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squarepeg0000 t1_j5voaid wrote

I don't have any smart appliances...but if I did, I wouldn't connect them either. I'm smart enough to operate appliances manually.


Brock_Hard_Canuck t1_j5x5nmf wrote

I remember reading a story on legal advice who bought a "smart fridge" that had a screen on the fridge doors.

But the screen kept displaying all these unwanted pop-up ads anytime he tried to get his fridge to do fridge stuff.

Why does a smart fridge need to exist? Why does a fridge need a screen/monitor or to connect to the internet?

All I need is a basic fridge that keeps my food cold.


yolo___toure t1_j5zjr3f wrote

It could know what you have in your fridge. Give warning about food that's going to go bad soon. If you're going shopping you could see what you already have in your fridge. It could recommend recipes based on what you have in your fridge. You could ask it or see it without opening the fridge constantly, which might save energy.


Deyln t1_j5z3nm0 wrote

I like the idea of the smart-fridge that is basically a glorified shopping list.

Nothing else beyond that.


bannedfromdisney t1_j5x0ryq wrote

To be fair I wouldn’t mind being able to remotely turn it off if I left it on. Literally the only use case.


bannedfromdisney t1_j5x0u8f wrote

Specifically a stove.


socialdistraction t1_j5xz1d7 wrote

Thanks for clarifying. The comments above you mentioned a smart fridge so I was confused why someone would want to turn off their fridge.


Tiafves t1_j62arxs wrote

Because it's running and I gotta catch it duh.


bannedfromdisney t1_j5ya9b0 wrote

I didn’t mention a fridge.


_dead_and_broken t1_j5yvy8x wrote

Yes, but the comment you had replied to was talking about a smart fridge, so when you said the thing about being able to turn "it" off, it sounded like you meant the fridge.

I see you replied to your comment saying you meant stove specifically.

You can edit comments, btw, if you're on reddit's official app, click the 3 dots under your comment and it brings up options to choose from, one is to edit the comment. If you're on reddit is fun, click your comment, and it makes the up/downvote buttons and 3 dots pop up, hit those three dots, and again, a box opens with choices, and one is, of course, edit.


bannedfromdisney t1_j5ywf6m wrote

No. This is the comment I replied to.

“I don't have any smart appliances...but if I did, I wouldn't connect them either. I'm smart enough to operate appliances manually.”

You all think I replied to this one.

“I remember reading a story on legal advice who bought a "smart fridge" that had a screen on the fridge doors.

But the screen kept displaying all these unwanted pop-up ads anytime he tried to get his fridge to do fridge stuff.

Why does a smart fridge need to exist? Why does a fridge need a screen/monitor or to connect to the internet?

All I need is a basic fridge that keeps my food cold.”

Congrats all for the unnecessary downvotes. Follow the thread next time.


_dead_and_broken t1_j5ywlgq wrote

Christ, dude, you're unnecessarily rude to people. I was just trying to be nice. 🤷🏼‍♀️


bannedfromdisney t1_j5yxbmf wrote

Pointing out something that I didn’t actually do would be considered more rude than for me to sit here and accept people passively calling me stupid for something I didn’t actually do.


_dead_and_broken t1_j5yxrpy wrote

I never called, nor implied, you, or anyone else stupid, and the person who originally replied to you also didn't call you stupid or imply it.

I don't even know how you could infer that was even happening!


Psychomadeye t1_j5z25ni wrote

I had particular people in mind when voting for the legalization of weed.


kihoti t1_j5zg1bf wrote

You don't need a smart device for that. You just put a heat sensor there that turns off the stove if the pan gets too hot. They've had them for decades in Asia.


Deeman0 t1_j5vrl56 wrote

Are they just now figuring out that most people couldn't care less about whether or not everything has Wi-Fi ?


EzeakioDarmey t1_j5yo36a wrote

The idea of the smart home was strong about a decade ago. It reminded me of those old films from the 50s about "the home of tomorrow". Practicality goes out the window for mild conveniences. Then it became obvious that it could lead to bigger problems when it came out that these devices lacked any kind of cyber security. And last thing anyone wants is to get hacked through their coffee maker.


jimicus t1_j5zisw6 wrote

I don't even think it was "hacked by their coffee maker" concerns.

I suspect it's far more likely that a substantial number of people are buying smart appliances yet they neither know nor care that their appliance has this feature and it sits unconnected and unloved. They just thought it looked nice.

It's the modern equivalent of the VCR clock flashing 00:00 99% of the time. Yes, you can do additional things by setting it up, but most of those additional things are entirely useless most of the time, so why go to the hassle of doing so?


EzeakioDarmey t1_j5zjirv wrote

Considering smart devices tend to more expensive than their dumb equivalent, someone buying would ideally be buying them for the enhanced features.

For example; if I bought a smart fridge with internal cameras so I could see I needed milk while I was out, I'd probably be using that feature frequently.


celestiaequestria t1_j5zn5t4 wrote

The smart features are a honeypot to get the user to connect the device to WiFi so it can transmit usage and other data. The problem is that the features you get for connecting to WiFi are often meaningless or gimmicks - because the real reason for the antenna being included was always data collection and transmission.


thedm96 t1_j60tw26 wrote

Bingo! My fridge connects to the cloud to check a database of filter serial numbers to make sure i don't use a counterfeit one and if I do it shuts off the freaking water!

Companies are salivating over turning your life into a subscription model.


Thunderhorse74 t1_j60xts3 wrote

WTF? When did HP start making refrigerators?!?


thedm96 t1_j61i8ws wrote

You can thank GE for that one. Vote with your dollars!


zerostar83 t1_j63busc wrote

I have a smart washer and dryer set. Tried and gave up on trying to connect to it with the app. The instructions were confusing to say the least. They even seemed to switch back from referencing wifi and Bluetooth as if they're the same thing. I would like to set the "custom" knob setting so I'm not pushing buttons 5 times to set it to "normal" wash but with a slower spin and warm instead of hot water, but I don't want to spend another hour having an app tell me it's failing to connect.

Also, my Bluetooth toothbrush seems gimmicky. Got it on sale but do I really need those metrics?


Alaishana t1_j65e9f3 wrote

I can see where that would handy, if you never ever never wanted to open that damn fridge door.


Hekantonkheries t1_j5zsesa wrote

It's like printers and constant driver/connectivity issues; if a device isn't made by a computer or software company, but insists on acting like a piece of technology, it's going to work about as well as a McDonalds ice cream machine. Because competent IT and skilled post-release support teams are the first groups gutted of knowledge when a company has a new product to sell a few months later


gwicksted t1_j5zwazc wrote

IoT is notorious for poor security, buggy software, and has potential for gross misuse by manufacturers. I’m a software developer and still insist on having a dumb home because it works.


EcchiOli t1_j5zh4b8 wrote

The first time I read about a washing machine that needed an apache server update, I felt something perish inside of me.


zgembo1337 t1_j60d0le wrote

This is actually useful, because you can schedule the washing, get notified when it's done and start the wash at the right time for it to be done when you get home from work (so that wet clothes don't stay inside for hours if you're late at work)


Alaishana t1_j65emif wrote

And why exactly do you NEED all that?



ShitholeWorld t1_j67rc2t wrote

I feel like a lot of these things are solving non-problems. I've never thought "gee, I wish I could schedule my washing machine remotely."

As for notifications? If I'm home, I'll hear the machine stop. If I'm not home, what am I going to do about it?


zgembo1337 t1_j65vtr7 wrote

Because I can schedule the wash to be done when i get home, and then hang the clothes to dry immediately and be free for the rest of the day

The alternative is an ordinary timer, but if i stay longer at work, the clothes will stay in the drum and get crinckled, if a meeting is cancelled, I'll be home already before the wash even starts, and I'll have to wait for it to finish, before i can go somewhere else.

You dont need-need it, but it's nice to have, and doesn't really cost a lot... I can get a connected washer for ~300eur here, maybe even less if it's on a sale. If you reall dont need it, just don't connect it to wifi, and it'll still be a dumb offline washer


The_Unreliable_94 t1_j604brg wrote

My washing machine has Bluetooth so that I can get different wash cycles. I've never even attempted to use that function as I may as well turn the dial and hit start after I've loaded the washer.


Lord0fHats t1_j608zy5 wrote

What else am I going to do with a toaster but toast things?

Smart appliances are even more dead on arrival than smart houses.


celestiaequestria t1_j5zmtto wrote

It worked with Smart TVs - people use the built-in apps to stream on their TVs, meaning they connect the TV itself to WiFi allowing the manufacturer to collect a ton of data that earns them more money than they make from selling the TV set. Basically the new Nielson families.

It just failed everywhere else because there's no killer feature to having your microwave connect to the internet.


dysfunctionalpress t1_j5vqaum wrote

i know i wouldn't.

i like complete privacy in an appliance, and for them to keep their opinions to themselves.


robamiami t1_j5ycymm wrote

What did the microwave say to the refrigerator? It said, I've been trying to reach you about the extended warranty on your dishwasher!


Psychomadeye t1_j5z2cy8 wrote

For storing all the dead bodies, smart freezers aren't ideal.


Hekantonkheries t1_j5zslab wrote

I get less questions talking about the bodies in my freezer than when I mention the bottle of Wasabi lube.


Clean_Blueberry_5813 t1_j5zj4i2 wrote

These companies want to know everything about you right down to the circumstance of your left nut sack.


blurredaffiliation t1_j5w2550 wrote

Let's note the REAL elephant in the article. Subscription services. They're going the way of the automakers, subscribe to every feature. Won't be long now. The future is pay, pay, pay you detestable serf.


EzeakioDarmey t1_j5yoc1e wrote

This is why I foresee those used appliance stores doing very well


Psychomadeye t1_j5z2muy wrote

I suspect there will be a market specifically for dumb appliances.


LilG1984 t1_j642r39 wrote

I can see that happening

"Your monthly subscription to use our fridge, washing machine, dishwasher etc is running out , please pay or else we'll cut you off....."


ryanyoung1768 t1_j5vrk2m wrote

I was forced to, to set the clock on my range. The clock. There is NO way to do it on the Samsung without putting a f**king app on my phone and hooking to the wifi.


Rawesome16 t1_j5wa274 wrote

Perfect! Now I know not to buy a Samsung range. Thank you for your sacrifice


ScullysBagel t1_j5yxa9p wrote

Don't buy a Samsung fridge either! We had one, and it was a nightmare, and no one seems to know how to fix them.

Love their phones, but outside those and TVs, their appliances are apparently all garbage.


norman81118 t1_j61zh5i wrote

Seconding not to buy a Samsung fridge! There was a new one in our house when we bought it. Six months in it already wasn’t keeping the freezer cold and had to fight to get Samsung to service it (found out the sensor was malfunctioning in regard to the freezer temp and was purposely heating up the freezer to “defrost”. We had to throw away our whole freezer twice due to this). Within 3 months it was doing it again and Samsung wouldn’t help. An appliance repair guy came out and told us it would just be cheaper to get a new fridge, so we did. Less than a year


robamiami t1_j5ydf0t wrote

KitchenAid is pretty horrific too. Absolutely not recommended.


Spinaccio t1_j5vsu7y wrote

I have yer to see one feature on a “smart” appliance that I would use, and the damn thing is collecting data on me and not paying me for it, no. Hell, I use a computer monitor instead of a television because you can still get them without microphone and cameras.


Millenniauld t1_j5w8iu1 wrote

My scanner/printer can print from my phone. That's the only reason it's allowed to connect and it's the only thing that connects.


pocapractica t1_j5wjt9b wrote

I wish. I can print but the last firmware upgrade broke the scanning function. And it's WiFi only.

AND our newest laptop upgraded to Win 11 and it now can't find WiFi Direct printers.


Millenniauld t1_j5wnde9 wrote

Oh shiiiit. I've declined the update to 11 every time. Now I'm extra glad.


pocapractica t1_j5wukeo wrote

I have tried to install the printer manually using the IP but no bueno there either. I think that's a bad piece of oversight on Mickeysquash's part.


Millenniauld t1_j5wwa5o wrote

Have you tried a hard reset? Sorry, I don't mean to go basic IT bitch on you. But sometimes it's an ass to me an I have to unplug the thing for an hour and then plug back in.


pocapractica t1_j5wxbsb wrote

Hmm. No. And I can always use some upper level IT advice, despite being a volunteer "webmaster" on WordPress and "sysadmin" on Google Workspace.

I had friends who, when they knew I was job hunting, used to send me links to IT jobs. Just bc I'm better at using computers than them, I guess. I did build one once... But I had to point out to them those jobs require an IT degree, which I do not possess, or coding proficiency, which I also do not possess beyond basic HTML 4. My son is the family coder/gamer.


Millenniauld t1_j5wzgi4 wrote

Happy cake day by the way! And it's just "I did IT for Comcast once but seriously turning shit off for an hour and then back on actually solves like 75% of home IT issues." I am not an expert by any means, u just have an HP scanner/printer that I love and sometimes I have to deny it electricity for an hour to make it stop fucking up.


pocapractica t1_j5x0m2w wrote

I don't think it's the printer's fault. It's a Brother and it just worked straight out of the box. Then a year or so later, it intuits somehow that there is a firmware update needed and meh, problems.

Comcast?? You have my respect. That's one ISP we haven't been stuck with here, Spectrum/Charter is bad enough. We tried Metronet, spouse didn't like their offerings or prices, we switched back.

Edit; I have been on reddit maybe 3 years so no cake needed.


Millenniauld t1_j5x9a2w wrote

Yeah, I worked call center IT when Comcast was still in house customer service. My job went overseas and that's was that.


pocapractica t1_j5xn0s1 wrote

My son's employer Symantec was bought out by an international megacorp and they shed a lot of US employees. I asked him if they disliked the American branch and he said they just disliked American salaries.


pocapractica t1_j5ww2le wrote

It's got no document origination software on it apart from Notepad and Wordpad. I have actually created a doc on it before I remembered I couldn't print from it, and had to email it so I could print it from my phone.

My ancient (7+ years) Toshiba laptop, which cannot downgrade to Win11, has its own issue with the printer since the firmware update. It may be related to shifting IP addresses. If it has been a while since I printed from it, I have to uninstall and reinstall the printer before the computer can connect to it.

Huh, I wonder if there's a Samsung printer app for laptops, since my Android phone prints perfectly using that. And it's not even a Samsung phone.


marionetted t1_j5wa26a wrote

Shout out to hp smart print.


Millenniauld t1_j5waaxu wrote

Fuckin aces. Seriously, the amount of time this saved me back in the day when I was DMing D&D and printed a resource from my phone.... Totally worth it. And it's linked to the laptop too, so no cables needed.


robamiami t1_j5yd0j2 wrote

Doesn't it email you when it's low on ink though? Hewlett-Packard spams you like that, if I recall.


mint-bint t1_j5yomzp wrote

We shouldn't have to but it's simple enough to just not connect the TV to your internet connection. And now it's just a "dumb" TV.


Kosaro t1_j5w0nrr wrote

Notifications when your washer/dryer is done are pretty dope


ThirdSunRising t1_j5w29ho wrote

I've been receiving over-the-air notifications from my washer and dryer for years. I've got these things called "ears" that receive the signal and let me know.


pocapractica t1_j5wk86j wrote

Yep..."tweedle deedle deedle, I'm done." (My sister in law hates the tune it plays, so I turned the volume up.) I don't leave large appliances running when I'm not at home bc shit can happen.


kevinds t1_j5w6m1r wrote

>Notifications when your washer/dryer is done are pretty dope

My non-internet washer/dryer do this already, and without needing a smart-phone app..

It makes a loud beep-beep-beep alert when it is finished..


raven8fire t1_j5x00sz wrote

The only time those notifications are actually useful are at a laundromat. Drop cloths off, start the wash, go to the bar next door and have a beer.


Spinaccio t1_j5w2dz5 wrote

Sounds cool, I use my watch that doesn’t need WiFi. Different strokes for different folks.


robamiami t1_j5yd99x wrote

My washer and dryer alerted me when they were done, too.

Now the washer has moved in with the dishwasher and the dryer is out late with appliances it met on Grindr.


kokopilau t1_j5vwe8n wrote

Indicating that they don’t want or need connected smart appliances.


whitea44 t1_j5w2dsv wrote

IoT Appliances were the dumbest things anyways. Why does my fridge need the internet? It just needs to keep things cold.


ash_274 t1_j5xmq57 wrote

“IoT, where the S stands for security”


Alaishana t1_j65fdov wrote

And the silent di in I 'di' oT stands for what they think of their customers.


dalligogle t1_j5wilt5 wrote

I'll never get this desire to have everything connect to the internet. My toaster doesn't need access online or my fridge, or my dryer, or my couch...


SonOfNod t1_j5wleqe wrote

There is often times little to no utility for me in connecting a smart device. The company wants me to connect the smart device so they can take my data. There for, there is no incentive for me to connect them and in fact a disincentive exists.


Rosebunse t1_j5y6pfo wrote

I slightly disagree. A lot of designers really thought these features would be used and would be cool.


dad831 t1_j5vqmar wrote

I won't connect them either. They can download updates or someone can download virus to disable the.m


ThirdSunRising t1_j5w2k0q wrote

If you want to sell something, you might begin by informing the customer of why exactly they might want their stove talking to the refrigerator or anything else. Every time I talk to my appliances, my dog looks at me funny.


kevinds t1_j5w6u1p wrote

I do a lot with computers, networks, and the internet.. I wouldn't connect it either..


SnooRobots3379 t1_j5wms0x wrote

I have my stove on wifi because the app will show me if I left a burner on. For some reason I’m very OCD about that so it gives me peace of mind.


Jman50k t1_j5xghav wrote

“Dildo ad revenue is down 30%!”

“We have ads for dildos?”

“No sir. On them.”


robamiami t1_j5ydn15 wrote

"I've been trying to reach you about the warranty on your Hitachi wand... "


Jman50k t1_j5yk526 wrote

“…Trying to reach inside you about your vibrators warranty”


Clean_Blueberry_5813 t1_j5zio61 wrote

Most people just want a nice oven and a fridge. Especially if they are older they won't bother with the smart features.


Rednwh195m t1_j5zznl7 wrote

Of course they are sad, all that free data they are losing out on selling. Why are all so called developments aimed at 10% customer 90% industry benefits.


murbike t1_j5wko26 wrote

Yeah, when we bought our house, it came with new appliances, all wifi enabled.Didn't set any of them up.

There's no reason or value to send data to Samsung about our laundry habits or groceries.

The only thing I have connected is my backdoor/garage camera. Oh, and the computers.


TransportationEng t1_j5wvboo wrote

I didn't connect my thermostat. Last thing I want is the power company controlling it.


BIT-NETRaptor t1_j5ziuvd wrote

To be very clear, in any case that I've heard of you power company can't do that unless you sign an agreement and connect your account. (I don’t mean legally, I mean they don’t have the ability to do so technically)

Stories you see in the news of this happening are quite commonly people who got a free/discounted smart thermostat under an agreement that explicitly calls out that the power company can and will (within some limits) turn your thermostat down during overload events. Usually this comes with explicit limits too, I remember verbiage like "up to 4 events per <year/season>, down to <some min/max temp that wasn't really that extreme> and during X to Y hours." Connecting their account is a condition of getting their rebate, so people click-click-click/tap-tap-tap through the agreement without reading because they want "Free stuff."

My thermostat prompts me a few times a year to sign up for the local utilities load-shedding promotion for some $50 or a Homepod mini, etc. I just refuse, I don't have to. (I do try my best anyway to be a community minded person and follow their news announcements - set my thermostat down manually if their is an imminent grid overload.)

I quite enjoy the simple utility of being able to adjust the thermostat or run the fan from bed, or while out of the house. One of the few actually useful smart appliances.


TransportationEng t1_j60d5y3 wrote

Terms and conditions can change. I trust my governor and his confederates about as far as he can kick a ball.


BIT-NETRaptor t1_j60hl47 wrote

I mean in the sense that your state government has no ability to do so unless you connect your google/Honeywell/whatever account to their service. It’s not the smart appliance company turning your dial down, it’s your state government being essentially added as an authorized user to your smart appliance. Adding such access is an extra step you are under no obligation to take.

I totally understand not trusting your state government :)


MandoRodgers t1_j5xt37z wrote

connectivity is really annoying sometimes. why do I need to create a profile for everything? Just turn the thing the fuck on


finnbee2 t1_j5yhmkl wrote

When we bought our last refrigerator, we had to special order it. We don't want the automatic ice and water feature.


michele-x t1_j5yxbe4 wrote

VHS recorder makers said that more than 50% customer leave the clock blinking on 0:00


chinmakes5 t1_j5z3yjs wrote

Or to rephrase. Appliance makers are sad that people who buy $4000 appliances use them like $1000 appliances so won't buy more $4000 appliances.


clampie t1_j5z995b wrote

I don't even set the time on my microwave and stove...


To_Fight_The_Night t1_j600t9j wrote

My washing machine has an option to connect my phone....Why would I do that? I have to be there to manually move the clothes in and out either way. Its honestly more of a hassle to sign into the app on my phone instead of just pushing the dang buttons on the machine.


GreenIce2022 t1_j601ph9 wrote

I feel like this is a half step towards subscription services. Like you don't have to buy the washer but you have to pay for a subscription for it to operate


MisterFingerstyle t1_j60j2u2 wrote

More stuff to get outdated or break. I was just working on my dryer. One of a very few items in my home that is still serviceable by a layman.


MercyReign t1_j5wtfh5 wrote

Well no need to connect as I can operate my appliances manually.


Larrrryhy t1_j5x0krx wrote

Who needs YouTube on their fridge for real


tlrider1 t1_j5z7vq0 wrote

There's only few practical feature I would use in a smart appliance... A shopping list on my fridge. Make it so I can quickly mark things that I ran out of, and add additional ones, that then sync to my phone when I'm at the grocery store... Done deal!.... But why I'm the flying duck did my washer need to have an app, or my range of microwave, is beyond me!... I start it, it beeps when it finishes, done! I don't need more want an app for that!


ohiotechie t1_j5z98at wrote

This is a solution in search of a problem. How is my life improved by having an IoT refrigerator or dishwasher or stove? For that matter how is my life improved by adding a flat panel display on the fridge? So I can look inside by hitting a button instead of, you know, looking inside by opening the door?

This is what happens when a bunch of suits scramble to catch the next wave without any clue as to what that wave may be or why it might be important.

Edit - spelling


ehjayrain t1_j5yfhnj wrote

My Alexa connects to my lights and fan cuz I'm lazy. That's as smart as things are going to get.


Nervous-Dark-4559 t1_j5ygxwg wrote

They miswrote marketing people who only want you to get addicted to thir companies style and structure so you won't be able to use a different (best exemples of wtf I'm talking about are android vs iPhone, metric vs imperial, calendar formats)