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RPDRNick t1_j6o49wd wrote

Reverend Billy Gram.


RolowTamassee t1_j6o67vf wrote

The more you read on the story the crazier it gets. He's a "pastor", working with at-risk people fighting addiction issues...while being a drug dealer. He is married, but lives with his GF in one town while his wife and MIL live with 14 convicted sex offenders! It's just a whole lot of "Are you f'n kidding me?!" moments.


Eldanoron t1_j6o1o82 wrote

What’s oniony about this?


hapkidoox t1_j6nyz9a wrote

Wow a conman a dna drug dealer. Who'd a thunk it.


StarKiller5A t1_j6o3vvi wrote

Get out the extra shiny collection plate for this. The more you give, the more you’re forgiven.