its bad management. Gift giving is lateral and down, never up.


for_dishonor t1_j222k1h wrote

You're leaving out a key concept which is obligation. You're never obligated to give e a boss a gift and a good manager won't expect one even if they give them. There's no etiquette that says you can't. I've certainly never seen a manager, good or bad, refuse a gift.


baseballdnd t1_j21lbeg wrote

I mean come on. They go in making that then all of a sudden they are worth $40 million. Insider trading all day when you get to that kinda level