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A_norny_mousse t1_j6hf0rv wrote

Damn, "yob" must be a really common word in Wales, the article uses it 5x without explaining.


Howtothinkofaname t1_j6hgzfp wrote

It’s a very well understood word in Britain, I wouldn’t expect a newspaper to explain it. Comes from the word boy, but backwards.


EdgeOfWetness t1_j6ikdoq wrote

Not everywhere is Britain, just as not everywhere is the US.


Howtothinkofaname t1_j6ilx63 wrote

I’m well aware of that. But local newspapers tend to write for local audiences.


EdgeOfWetness t1_j6im897 wrote

Oh I firmly expect the newspaper article to be local. But the posting on reddit would be helpful if it came with the vocabulary lesson.

Or a [Britain] tag


RevengencerAlf t1_j6kjjx5 wrote

The first part of the URL, literally visible at the top of this thread, is walesonline with a uk web address.

If someone hasn't figured out that this is british news they deserve to be damned to an eternity of geography based confusion


23drag t1_j6imunu wrote

thats on you mate not the poster to understand the lingo.


__Shake__ t1_j6hjiwy wrote

I find Bri'ish slang to be quite fascinating, especially when the origin is explained. Don't think I've heard "backwards" as an explanation before though


residentdunce t1_j6hgx7f wrote

It's a fairly archaic term tbh and often the reserve of aged boomers and the right wing press. It's usually also used as a term for working class youth by the aforementioned.