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GetlostMaps t1_j2b7plz wrote

Firing into the air is FREEZE PEACH!

I literally wonder how long it will take for this to become an actual courtroom argument..


Loki_Agent_of_Asgard t1_j2dzzrg wrote

You could argue that, but discharging a firearm for non-defensive purposes in a residential zone is illegal. If someone wants to just shoot your gun to celebrate the new year go out into the fuckin sticks and shoot it into a big hill like a proper barely legal gun hobbyist.


MaryGodfree t1_j2fjo6s wrote

I'm in the sticks and that shit's illegal here. Not like my redneck ammosexual neighbors have any respect for the law, especially when they're drunk.


LilG1984 t1_j2e62vy wrote

"Your honour, we was celebrating with guns, which is our God given right to bare arms as per the second amendment & muh freedom'