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restore_democracy t1_j2pfbi7 wrote

Would have been hilarious if he’d showed up and duffed his way through two rounds.


HoopOnPoop t1_j2pjuft wrote

"Scott Stallings at +58 through 2 rounds."


restore_democracy t1_j2ppx3f wrote

Real Scott Stallings at home crying like Enrico Pallazzo watching Frank Drebin sing the national anthem in front of Queen Elizabeth at an Angels game.


[deleted] OP t1_j2pfk6m wrote

He should at least hook him up with some tickets for being a good sport.


tobmom t1_j2qfrey wrote

It said he’s giving him practice round tickets and taking him to dinner Monday night. But fr only practice round tickets? For doing the right thing? Like he didn’t know he qualified and couldn’t have contacted PGA and said to my invite get lost in the mail?!? PGA should give the guy tickets for correcting their screw up and Real guy should still wine and dine the other guy for funsies and publicity.


ShadowDragon8685 t1_j2qsy35 wrote

I think that means the golf-playing Scott got non-golf-playing Scott (well, he may well play gold, just not at the professional level) tickets to participate in the practice round, and of course watch the whole event.


Old-Truth-405 t1_j2w49n9 wrote

I hear what you’re saying, but think of it this way too; getting to watch a practice round is a lot more personal than a public game. During a public game, the player has to be in full focus mode and has to basically ignore the crowd for the most part. In a practice game, they get to actually be on the field one-on-one with the player and converse with them. Think of it like going to a soundcheck of your favourite band. It’s only you and a couple of other people in the audience listening to your favourite songs without thousands of other people singing along as well.


tobmom t1_j2wx7m4 wrote

My husband has been to the masters and could only get practice round tickets and that’s not at all what it was like. It was just like spectating any day but happened to be practice round. Would be super cool if it was actually like you said.


[deleted] OP t1_j3fhozq wrote



tobmom t1_j3fqqao wrote

Oh no he had a great time. But the previous commenter made it sound like you’d be able to be social with the golfers if they had given you the passes. But I don’t think that’s how it is. It’s just tickets to watch the round.


sysadminbj t1_j2pcrsc wrote

That’s pretty cool, and kind of embarrassing for the Masters staff and FedEx. Good on Scott for hooking Scott up.


MikeMontrealer t1_j2rmj5w wrote

How is it embarrassing for FedEx?


[deleted] OP t1_j3kqd0z wrote



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ghigoli t1_j2tz405 wrote

let him play. it'll be rude to not let him.


[deleted] OP t1_j37id35 wrote

All you other Scot Stallings are just imitating.