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section4 t1_j6jteo0 wrote

Not even a picture to see if they look the same.


jayfeather31 t1_j6jyf0v wrote

That might've worked 100 years ago. Not so much today.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j6jx19u wrote

This is going to be a larger problem when cloning adult versions of people becomes possible.


insideoutcognito t1_j6lerjq wrote

Deep Space Nine first season had an episode where a man killed his clone in attempt to frame Odo for murder.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j6n5fcy wrote

Yeah, science fiction becomes a reality.

Some things like life extension and Computer abilities will be ahead of a lot of the sci-fi. Space Travel however; way behind most of the predictions.


Pathetian t1_j6l6wj4 wrote

I swear this was a law and order episode I saw as a kid.


capricabuffy t1_j6mf84j wrote

The only episode that comes to mind is the one in SVU where a girl "tricked" a family into saying she was their runaway daughter because thy looked the same. Only to find out the family knew that the original daughter was dead but just went along with it to cover up the murder.