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precinctomega t1_j67rn0n wrote

First, this research is designed to raise awareness among parents of the fact that swallowing Lego bricks is harmless to children, in order to reduce demand of Accident & Emergency teams, thus reducing waiting times and improving outcomes for people with serious emergencies. So it's worthwhile in its own right.

Second, even if it didn't have immediate impact value, almost all progress is made incrementally. All advancements of our knowledge are good, because we can never predict when a new finding will have an unexpected relevance.


ImhereBen t1_j682zld wrote

Sounds like this progress was made excrementally


PermanentTrainDamage t1_j695gly wrote

Wouldn't that depend on the type and amount of legos swallowed? Lego heads are one of the smallest and smoothest pieces, of course they don't pose much danger. My idiot nephew swallowed a lego treasure chest and ended up with a cut on his esophagus.


SailboatAB t1_j6a7gcu wrote

Well sure, but I'm dubious that scientific results will calm down a panicky first-time parent who thinks their child might have swallowed something.