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InflamedLiver t1_j3ycm3c wrote

looks like it's just like a pre-boot camp to help recruits get better scores either physically or academically.


GetlostMaps t1_j3yek4e wrote

Seems entirely reasonable. It's a sad indictment on the education system and society as a whole, but if you have standards society isn't providing, you gotta do it yourself.


InflamedLiver t1_j3yjixj wrote

keep in mind, it's not exactly like every soldier has to be the perfect cross of Albert Einstein and an olympic athlete either. The military still needs people who are content mopping floors, replacing lightbulbs, and moving gear from point A to point B.


RedditModsRLazy t1_j3yopb7 wrote

That is a huge percentage of the army


faste30 t1_j41w8i7 wrote

Really all of the armed services. I know everyone makes fun of POGs, the Chair Force, etc, but I knew a bunch of marines that never even left the continental US and had a logistics job, etc.


UpbeatCheetah7710 t1_j422ump wrote

Ah yes, the rules of keeping busy in the Army. Find something and move it. If it won’t move, paint it. If you can’t paint it find something else and move it. Otherwise you get a quick trip to the most mundane detail the ol’ butterbar has brewed up for the day.


bobby11c t1_j3zksfv wrote

Naw, just combat arms.


RedditModsRLazy t1_j3zkxsc wrote

Man I was in water pur, fuel, laundry shower and then mortuary affairs… maybe it’s all of us?


bobby11c t1_j4024h5 wrote

Could be. But I definitely felt like they treated the infantry, well like infants.


Sir-Kevly t1_j3z32op wrote

They already let some incredibly dumb people in. Young people just aren't signing up because they aren't willing to vaporize Afghani children for $40k a year.


6disc_cdchanger t1_j3z6zr5 wrote

$40k? More like $20k for a junior enlisted service member


Manawski_ t1_j410zbm wrote

Base pay, sure. If they're calculating in BAS/BAH, then 40k isn't far off.

If it were a true apples-to-apples like some fresh out of high school retail worker making 23k was going up against our hypothetical E-1 buddy to rent an apartment off-base (highly improbable that an E-1 ends up off-base but let's just play the game here), the E-1 is going to all of the sudden have a whole lot of tax-free BAH money to pay rent where the civilian can go kick rocks.


Paladoc t1_j41cvph wrote

In a nigh infinitesimal number of cases would BAH/BAS be approved for an E-1, but you can calculate like a third of that rate, as they do get fed and housed, just sometimes in 24 man bays or 4-6 man rooms.


monogreenforthewin t1_j41wdak wrote

just sometimes in 24 man bays or 4-6 man rooms.

that's really only in training or deployment scenarios. stateside, i never had more than two soldiers to a room in the barracks.


Paladoc t1_j44nq9q wrote

Yep, why I said sometimes. Someone shouldn't be an E1 for that long post boot


[deleted] t1_j3zbh2a wrote



[deleted] t1_j3zcfdu wrote




You can make more hourly at a Wendy’s. My god.


[deleted] t1_j3zeowi wrote



I_Have_Run_Amok t1_j3zhxvo wrote

Exactly. With the exception of snacks, cell phone, and internet you can get away with no other recurring expenses. If you're smart you can put away a decent amount of money.


usedTP t1_j4057tq wrote

We had an E5 who got out with $20k 30 years ago. He lived like a monk and only bought toiletries.


[deleted] t1_j3zewp7 wrote



dingos8mybaby2 t1_j3zg69j wrote

Well you technically don't have to if you are fine with doing some time in a military prison, possibly a handful of years. I doubt that refusal to deploy or desertion would be met with execution in today's world unless it's during an invasion of the U.S. or something else very dire.


6disc_cdchanger t1_j3zcgoe wrote

I’ve been out for a decade, so I was a little off. $21,999 annually for E-1 (private)



Man that number needs to be higher. No wonder they are having an enlistment problem. I had a national guard guy try to convince me to enlist in the officer corps after meeting him at a blood drive I was working at. Then I noticed him asking everyone lol.


bad-autocorrect-bot t1_j40kbx2 wrote

Im barely surviving, and i make more than that, why the fuck would anyone want to do that?? Seriously, we dedicate hundreds of billions to our military and they dont even pay a living wage...

Are other branches any better?


Manawski_ t1_j40x6sk wrote

What is your amount for a "living wage" when the following are provided:

1.) Housing (Either housing on base or tax-free Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH))

2.) Food (Either on-base food or tax-free Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS))

3.) Healthcare (100% coverage free of charge)

4.) GI Bill

5.) Pension plan


Hammerpamf t1_j411guz wrote

People are forgetting all of this. I was stationed at Ft. Carson. The average monthly rent in Colorado Springs is $1500, monthly health insurance premium $370, food for 1 $300.

That's 24k a year in benefits without considering the GI bill. Some states, like Illinois, will also pay for 4 years of tuition/fees to CC and state schools. Illinois does this with the IVG (Illinois veterans grant).

My 4 years of service was well worth it.


Paladoc t1_j41d2r0 wrote

Texas has Hazelwood, you enter as a Texas resident, you get 120 hours of college at public schools covered, in addition to GI Bill


IntincrRecipe t1_j40o2g1 wrote

No, pay is standardized across all branches. The usual rebuttal that leadership and the DoD as a whole gives is along the lines of “WeLl YoU gEt BeNeFiTs On ToP oF tHaT lIkE hOuSiNg, MeDiCaL, aNd DeNtAl, So StOp CoMpLaInInG.”


No-Entertainer-2862 t1_j40o345 wrote

Coast Guard here and most of my friends and family have some military affiliation.bthe other branches are no better. Thankfully the medical benefits and housing helps a lot so there is a lot of variance depending on a lot of factors.


Hammerpamf t1_j411ng8 wrote

Because you don't have to pay for rent, health insurance, food, or college?


SteveHeist t1_j40nhw3 wrote

Probably not. Federal job, federal minimum wage.


HumanConsideration61 t1_j43esfb wrote

The fuck are you talking about? The taliban/ISIS were the one putting ordinance and shit on their women and children and detonating it in crowds. You sound like a 12 year old who asschugged bullshit propaganda and thinks war is some Fortnite lobby.

There is almost a divine sense of ironic idiocy to think that the guys who were trying to kill the sick fucks who were abusing women and children were somehow the ones doing that shit. I can guarantee my fucking life that the soldiers who have to live with killing a kid sleep a LOT worse than the bastards who strapped bombs to them. Or beat them. Or raped them. Or poured boiling fucking water on them. Or stoned them.


Omegalazarus t1_j3zyfss wrote

Trust me bro, that's the part of the army you want to actually be in when it comes down to it


Nazamroth t1_j3zze0k wrote

Hey thats me! Whenever i played squad or hell let loose, i was pretty useless in combat... But man, our bases were drowning in supplies and reinforcements.


zencat420 t1_j3ynntx wrote

Just sad they have to have an internal training program to get them up to that standard, public education is sadly lacking in this area.


ironroad18 t1_j3zlflb wrote

They had a similar program for the Army and Marines during the Vietnam-era draft, so nothing new. If recruits were overweight, injured, or couldn't meet certain standards they would cycle them through special training regiments before integrating them into a regular training unit.

However, there weren't as many obese people in the 1960s-70s, as there are today.


bluelion70 t1_j40u7v3 wrote

Public education can’t do anything for people who refuse to utilize the resources available to them. In 10 years, 80% of my current students will be on Reddit whining how they were never taught anything in school and it’s so unfair and education is so shitty. None of them will actually take responsibility for the decisions and choices that led them to actively disrupt their own education and the educations of everyone around them on a daily basis.

Public education works great, for children whose parents have taught them to value learning, curiosity, and reading. It can’t do anything for children whose parents gave them a tablet at age 2, and then stuck them in the corner to play games, in order to avoid the actual work of parenting.


Stravven t1_j41nw4l wrote

Not to mention people for administrative jobs. And you don't need to be in tip top shape to sit behind a desk.


dogeheroic t1_j3ytz3w wrote

You don't really come across mensa candidates through the ranks.


Half_Cent t1_j3z1k0i wrote

There are just as many smart enlisted as any other population. I went through 18 months of grueling training to operate a nuclear plant on an aircraft carrier.

Your comment is ignorant and demeaning to those who have served.


madmaxjr t1_j3zhsqm wrote

Moreover, I’ve met my share of general- and field-grade officers, and one can immediately tell that 9/10 times they’re very intelligent


Acnat- t1_j3zkazm wrote

I wouldn't say I lose any sleep over it, but it is refreshing to hear someone point this out against stereotypes lol Been a pretty competent industrial electrician for around a decade now, had a gt in the mid 120s when I enlisted, and literally got laughed at by my recruiter when I asked if I qualified to go infantry. Plenty of knuckle draggers and big dumb animal environments to be sure (admittedly more so than not) but folks are always surprised to hear that I know plenty of grunts who transitioned into shit like filmmaking, culinary arts, psychology, and at least one engineer. Might be a very unique community and set of circumstances, but the military is still just a sample size of the general population, even down to the line units.


Omegalazarus t1_j3zywhm wrote

To say that they are just as many smart people in the enlisted cohort as in any other population division is definitely incorrect.

Hell it's even provable why the numbers. Grab an infantry squad and check their GT scores now go to I don't know like an ivy league school. Grab some doctoral candidates and Give them the ASVAB and check their GT scores.


dogeheroic t1_j3z2ph4 wrote

USN ET. I went through A school, C school and some additional training. I speak from experience. Think about that before you decide to call someone ignorant while yourself being ignorant.


Half_Cent t1_j3z8ar2 wrote

Then your comment was even worse. Ignorance is better than arrogance in my view, but you do you.


CaptainPunch374 t1_j3zdq2k wrote

Using those terms as if someone who wasn't enlisted and went through the same branch would know what they mean other than having a vague notion makes you sound like the guys who slip military jargon into their everyday speech without ever having been enlisted. It's not a good look on anyone, much more so on people who actually served, because it makes the ones who don't do that look bad.

The combination of jumping down someone's throat for being ignorant about your experience while expecting them to grasp super niche terminology relating to it is definitely making an argument opposite to the one you intended, at the very least.


Half_Cent t1_j3zhafg wrote

I went through an A school and C school so I know what they were referring to, and ET refers to their rate or job of electronics technician, but it makes it seem like they believe they were special and smarter than everyone else. In my experience there were smart people in every branch and field, and not so smart as well. Just like everywhere else I've been.


Sir-Kevly t1_j3z3r8v wrote

Why would anyone want to be demeaning towards people who commit war crimes for a living?


Helenium_autumnale t1_j408e3j wrote

There is no end of sophisticated machinery and systems everywhere in the military; it doesn't operate itself.


quats5 t1_j3zjxg0 wrote

Cut education spending and give more money to the military? Just means the military will have to start picking up some of the slack.


account_not_valid t1_j410gnk wrote

It's not a flaw, it's a feature.

Reduce education, opportunities and healthcare, and people will be thankful that they can sign up to a military that provides all those.


SnowinMiami t1_j41kk77 wrote Increase education and healthcare and you wouldn’t have senseless wars. Think about it.


account_not_valid t1_j41pfm1 wrote

Sure, but think about the shareholders!


SnowinMiami t1_j450hml wrote

What shareholders?! You mean arms dealers? They do not share anything.


account_not_valid t1_j454s6y wrote

Of the military industrial complex.


SnowinMiami t1_j46tohb wrote

Grumman Northrop has for years been selling the army on developing systems they already know won’t work but ask for additional funding anyway. Billions going to shareholders and it’s all fraud.


Krzd t1_j41sn17 wrote

Yeah, but then a lot more will survive till retirement, that's not good for the shareholders


monogreenforthewin t1_j41x3vj wrote

well that works for one side. no guarantee that the other side will choose education and healthcare and become less prone to violence.

that said i do think as a species if we looked out for each more (education, healthcare, and a host of other things) we'd definitely have less senseless violence.


Numerous_Biscotti_89 t1_j42y02b wrote

Processed foods and office/sedentary jobs. Lots of weird ans shitty stuff all tangled into itself.


Zerox_Z21 t1_j40tkl5 wrote

See, I figured it was that people who meet the educational standards increasingly have the sense to not enlist, seeing as the last few decades of war have been of questionable moral value and veterans are not looked after once they've been used.


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_j43e6ai wrote

And people who meet the educational standards are more likely to be able to afford college, get scholarships, etc, not need GI bill benefits for healthcare, college, and homes, etc.

The benefits of the military are not as great when you already have the benefits.


AtuinTurtle t1_j41trpz wrote

As a teacher, a kid has to give at least half of a shit before I can help them.


faste30 t1_j41w1of wrote

Or that people who meet those standards arent interested in going into the army...


WWDubz t1_j42219n wrote

Yes, because the US military is all about standards


AetherBones t1_j423rsz wrote

Maybe less military budget and more taxes go to improving society, like education and information such as making internet a utility and providing it to everyone?

Currently nearly all our income tax goes to military, veterans and debt from our wars.


wrong-mon t1_j41jwq8 wrote

It's more about the fact that the people who are physically and mentally capable simply art applying to become a soldier.

There's still a lot of people who could be American soldiers who simply aren't joining the military after years and years of meaningless war


bionic_cmdo t1_j402a5p wrote

I didn't realize this was new. We used to call them fat camp in the 90's.


Ctiyboy t1_j3zc4yj wrote

Apparently the Australian army has that, used to be just for female recruitment to get them up to spec as I guess the requirements weren't turning out super high numbers without giving them some extra training. Recruitment has been shit across the board for a while though so they let male recruits go through it too. My brother calls it fat camp lmao


BouNcYToufU t1_j41cf7d wrote

honestly... I don't feel like physical scores are that important. There are plenty of jobs in the military that really never need any physicality to it... but academic scores... that's like the police academy I was teaching at allowing cadets to fail one out of three law classes because they were just struggling to pass all three classes.


bigbangbilly t1_j3z4fim wrote

Does an inability to improve mean a dishonorable discharge?


Mikeavelli t1_j3zayvy wrote

You have to seriously fuck up to get a dishonorable discharge, it's more like a felony conviction than just getting fired.

If you're just not meeting standards you usually get an administrative discharge.


Mobely t1_j417ky1 wrote

I couldn't find administrative discharge as an option. I found these.

Honorable Discharge.

General Discharge.

Entry-Level Separation.

Medical Discharge.

Other Than Honorable Discharge.

Bad Conduct Discharge.

Dishonorable Discharge.

Dismissal (Officer Discharge)

I'm wondering what benefits you'd get if you got admin discharge.


Mikeavelli t1_j418h08 wrote

Most of the middle of your list are sub-categories of an administrative discharge. The paperwork starts as an admin, and that is characterized as honorable, general, other than honorable, etc depending on what you did to get discharged and how the discharge board feels about that.


Mobely t1_j419z88 wrote

I'm just curious what benefits i could get for failing out of fat camp. Looks like everything except GI bill.


BMXTKD t1_j420q1f wrote

So quick question, would you get a duck dinner for having too many duck dinners? Rimshot


cleminem9919 t1_j3za7y7 wrote

Nope. I've only seen one fail and they were given an honorable. Failure to meet procurement standards. I believe they can come back in just not go through the same program, they'd likely have to pass the tests up front.


guvan420 t1_j3yp7vi wrote

Sits them all down to tell them the WHMIS answers.


lostnumber08 t1_j3yla02 wrote

They have always had these... When I went to basic training in Ft. Leonard Wood, they had the "fat platoon." These people would be in holdover status and wouldn't get shipped off to their training company till they got their BMI down. It was, from what I could tell, very effective.


superdullboy t1_j3ys47v wrote

Same at Ft Sill. If you couldn’t make weight or pass a very basic PT test at reception you got tossed in there before basic. They called it the FTB for Fitness Training Battery but all the Drill Sergeants called it Fat Tubby Bastards. Such sweethearts.


25StarGeneralZap t1_j3z3e74 wrote

Yep! Had one at Fort Jackson too. I couldn’t pass the push-up portion of the PT test so had to attend that for 2 weeks… not fat, but 6’2” and about 150 pounds when I went in. Ran like a gazelle just had no upper body strength!😂😂


RPBN t1_j40x72k wrote

6'2" 145 I could do sit ups all day, but pushups sucked for me. The run got better over time.


25StarGeneralZap t1_j411xz6 wrote

Thankfully I was always in the 11-12 on the 2 mile run. Sit-ups we’re always 52 and stop, once I got there, push ups were 42 and stop!!😂😂🤣NEVER tell me the minimums cause that’s what I’m gonna shoot for!


Jdog6984 t1_j45c94b wrote

I once passed a PT test with a 180. I've seen people fail with 220 and 240


goosebattle t1_j3yoacb wrote

Why isn't there a Rodney Dangerfield movie about this? (Or perhaps there is one and I just don't know about it)


Ontheout t1_j3zh4vf wrote

Being from Missouri, Ft. Lenardwood is a good place for this.


Kaiisim t1_j416y74 wrote

I knew someone and the military paid for his liposuction lmao.


lostnumber08 t1_j41hdcm wrote

Interesting. They might have had some other condition which would necessitate such a procedure. Drill Sergeants are very effective weight loss tools otherwise.


RPBN t1_j40wzdf wrote

At Ft Jackson they shared a platoon with people who got injured and were waiting to class up again. Fitco was a really boring three months of my life I'll never get back.


MindWandererB t1_j3yk0nc wrote

So you're allowed to be 6% heavier but 33% dumber. Makes sense, welcome to the army.


ImaginaryDonut69 t1_j41ixok wrote

They're worried more about the fat between your thighs than the fat between your ears.


spaghoni t1_j3yf0yq wrote

This is nothing new. Look up McNamara's Morons. The military loves using low IQ folks as cannon fodder.


SweetCosmicPope t1_j3yjmm1 wrote

I remember when I joined the Navy they had a list of what your ASVAB percentage needed to be to be accepted into the airforce, navy, coast guard, army, or marines. Marines and army were much lower than the others and our recruiters were joking when we went to MEPS to take our ASVAB that if we didn't score high enough they were going to send us next door (marines recruiter was next door). lol


Elbynerual t1_j3ylac3 wrote

We (navy here as well) joked that extraordinarily stupid people in the army that we worked with had to have been ASVAB waivers.

I've encountered a lot.


zencat420 t1_j3yny06 wrote

"when I'm in charge every mission is a suicide mission!"


arkofjoy t1_j40hdkm wrote

Seems like they might be solving the wrong problem. I'm pretty sure that the reason a lot of people are staying away from the military is that they have seen how empty the whole "thank you for your service" bullshit is. If they want to up recruiting, start looking after vets like that phrase had meaning.

When "veteran suicide" And "homeless veterans" are common phrases in society, it doesn't exactly encourage people to sign up.


Creative_Cry7532 t1_j40jgho wrote

All jokes aside, this guy get it. Not sure why you got downvoted, but I think you actually have the most relevant comment.


arkofjoy t1_j416cqq wrote

But it, unfortunately, ignores the narrative of American exceptionalism. With many American's that amounts to heresy.


faste30 t1_j41wt9e wrote

So much truth, especially from the right, performative patriotism. You walk around pretending every single person in the service/police/etc is a hero ordained by god, even if they were logistics. And if you don't you're an american hating commie!

But, for some odd reason, when it comes time to want to spend money on healthcare, living conditions, pay, etc for those same people it's only the american hating commies who want to talk about it.


moveeverytwoyears t1_j40a6uq wrote

Female recruits get raped or killed at an alarming rate. The military has shown they can't protect Female personnel. That is why they have a difficult time recruiting them. It is unfair to women they don't get an opportunity to serve because the military can't protect them from their own male service members.


RedditModsRLazy t1_j3yolrg wrote

Yeah I went through this because I was a high school drop out. Still smarter and in better shape than half my platoon. Regardless, they’ll give you a good base to move into a permanent unit from.


thehorns78 t1_j3zultv wrote

Net no one besmirch the name of the 82nd Airfryers.


AUWarEagle82 t1_j40ngt1 wrote

McNamara tried this during Viet Nam. He drafted people who were "differently-abled" and he put a lot of people into combat who ought never have been put in the military to begin with. And many of these men died because they were utterly unsuited for military service.


MaxFunkenstein t1_j3ye1nq wrote



gregyong t1_j40fdd9 wrote

A company is specially abled.

B company is Bold.

C company is Chubby and challenged.

D company stands for Dumb.

E company is "easy minded".

F company stands for Fat.


The_Dankinator t1_j44slqf wrote

Fat company

I can't deny

Fat, fat company

'Til the day I die

Until the day I die


Creative_Cry7532 t1_j3z2lyi wrote

There is a documentary about this, I think it is called “Stripes”.


U-N-C-L-E t1_j3znuns wrote

A fitness program to get people ready for basic training seems like a reasonable accommodation for a country that's mostly obese


medlifechick t1_j3ya8j2 wrote

Well, they already forgo psychological standards...


Sir-Kevly t1_j3z2qcm wrote

Looks like we're getting McNamara's morons 2.0.


Kastar_Troy t1_j3zp7xx wrote

I sense a police academy like franchise being born!


MarcusCaspius t1_j4046dq wrote

Is it just me or I'm reading Canon Fodder Units?


Pktur3 t1_j40tz0c wrote

The military is often hilariously dumb with retention because it’s assumed you don’t need anything and you give everything. Instead of helping to keep people in shape, there’s a ton of bureaucracy and culture shaming to fail someone out. So, instead of improving an asset they’ve put money into, they toss it out. It makes no sense in this age of recruiting and retention.


44035 t1_j3zho9z wrote

Easy Chair Company


Rosy2020Derek t1_j3yg5nm wrote

Lowering the bar on standards. What next “Special” army recruitment ????


zencat420 t1_j3yo9c4 wrote

If it's anything like the special Olympics I'm tuning in for every episode.... Even on pay-per-view.


Mellero47 t1_j3zc0ck wrote

Ft Jackson had one of those way back in '96, right there at the 120th.


The_Hemp_Cat t1_j40mxrr wrote

There was a time when a judge gave a defendant the option jail or army, academic fitness was not a great concern until the end of the draft.


andre6682 t1_j40xq51 wrote,000

it isn´t the first time, just watch private leonard lawrence, or private plye by hartmann in full metal jacket, that is the kind of people you do not want in uniform, same with cops or any other armed job


x31b t1_j419ipd wrote

I had to scroll all the way down to get to McNamara’s Morons.


Spiderbanana t1_j410ymv wrote

Isn't the Airforce already an "out of shape" unit ?


mykulFritz t1_j41h66k wrote

I tried to join the last year I was eligible as far as H goes. I was disqualified because I was on ADHD medication. Interesting that anti-depressants and things like that they want you off of for three months and ADHD medication they want you off of for two years. You can be on the medication I was on in the army. Maybe they should consider revising those policies.


Infinite_Flatworm_44 t1_j42jwn6 wrote

If they don’t meet the academic and fitness standards they can become a liability and risk to our soldiers that did meet the requirements. This is why we have standards. This is not a pre-boot camp. They are changing the goalposts and lowering the bar for standards to get more recruits instead of setting up programs for these under performers to train and learn UNTIL they can perform like the rest before them.


zencat420 t1_j3ynhrt wrote

Hrrrmmnn.... Our recruits are too young, stupid, and fat... What can we do about that?


archangel7134 t1_j3ywocc wrote


They are the replacements


Heybigw t1_j3z7h3c wrote

Operation Get Behind the Fatty


ArtieZiffsCat t1_j3zqalg wrote

You're being redeployed to the heavy artillary squadron


mtwstr t1_j3ztpyu wrote

The pee eff eye


FatWreckords t1_j40bqcn wrote

Perfect Dark MeatSims incoming!


Xylem88 t1_j40gewi wrote

There's a recruiting crisis?


lifeinvaders t1_j40u3v8 wrote

Just drop the cannabis and you will have a lot more people joining


jinladen040 t1_j4125gd wrote

If society cant find use of them, the military sure will. They dont waste bodies.


galaxy_van t1_j412crq wrote

Here come the gravy seals!

I'm buttering all the buns on a gravy train 🎶


blazinrumraisin t1_j41a78k wrote

"What are we, some kind of suicide squad?"


MJGM235 t1_j41c8ll wrote

Meat shields 😂🤦🏻‍♂️


lodelljax t1_j41dlyi wrote

Fuck we needed this 20 years ago. Also a good screening for ADHD, fuck recruiters send some poor dudes who can’t focus more than 30 seconds to boot camp.


Fair_Result357 t1_j41f5u9 wrote

There was a special "pre-boot" camp for soldiers that could meet the paper fitness requirements (weight/height ratio) when I was in during the 90s. After the initial in processing they made everyone due pushups and if you couldn't do at least 13 (which is a really pitiful amount for anyone who actual thinks they can be a solider) was sent to that a special 2 week pt focused mini boot camp before starting the actual training. This really isn't anything different accept they are creating a new version for the academically challenged and the lazy.


Litenpes t1_j41h2ic wrote

Aka ”Meat shield Company” / ”The Expendables”


EmmaLouLove t1_j41h364 wrote

“I've got a slight weight problem. Yeah, yeah I do. Yeah, I do. I went to this doctor. Well, he told me I swallow a lot of aggression... along with a lot of pizzas! Ha Ha Ha! Pizzas! I'm basically a shy person, I'm a shy guy. Uh, he suggested taking one these uh, aggression training courses. You know these aggression training courses like EST, those type of things. Anyway, it cost 400 bucks! 400 bucks to join this thing? Well I didn't have the money and I thought to myself, "Join the army"! John Candy, Ox, Stripes


Redawg660 t1_j41k6zk wrote

“ Lighten up Francis” Staff Sergeant Hulka. Lol. Thanks for the fond memory.


imnotafi5h t1_j41ibnw wrote

Hey, almost like watching a 20 year war with no quantifiable results beyond padding defense industry stocks let people know what they were actually signing up to die for.


ImaginaryDonut69 t1_j41iqgi wrote

At some point it's just going to be an unusually intense fat camp 😂


linuxfit t1_j41jzeo wrote

Sounds like the plot for an 80's comedy. #PoliceAcademy.


KezAzzamean t1_j41qizq wrote

I’m not “pro military” or whatever. Personally think the army is about 10x too large and too budgeted. Would rather see that money go into social programs. Anyway, this doesn’t seem that bad of a thing.

Imagine if someone who was qualified but was 30 pounds too heavy to enlist. It’s basically a pre-boot camp to get prepared. Or some ethnic minority who grew up in a shit ass ghetto to a crack head and dropped out and now wants to try and do better but is behind to the point they need to catch up.

If it wasn’t being used for the wrong reasons it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Truth is, the rest of the army is gonna make fun of them and it’s going to be a new joke about soldiers. Most of them will get the shittiest of jobs. And budget increases may come to help these because there is more money than people.

Truly fuck the military industrial complex. But there is a bigger problem here than this


BMXTKD t1_j420dzs wrote

The pork chop platoons.


03_blue09_93 t1_j42k36z wrote

I think its a good idea I’ve learned more in the service and they also provide schooling if one is interested. Plus now a days the academic bar is so low that it probably reached the core of the earth by now. I’m not gonna lie i meet some people that are as dumb as a box of rocks so I’m glad they are trying to set them up for success. Along with fitness some people are either overweight or wayyy to underweight and can’t reach the minimum standard for physical fitness.


smoke99999 t1_j42tezz wrote

I'm sorry I have to admit my age here and ask a question

how can you score below a 21 on the ASVAB? I joined the USMC back in the late 1980's straight out of high school. My ASVAB score was 89 and I took it just because it got me out of class for half a day. I had no real intention of enlisting at that time. I enlisted in the Corps as a 1345 thats engineer mechanical operator and went to boot as an E2 the entire time I was there I got paid more than the 0300 grunts. Even they had to score higher than 21 to join the Marines. I am fairly sure you get 17 points just for writing your name on the top of the form and extra points if you don't eat the crayon. It wasn't my flavor so I returned it when I was done. I like grape, and it was red.


Numerous_Biscotti_89 t1_j42ylmm wrote

I don't actually condone this for a pile of reasons, but could you just imagine the right wing's heads exploding if the immigrants coming over had to enlist to fill the gap in recruiting?


LordJebusVII t1_j4366up wrote

Army Academy, the Police Academy reboot you didn't ask for


MRtenbux t1_j43876x wrote

Hey! I saw Stripes


justforthearticles20 t1_j43tnbv wrote

Sounds like this should be a Russian Headline. Reject Brigade sent to front.


Khemith t1_j49aorg wrote

Ironic. The trillions of dollars spent on the military used to protect capitalism has created a nation of fat lazy people who need to be recruited to keep the military going.


DamnBunny t1_j412al0 wrote

Its because the cost of one life means nothing to the military or government. We all saw what happened to the ones who went to "fight" for a lie, after 9/11. They think they can have our kids. But we remember the lies.


FastElk2368 t1_j3yq2fq wrote

Everyone gets a trophy 🏆


sealmeal21 t1_j3z7ee7 wrote

This has always existed; just not to this scale. It should be Hotel company. Those needs need hazing to remediate their issues.


Dowfoberts1984 t1_j3yyb43 wrote

It is a shame what has happened to this country. These young people have been corrupted by our education system.


ShaderzXC t1_j3z310z wrote

Yes the education system has made them fat