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Remove_Live t1_j2yq4hp wrote

Indeed. Danske Bank is infamous for their 200 billion € money laundry scheme.


ordinary_kittens t1_j2yvln2 wrote

Sounds like something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


BGM1524 t1_j2z6bb5 wrote

Yeah corruption is running rampant in Denmark but no one cares because we're too wealthy for it to have a noticable effect.


PaddiM8 t1_j2z6wxq wrote

People from all countries say this about their countries. Still haven't seen evidence showing Denmark is bad with this compared to other countries. Meh.


SpaceShrimp t1_j2zdzks wrote

It is not bad compared to other countries, but laundering 200 billion € is still really bad.


Jazzy76dk t1_j2zcus0 wrote

Don’t believe this cringelord. Everything is fine in Denmark and we have one of the world’s lowest rates of corruption.


herroebauss t1_j2zdxcq wrote

But this is reddit and we believe everything is rotten, governments are all fucked and le capitalism


dontoofme t1_j2zekc3 wrote

That’s not true. We may have the lowest rate of corruption compared to other countries, but we still have a lot of corruption. Politicians have been caught with their tax frauds in more than one instance.


RIcaz t1_j2zq4qa wrote

> We may have the lowest rate of corruption

So.. It is true?


dontoofme t1_j30xwrp wrote

I meant it’s not true that everything is fine in Denmark. Sorry. I should had specified


Confused_AF_Help t1_j2zqdzc wrote

I'm pretty sure those 'clean' nations are just better at covering up their corruption. When you have a team of first class lawyers, accountants and advisors, it's easy to hide your tracks. Meanwhile poorer countries' corruption crimes are just sloppy or too brazen


dontoofme t1_j30xv9x wrote

True, and like the guy said, we are too wealthy to notice or care about it.


Inprobamur t1_j2zgcm8 wrote

It was still the largest money laundering scheme in the world, the Baltic branch head committed suicide over it (or was murdered, who knows).


jamar030303 t1_j32sn0z wrote

>Everything is fine in Denmark

Unless you ask a Swede, then they start pointing out lots of things.


EmweDK t1_j322q36 wrote

It's a famous line from Shakespeare - and as others have said, Denmarks probably one of the least corrupted countries in the world - though .. probably still fairly corrupt


BGM1524 t1_j32bok4 wrote

Finally someone not completely ignorant. Most danes will go "There's no corruption in Denmark". Which is exactly the reason corruption runs to unhindered and unnoticed.