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NotoriousREV t1_j3ruyvl wrote

Only commit one crime at a time.


jxj24 t1_j3rwyn3 wrote

Floridaman's personalized plates.


hour_of_the_rat t1_j3s3wdz wrote

"In the wake of high-profile crimes, like the murders in Moscow, ID, Police departments across the country have issued press releases encouraging would-be criminals to continue making fatal mistakes resulting in their imminent arrest."


generally_sane t1_j3wj97q wrote

I love this story as it's rare to see truth in advertising these days.


w4laf t1_j3x2nga wrote

Surely, geniuses walk among us.


Zestfullyclean87 t1_j3xdhf4 wrote

A few months ago, I was at a stop light behind a beat up car that has a piece of cardboard taped the plate area that said “Loss Tag.”

Not lost tag. loss tag. Like they just “loss” it somewhere and they can’t find it

And yes this was in Florida. Riviera Beach. Palm beach locals won’t be surprised by that