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Mitthrawnuruo t1_j3f58ho wrote

Oh? Is there some reliable male contraceptive on the market that I have no heard of?

No. Of course not.


ja_maz t1_j3falk5 wrote



unclehlreloaded t1_j3fii9z wrote

That's a white guy thing.


throwawaytrogsack t1_j3geoxw wrote

You’re being downvoted, but you’re not exactly wrong. Cultural indoctrination definitely impacts who considers a vasectomy a viable option. I got snipped in Ecuador. The staff at the clinic explained that they do twice as many sterilization procedures on women than men despite it being more painful, expensive, and invasive to tie a woman’s tubes. Many cultures consider vasectomies to be emasculating, while other cultures consider it responsible and smart. It shouldn’t be a white thing, but it kinda is.


ja_maz t1_j3gu1ue wrote

I kinda pointed it out in a provocative way because I am aware of how it’s seen, but also because saying there isn’t a way is the exact problem. Those perceptions need to be replaced we need a few generations globally to get snipped after the second child to bring population down. It’s ridiculous. 2 kids. That’s all we need. No mass sterilisation just stop at 2 kids. No one needs 102 kids cmon. Ecologically it’s a flipping disaster


Epona_02 t1_j3fbazh wrote

vasectomy? condoms? abstinence?


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j3h170h wrote

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure, which is not inexpensive, and not without risks. About 1% of patients have chronic pain afterwords. It isn’t a birth control, it is sterilization, which is not the same thing at all.

Condoms are a major ongoing expense, lower sexual satisfaction, for everyone involved. It seems unlikely his wives would accept this.

Abstinence: major negative heal tho consequences for a man. Not really good for women either. And that doesn’t consider the emotional need everyone has for physical intimacy.


Epona_02 t1_j3h1kez wrote

you asked for reliable male contraceptives, I provided them. Not my fault men are big, sensitive, coddled children that won’t consider them.


unclehlreloaded t1_j3fiohs wrote


That's for white men only.


Are they his wives, or hookers?


God forbid anyone tells a woman to abstain. What's the point of a man being married then, to 12 wives no less? What do think he is, American?