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huniojh t1_j3eqs0u wrote

I wonder if he remembers their birthdays?

..or their names..


Stravven t1_j3gskt8 wrote

At this point I think they don't have a name, just a number.


huniojh t1_j3h8h4a wrote

Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, Thing 4...


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rpgnoob17 t1_j3ia2w8 wrote

According to the documentary I’ve watched about faith-based polygamy in Bountiful BC (most are non-consensual and involve child/teen bride)… no, most of these fathers don’t remember the children’s faces/names/birthdays.

Some of the fathers name their kids alphabetically by birth years. (For example, every kid born in 1998 has name started with A, and 1999 started with B, etc.)

Most of them would marry off their teen daughters to middle age men in the community.