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supercyberlurker t1_j3yps9r wrote

Been in tech dev for about 30 years. I don't do facebook, twitter. I didn't do myspace. I avoid things like Alexa in my home, 'internet enabled light bulbs', vacuum cleaners with cameras in them.. and I put black electrical tape over any camera in laptops/devices.

People are often surprised by that, they think I'd do the opposite 'because I work in tech'

No. It's because I work in tech that I avoid those things.


Beeblebrox_74 t1_j3yw5r7 wrote

There are 2 types of I.T. people, those who embrace IOT and connect anything/everything to the internet, and those who keep a gun beside the printer in case it starts to act weird.


sexybimbogf t1_j3z7r5q wrote

I keep my gun away from the printer in case it acts weird...


TampakBelakang t1_j41vym0 wrote

My friend really care about data protection, block his webcam and use secure browser. But, he loves xiaomi products, smart led, laptop, smart shoes, anything xiaomi sells.