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YourFatherUnfiltered t1_j5m78kw wrote

Why/how is this oniony?


wazzel2u OP t1_j5md7ob wrote

Virtue Signalling for 2,000 year old DEAD Mummies? I don’t think their feelings will be hurt.


YourFatherUnfiltered t1_j5me2ns wrote

🙄 and why do you care if they change how they choose to refer to it? does it hurt your feelings? Why is it "virtue signaling"?


Collins_Michael t1_j5mhwmn wrote

It's possible to think something is stupid without caring significantly about it. I think it's ridiculous when suburban excel-jockeys drive lifted pickups, but I don't really mind as long as they aren't tailgating me at night with their brights on.


CandidateDecent1391 t1_j5mjdx3 wrote

why are you so sensitive about what researchers and institutions call preserved human remains?

nobody is trying to save the dead person's feelings or whatever... they're just switching to a more archaeologically correct name for mummified human remains

it's super strange you would jump to the "virtue signaling" dog whistle in regards to a change in academic terminology. it looks like you're desperate for something to be mad about


wazzel2u OP t1_j5mjtwc wrote

Wrong on all counts, but I’m really enjoying your feedback. You’re making this into a “Meta-Oniony” post.

Have a great evening dude.


Psychomadeye t1_j5ndrk2 wrote

> "our recent displays used the term 'mummified remains of...' and include the name (when known) of the person who has been mummified...[to emphasize] that mummified remains are of people who once lived."

From the article you posted.


CandidateDecent1391 t1_j5nhyx2 wrote

lol it's clear you're extremely sensitive to anything that you can contort into being "woke"

calm down snowflake, it's just adults talking about archaeology using big words. probably not something you're ready to tackle yet


prisoner_007 t1_j5mwt9t wrote

Yeah, I guess someone thinking that a museum is virtual signaling for a 2000 year old mummified person is pretty oniony. Well played.


BaronVonLazercorn t1_j5nnmr0 wrote

Virtue signaling? How? Seems like you're the one with the hurt feelings here