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EmilyU1F984 t1_j30tpd5 wrote

Yea exactly, bank robberies have massively dropped.

Don‘t think you’d even be able to walk out with 5 digit figures at a random German bank, unless you go for the major cash handling ones… which have the appropriate security anyway.

Also that cash is also not in the open. Deposits get dropped in a safe, the safe cannot just be accessed by the random clerks working.

So you either have to call in a withdrawal to make them have cash on hand, or rob them exactly when some business is depositing their weekly cash proceedings..

And that‘s in Germany, which is still massive on cash compared to virtually all our neighbours.

But really, bank robberies were hardly worth it when you could get away with 6 figures. They definetely aren’t worth it now.

You‘ll do better just robbing any random store used by the elderly and taking the 1k they‘ll have in their till in the late afternoon I reckon.

Plus much more crime is credit card/fraud based. Much lower risk, much lower punishments.

To just rob a random small town bank, you’d have to be extreeeeemely desperate and dumb.