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OscarMike1911 t1_j21ynwv wrote

I like how the meal is the newsworthy event in this title


FleetAdmiralPopcorn t1_j21zo3s wrote

And that his breaking into the school during a massive blizzard is more newsworthy than the burglary he was caught committing.


thisplacemakesmeangr t1_j22pjof wrote

The tender chicken man who ate Christmas didn't back his truck into a store in the movie though. He already had all the camping gear in his truck and ran away to the woods and made friends with a bear.


regalrecaller t1_j24983t wrote

>The tender chicken man

I couldn't get past this


thisplacemakesmeangr t1_j24c8f3 wrote

You must. You have responsibilities and food to eat before it goes bad. Some day it won't even be a memory. Till then life goes on.


K3yb0r3d t1_j221a0p wrote

Read the article. This needs to be a movie.


smurfsundermybed t1_j2251gn wrote

It already is. He's acting like any character in a post apocalyptic America where few people survived the thing.


tobmom t1_j22qmv7 wrote

Yeah he’s just looking for a Twinkie.


sumelar t1_j22rc4r wrote

Dig up stanley kubrick to get the right level of crazy.


unreqistered OP t1_j28t2j3 wrote

a kubrick - tarantino production starring Randy & Dennis Quaid


varovec t1_j226ald wrote

The whole story is such dense, it couldn't be really fit into one short title. Therefore I have to appreciate the inclusion of the chicken tenders


Jman50k t1_j24f0ra wrote

This should start “American with the audacity
to seek readily available shelter…”


thefomies t1_j28q291 wrote

I'm lost, if they could tow his car I'm guessing he was within range to call for help ? Or are some details left out


PretendAd7790 t1_j225nbf wrote

Everyone let’s get your pitchforks and get him