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mfb- t1_j6821k2 wrote

> averaged 1.71 days.

Saved you two clicks. Based on five events, as one doctor was unable to find the head.


helpmehelpyoutoo t1_j691dwk wrote

If he can’t find it after almost two days he must have his head up his ass.


sethasaurus666 t1_j6899b0 wrote

"To standardise bowel habit between participants, we developed a Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT) score to look at stool consistency over time".


drgeta84 t1_j684u06 wrote

The only difference between science and screwing around is writing it down.


KuhLealKhaos t1_j67k3l0 wrote

Haha! FART


Assfuck-McGriddle t1_j69sft4 wrote

“Here’s what came out.”

Sounds like the writer was blowing hot air.


DarwinsAntagonist t1_j68p53i wrote

Honestly thought this was going to be PNAS.

They always publish goofy stuff like this.


gillesbian t1_j67kzlg wrote

Can't wait to say "That's about a 7 on the fart score" next time I let on rip


80taylor t1_j67li13 wrote

I'm guessing the Lego heads came out


TarMil t1_j67xsf4 wrote

Lego heads but with a different facial expression than the one they swallowed.


Rickshmitt t1_j682q5u wrote

Rare vader head half melted by acid!


Ahelex t1_j69iumh wrote

That's just EU damaged Vader from the Starkiller game.


GameDevHeavy t1_j6b78fe wrote

The Rorshart Test. Hahah I'm so sorry I couldn't resist


sethasaurus666 t1_j688p7t wrote

Jeez, don't give me the one with the STUBBLE!


SIRinLTHR t1_j67ywn6 wrote

They do know they (or anybody) can do this with corn, right?


TVotte t1_j67ph97 wrote

You know I am somewhat of a scientist myself


dianagama t1_j68f1km wrote

Ig Nobel prize nominees?


EaterOfFood t1_j69m4sd wrote

Gotta be, right? Otherwise what’s the point of Ig Nobel?


Halfchino79 t1_j68ucjd wrote

I think I’ll need to see the Shart Chart shitistics on this.


rahulabon t1_j68cw6o wrote

"Here's what came out... Lego heads"


Zarkophagus t1_j6a0aqy wrote

Tell that last doc to pull his head out of his ass!


[deleted] t1_j67iiun wrote



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zen-shen t1_j67uw8f wrote

Let me guess......

Legos came out.


popejubal t1_j68j88u wrote

I’m looking forward to seeing these results show up on r/dataisbeautiful


random980 t1_j69aoj8 wrote

Not sure I really want a detailed look at "what came out" of those 6 doctors to be honest.

I don't think those yellow bits were corn...


RanCestor t1_j69qm2i wrote

Next you swallow them Duplos Mr. Doktor.


MisterKayrub t1_j69spbl wrote

What about the Pre-Operational Organ Procedure ( POOP)?


victordudu t1_j6adudf wrote

thats a P^(ost-)O^(peration) O^(utput) P^(henomena)


royonquadra t1_j6b3bq1 wrote

Those doctors have some fun, for sure!


PhilipXD3 t1_j6b3ppq wrote

The last few years have been a lot for thee medical science community. Good to see them having a little fun for a change.


GameDevHeavy t1_j6b742s wrote

This thread delivered. I have been cracking up (pun intended)


Yzark-Tak t1_j69ih52 wrote

Your tax dollar at work.


IAmTheClayman t1_j67kwwz wrote

So just checking, where are we at on that cure for cancer? Global food stability? The island of trash in the Pacific?

Thanks scientists for tackling the big issue here


precinctomega t1_j67rn0n wrote

First, this research is designed to raise awareness among parents of the fact that swallowing Lego bricks is harmless to children, in order to reduce demand of Accident & Emergency teams, thus reducing waiting times and improving outcomes for people with serious emergencies. So it's worthwhile in its own right.

Second, even if it didn't have immediate impact value, almost all progress is made incrementally. All advancements of our knowledge are good, because we can never predict when a new finding will have an unexpected relevance.


ImhereBen t1_j682zld wrote

Sounds like this progress was made excrementally


PermanentTrainDamage t1_j695gly wrote

Wouldn't that depend on the type and amount of legos swallowed? Lego heads are one of the smallest and smoothest pieces, of course they don't pose much danger. My idiot nephew swallowed a lego treasure chest and ended up with a cut on his esophagus.


SailboatAB t1_j6a7gcu wrote

Well sure, but I'm dubious that scientific results will calm down a panicky first-time parent who thinks their child might have swallowed something.


ProbablyDoesntLikeU t1_j67melq wrote

Where are you at on those issues


IAmTheClayman t1_j67mr1s wrote

Dude I’m a game designer. I’m not nearly smart or talented enough to be a scientist.

That said, that’s some solid false equivalency. Great food critics aren’t all great chefs. Most movie critics have never directed a film. Also I was mainly making a joke buddy