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diagnosedwolf t1_j415cne wrote

Apparently, doing this isn’t enough. The companies are expected to do a full allergen clean before making a product without sesame in it, according to the article. Otherwise they’re liable if a person eats it and has an allergic reaction.

Honestly, I’d probably put some sesame flour in, too, under those circumstances.


onioning t1_j42d5cf wrote

To be clear, that's normal for the top allergens and the way it's been for decades. The difference here is that bakeries really didn't have to deal with it. They had wheat and soy which is in everything, and then they just avoid the rest of the top eight (now nine). Sesame is different because it's used for some baking but by no means ubiquitous. So previously bakeries didn't need full wash downs to control for allergens because each was either in everything anyway, or in nothing.

Just saying though. Full wash down between allergens is the industry norm and has been for decades.


Murderyoga t1_j41bncn wrote

It'd be like filling your Cuisinart with cyanide then being expected to turn around and make cookies.


hamhead t1_j42er4y wrote

If cyanide only harmed a relatively small percentage of people…


Murderyoga t1_j42fx89 wrote

I assumed that part went without saying.


hamhead t1_j42g49a wrote

Well, no, because the analogy makes no sense. One impacts everyone, one doesn't. So why make it at all if that 'goes without saying'.