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gheiminfantry t1_j41qrml wrote

There's lots for them to eat. They can become amazing cooks like my vegetarian niece. They don't want to have any inconveniences, they want everyone else to bend over backwards for them.


sharrrper t1_j423gke wrote

>They don't want to have any inconveniences

"I might die" is a LOT more than an "inconvenience"


hamhead t1_j42faq3 wrote

Sort of. On an individual level you’re right. On a societal level is where the debate comes in. People can die from a lot of unique things. That doesn’t mean society “bends over” for them. In the majority of cases, they have to accommodate society rather than the other way around.

The question is where does it become societal problem - how many people does it need to impact - before that switches.


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_j444zw8 wrote

Given that 85 million Americans are living with life threatening allergies and intolerances (according to FARE, the biggest food allergy research and advocacy organization, seems a bit high, designed to shock you, but whatever), it seems like 25% of your population having an issue that can cause death without good information is a societal problem.

As for whether adding sesame to the "Contains" list is "bending over", hell no. We already do it for 8 allergens, what is the big deal with adding a 9th?

And don't get me started on the number and extreme lengths I have to go to in order to accommodate society for my food allergies. The only issue is that I have kept them so well hidden that most people won't notice.


hamhead t1_j44brvq wrote

Ok a few things - even if that number is accurate, that’s all allergens, not one specific one.

The contains list isn’t a problem. That’s not what we are talking about. We are talking about changing food to accommodate, or banning certain things, or other actions of that nature. We are talking about people not wanting the ingredient in the food because too many contain it.


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_j450n7o wrote

People vent on twitter. Its what they do. I have said many times on reddit that it is dumb that Ben And Jerry's dairy free flavors contain all the nuts. If you are making an allergy friendly option, make it allergy friendly.

But I know I am shouting into the void, I know the world isn't going to bend to my whims or medical needs, but that isn't going to stop me from complaining that I don't even have allergy friendly "allergy friendly" ice cream. These people are the same. The decision of the food manufacturer is making their life worse. They can't enjoy the things they used to, they can't enjoy the things they could if for a simple change, often a marketing decision. It sucks that their life is worse, just let them vent.


gheiminfantry t1_j444bbj wrote

There's a medical difference between sensitivities (my comment) and allergies (apparently everyone's interpretation). It's the difference between, "I don't like this" and anaphylaxis.


newbikesong t1_j41tdpb wrote

There is a reason not many people are vegetarian. It is a luxury.

Some bend-over is fine by me. Ban peanuts from school, whatever. They won't add much anyway. Have some gluten-free bread. Not every kid needs to drink milk. Don't plant flowers that attract bees, wasps etc... at public spaces. Have some "epi-whatever" medicine at schools just in case. Such is reasonable. They won't cost much.

Don't you think that every food having same basic ingredients is absurd? A bit exaggaretion but stil...