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sharrrper t1_j422zze wrote

Hey asshole, you realize that people literally DIE from food allergies right? This isn't a minor inconvenience issue. This is "Please don't put my personal equivalent of cyanide into my food without telling me."


gheiminfantry t1_j443hej wrote

Hey drama queen asshole. I specifically say sensitivities not allergies for a reason. If your reading comprehension is this bad maybe you should take your manufactured outrage someplace else.


sharrrper t1_j444lq6 wrote

The article is about allergens. Maybe you should work on YOUR comprehension.


gheiminfantry t1_j445drd wrote

What's your point? My comment was a partial quote from the article with commentary, and food sensitivity. People are jumping on and downvoting me because they think I'm calling for people with actual life-threatening allergies to die. The conclusions these assholes jump to are amazing.


prefer-to-stay-anon t1_j445kpg wrote

Also, we require manufacturers to say if they put hemlock or carbon monoxide in foods, what is the harm with adding another common poison to the list which must be disclosed?