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Spinaccio t1_j5vsu7y wrote

I have yer to see one feature on a “smart” appliance that I would use, and the damn thing is collecting data on me and not paying me for it, no. Hell, I use a computer monitor instead of a television because you can still get them without microphone and cameras.


Millenniauld t1_j5w8iu1 wrote

My scanner/printer can print from my phone. That's the only reason it's allowed to connect and it's the only thing that connects.


pocapractica t1_j5wjt9b wrote

I wish. I can print but the last firmware upgrade broke the scanning function. And it's WiFi only.

AND our newest laptop upgraded to Win 11 and it now can't find WiFi Direct printers.


Millenniauld t1_j5wnde9 wrote

Oh shiiiit. I've declined the update to 11 every time. Now I'm extra glad.


pocapractica t1_j5wukeo wrote

I have tried to install the printer manually using the IP but no bueno there either. I think that's a bad piece of oversight on Mickeysquash's part.


Millenniauld t1_j5wwa5o wrote

Have you tried a hard reset? Sorry, I don't mean to go basic IT bitch on you. But sometimes it's an ass to me an I have to unplug the thing for an hour and then plug back in.


pocapractica t1_j5wxbsb wrote

Hmm. No. And I can always use some upper level IT advice, despite being a volunteer "webmaster" on WordPress and "sysadmin" on Google Workspace.

I had friends who, when they knew I was job hunting, used to send me links to IT jobs. Just bc I'm better at using computers than them, I guess. I did build one once... But I had to point out to them those jobs require an IT degree, which I do not possess, or coding proficiency, which I also do not possess beyond basic HTML 4. My son is the family coder/gamer.


Millenniauld t1_j5wzgi4 wrote

Happy cake day by the way! And it's just "I did IT for Comcast once but seriously turning shit off for an hour and then back on actually solves like 75% of home IT issues." I am not an expert by any means, u just have an HP scanner/printer that I love and sometimes I have to deny it electricity for an hour to make it stop fucking up.


pocapractica t1_j5x0m2w wrote

I don't think it's the printer's fault. It's a Brother and it just worked straight out of the box. Then a year or so later, it intuits somehow that there is a firmware update needed and meh, problems.

Comcast?? You have my respect. That's one ISP we haven't been stuck with here, Spectrum/Charter is bad enough. We tried Metronet, spouse didn't like their offerings or prices, we switched back.

Edit; I have been on reddit maybe 3 years so no cake needed.


Millenniauld t1_j5x9a2w wrote

Yeah, I worked call center IT when Comcast was still in house customer service. My job went overseas and that's was that.


pocapractica t1_j5xn0s1 wrote

My son's employer Symantec was bought out by an international megacorp and they shed a lot of US employees. I asked him if they disliked the American branch and he said they just disliked American salaries.


pocapractica t1_j5ww2le wrote

It's got no document origination software on it apart from Notepad and Wordpad. I have actually created a doc on it before I remembered I couldn't print from it, and had to email it so I could print it from my phone.

My ancient (7+ years) Toshiba laptop, which cannot downgrade to Win11, has its own issue with the printer since the firmware update. It may be related to shifting IP addresses. If it has been a while since I printed from it, I have to uninstall and reinstall the printer before the computer can connect to it.

Huh, I wonder if there's a Samsung printer app for laptops, since my Android phone prints perfectly using that. And it's not even a Samsung phone.


marionetted t1_j5wa26a wrote

Shout out to hp smart print.


Millenniauld t1_j5waaxu wrote

Fuckin aces. Seriously, the amount of time this saved me back in the day when I was DMing D&D and printed a resource from my phone.... Totally worth it. And it's linked to the laptop too, so no cables needed.


robamiami t1_j5yd0j2 wrote

Doesn't it email you when it's low on ink though? Hewlett-Packard spams you like that, if I recall.


mint-bint t1_j5yomzp wrote

We shouldn't have to but it's simple enough to just not connect the TV to your internet connection. And now it's just a "dumb" TV.


Kosaro t1_j5w0nrr wrote

Notifications when your washer/dryer is done are pretty dope


ThirdSunRising t1_j5w29ho wrote

I've been receiving over-the-air notifications from my washer and dryer for years. I've got these things called "ears" that receive the signal and let me know.


pocapractica t1_j5wk86j wrote

Yep..."tweedle deedle deedle, I'm done." (My sister in law hates the tune it plays, so I turned the volume up.) I don't leave large appliances running when I'm not at home bc shit can happen.


kevinds t1_j5w6m1r wrote

>Notifications when your washer/dryer is done are pretty dope

My non-internet washer/dryer do this already, and without needing a smart-phone app..

It makes a loud beep-beep-beep alert when it is finished..


raven8fire t1_j5x00sz wrote

The only time those notifications are actually useful are at a laundromat. Drop cloths off, start the wash, go to the bar next door and have a beer.


Spinaccio t1_j5w2dz5 wrote

Sounds cool, I use my watch that doesn’t need WiFi. Different strokes for different folks.


robamiami t1_j5yd99x wrote

My washer and dryer alerted me when they were done, too.

Now the washer has moved in with the dishwasher and the dryer is out late with appliances it met on Grindr.