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monogreenforthewin t1_j41sme3 wrote

well that's not true, actual food sensitivity/allergy (not the "beans make me farty so i must have a sensitivity" crowd) is definitely biological. lol but where the sensitivity develops from into our biology is the question. is it chemicals were exposed to? is it parasites/bacteria/viruses that we no longer interact with that causes them to react poorly to certain things?

i remember reading an article several years ago that they were researching implanting/ingesting some kind of hook worm into people with peanut allergies because the chemical the parasite secretes actually alleviates the peanut allergy.


gheiminfantry t1_j41svo5 wrote

Ok. Completely not what I commented about. But you participated. Here's your trophy 🏆.


monogreenforthewin t1_j41udj8 wrote

> The recent explosion of people with "food sensitivities" isn't caused by biology.

your words. but thanks for the trophy


gheiminfantry t1_j421kvt wrote

You completely missed the word "recent" didn't you? If your reading comprehension skills don't increase Ima take back that trophy.