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Komikaze06 t1_j3e1jkg wrote

After all that, he puts the burden on the wives and not himself. God forbid he hold back


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j3f58ho wrote

Oh? Is there some reliable male contraceptive on the market that I have no heard of?

No. Of course not.


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unclehlreloaded t1_j3fii9z wrote

That's a white guy thing.


throwawaytrogsack t1_j3geoxw wrote

You’re being downvoted, but you’re not exactly wrong. Cultural indoctrination definitely impacts who considers a vasectomy a viable option. I got snipped in Ecuador. The staff at the clinic explained that they do twice as many sterilization procedures on women than men despite it being more painful, expensive, and invasive to tie a woman’s tubes. Many cultures consider vasectomies to be emasculating, while other cultures consider it responsible and smart. It shouldn’t be a white thing, but it kinda is.


ja_maz t1_j3gu1ue wrote

I kinda pointed it out in a provocative way because I am aware of how it’s seen, but also because saying there isn’t a way is the exact problem. Those perceptions need to be replaced we need a few generations globally to get snipped after the second child to bring population down. It’s ridiculous. 2 kids. That’s all we need. No mass sterilisation just stop at 2 kids. No one needs 102 kids cmon. Ecologically it’s a flipping disaster


Epona_02 t1_j3fbazh wrote

vasectomy? condoms? abstinence?


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j3h170h wrote

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure, which is not inexpensive, and not without risks. About 1% of patients have chronic pain afterwords. It isn’t a birth control, it is sterilization, which is not the same thing at all.

Condoms are a major ongoing expense, lower sexual satisfaction, for everyone involved. It seems unlikely his wives would accept this.

Abstinence: major negative heal tho consequences for a man. Not really good for women either. And that doesn’t consider the emotional need everyone has for physical intimacy.


Epona_02 t1_j3h1kez wrote

you asked for reliable male contraceptives, I provided them. Not my fault men are big, sensitive, coddled children that won’t consider them.


unclehlreloaded t1_j3fiohs wrote


That's for white men only.


Are they his wives, or hookers?


God forbid anyone tells a woman to abstain. What's the point of a man being married then, to 12 wives no less? What do think he is, American?


Obtuse_Symposium t1_j3fax9n wrote

God damn.

This mf could start his own little economy with that many people. What's he worried about inflation for?


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had98c t1_j3d7ntp wrote

Nick Cannon has some serious work to do to catch up.


huniojh t1_j3eqs0u wrote

I wonder if he remembers their birthdays?

..or their names..


Stravven t1_j3gskt8 wrote

At this point I think they don't have a name, just a number.


huniojh t1_j3h8h4a wrote

Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, Thing 4...


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rpgnoob17 t1_j3ia2w8 wrote

According to the documentary I’ve watched about faith-based polygamy in Bountiful BC (most are non-consensual and involve child/teen bride)… no, most of these fathers don’t remember the children’s faces/names/birthdays.

Some of the fathers name their kids alphabetically by birth years. (For example, every kid born in 1998 has name started with A, and 1999 started with B, etc.)

Most of them would marry off their teen daughters to middle age men in the community.


abcdefCookieMonster t1_j3ewai1 wrote

Why are we calling him a father? There's no way he can be a father to that many children. He's more of a sperm donor.


ja_maz t1_j3favum wrote

Exactly, this man is a criminal, especially when we are all suffering from pandemics caused in large part by overpopulation. Stop reproducing like rabbits people. Contraceptives exist and work


unclehlreloaded t1_j3fj9x5 wrote

The people who tried to bully people into taking the jab are criminals.


throwawaytrogsack t1_j3gfaq5 wrote

On most of your points you’re speaking an unpopular truth and getting downvoted because people here are uncomfortable with the truth. On this point however you’re missing something important. There are certain things we do or don’t do to protect the community as a whole. We don’t get drink and drive. We go outside without pants. We don’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater. We do get vaccinated. We do stop at red lights. We do hold the elevator for our elderly neighbors. Certain actions aren’t about individual choice but about holding the fabric of society together to benefit us all.


pickled_neggs t1_j3lc8uf wrote

“Holding the fabric of society together”



throwawaytrogsack t1_j3lclea wrote

That’s funny to you?


pickled_neggs t1_j4eqz26 wrote

Absolutely. Not the idea of such, but that you fit among the same category.

I also love (meaning find it hilarious) when people mention stopping at red lights as good little members of society. Have you never been to countries outside of your own?

I also think the amount of division and harm this caused to the “community” (even though the use of this word is a bit of a stretch at national/global scale) by which I’m sure you’re referring to YOUR nation or city or state exceeds the amount of good it might have done.

To be clear I don’t know that I agree with the “those who made us get the jab are criminals” but probably only over the semantics of the statement.


throwawaytrogsack t1_j4esaco wrote

Yes, I’ve been to countries outside of my own. Following road rules is, in my opinion, a perfect example of what I’m talking about and how behaviors can tear a society apart and make it unlivable or they can help keep a society livable and functional. I’m working in Poland right now. Polish drivers take following the road rules to an extreme (except for speeding for some reason). I spend most of my time in Ecuador where driving is extremely dangerous.


pickled_neggs t1_j4ettlj wrote

I believe you just implied that Ecuadorian society is unlivable and non-functioning then? Or that in each act of disobeying the official laws, any individual who participates in their cultural norms is immoral? Because you have been to other countries that, quite frankly, are the minority of places in the world, where people follow traffic laws to the letter?

Do you see how this follows from what you are saying?


throwawaytrogsack t1_j4euxcv wrote

I believe you really like to put words in my mouth, exaggerate my statements to illogical extremes, all for the sake of attempting to win a Reddit argument. My point is not that any one act of obeying the rules or sacrificing for the greater good is what holds society together, but the totality of many behaviors. What makes Copenhagen Copenhagen and Kabul Kabul?


pickled_neggs t1_j4exgqq wrote

I was careful to say “imply” and “follows from” so as to specifically avoid putting words in your mouth. I did not say that this is what you said, but that this is what it implies, or follows from your premises (explicitly or implicitly stated). I dont even know why you’re bringing up “to win a reddit argument” since we’re both communicating through the same medium for an exchange of ideas? Why is me responding to your thoughts on Reddit any different than you responding to mine?

If it isn’t clear, my philosophical problem was with you saying “we DO stop at red lights” [capitalized by me for emphasis] etc etc being included among these is that many people DON’T and it does not lead to tearing apart the fabric of society, which, uh, sounds like kind of a “exaggerating to logical extremes” to me.

Like I said though, it is my personal opinion that the whole “vaccine” requirement led to more division and harm in society than would have happened without such a mandate. We can argue and disagree about that (here on Reddit) certainly. But I’m also trying to point out the philosophical / logical problems with your argument that whatever ONE PERSON or ONE GROUP of people thinks is the thing that will better hold society together is therefore the right and moral thing to do, because they have determined as such.

Going back, I honestly dont know why people feel the need to make some personal attack about “just trying to win a Reddit argument.” We’re both human of course and thus feel the need for self-expression.

Edit: I also didn’t really follow your question about Kabul and Copenhagen if you’d be willing to expand. Was it cuz I brought of semantics of people mandating the jab being “criminal” being debatable on a semantic level? Or something else about those places in particular I didn’t catch? Or an old philosophical argument? Are you saying “potato-pohtahto” about “sacrifices that benefit society” and “that which is morally correct?” That one is another version of saying the other?


pickled_neggs t1_j4f1vie wrote

I’ll just assume you’re busy for now since we all have lives outside of this. I look forward to your response. Otherwise, I’ll take your lack of response to show that you recognize how shaky your arguments are, or that you’re not as good at “winning reddit arguments” as you thought you were. Your last two responses were very quick, so you seemed available.


throwawaytrogsack t1_j4f2h85 wrote

I not busy. I’m just losing interest in this conversation. You seem to need to believe you’re right and take it to a weird and annoying level.


pickled_neggs t1_j4f9whc wrote

Lmao I could tell. Not so easy when someone is able to address each of your points clearly, is it? Much easier to say Im “taking it to a weird level” than be able to meet my arguments isnt it 😂 It seems you’re used to communicating only with people who already agree with you. I see it as a weakness. An inability to formulate stronger arguments (or even worse, have bad inferences and beliefs). Or an inability to deal with the fact that others who have beliefs other than yours could be right. But it’s cool you can play like the “youre just weirdly trying to be right” guy for poking holes in your inferences.


unclehlreloaded t1_j3fj4f8 wrote

Well, he's married to all of the kids' mothers, none of them are bastards as far as we can tell, sooooo...he's their father. Simple logic.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j3f51fg wrote

You really should not project your own inadequacy onto other people.


assjackal t1_j3fawyx wrote

He's quoted saying "How can a man settle with just one woman?" And keeping all his wives in the same house so he can "monitor" them from eloping with other men.

He sounds more like a shit heel than a loving family man.


Alaishana t1_j3dol90 wrote

There was an attempt at English:

"His eldest child is 21 years his senior compared to his youngest wife."


unclehlreloaded t1_j3fixtw wrote

I guess it just means that his firstborn is 21 years older than the most recent woman he married. It happens.


O-hmmm t1_j3dgi2g wrote

Maybe because of his lack of inflation any more.


zetcetera t1_j3fmkag wrote

Nick Cannon’s idol


meetjoehomo t1_j3ih8nk wrote

Someone, ANYONE, take this mans dick away from him!


momma3critters t1_j3f1zej wrote

I would hope so. Quite a few too many in my book.


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Blue_foot t1_j3gz42t wrote

Lusaka is in Zambia, not Uganda.


ngedown t1_j3kd2ez wrote

Well atleast the kids know his father unlike....


zer0_n9ne t1_j3kqulp wrote

Bro tryna start a soccer league 😭


ghostoutlaw t1_j3fblen wrote

This is the exact solution to inflation. Why is he stopping!