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Warlornn t1_j42r8cr wrote

Christians are a very fragile group. They have no issue offending others, but tend to freak the fuck out when it comes to their own feelings. At least, from what I've noticed.


I_Never_Lie_II t1_j4kliiv wrote

Yeah, some of the most vocal Christians really seem to have the most trouble with the whole "judge not" and "turn the other cheek" things, don't they?


Lendyman t1_j432b2t wrote

Eh. Most of us are pretty used to being insulted and belittled all over the place. Christians are by and large pretty thick skinned overall given the way we tend to be portrayed in the media. The stereotype based on the worst of us is taken as gospel that all of us are like that.

The silly part about all of this outrage is that I can think of another religion that would be far less tolerant of its symbols being used this way. You'd have a lot more than 4 complaints were it done with those. Interesting how folks like Lovato shy away from using those symbols but have no problem disrespecting the sacred symbols of Christianity.

There is a double standard going on, mainly because Christains mostly just shrug and deal with stuff like this while some other religious groups don't.


duckterrorist t1_j43m2c5 wrote

Lmfao please continue to tell people how their experiences with your powerful group are incorrect


Warlornn t1_j435udj wrote

I mean, the only thing you said that's actually true is you insinuating that Muslims would have taken it worse. I agree with that. But it sounds like you have an persecution complex. Christians are very very NOT thick-skinned (as evidenced by the subject we're discussing here). They are clearly not "insulted and belittled all over the place" (outside of the internet, maybe).

I think you may be forgetting that we have eyes and ears. We can hear and see what Christians say and do. So your gaslighting attempt, while cute, isn't really helping your case.

And, to be clear, I'm not saying ALL Christians are like this. Just the majority ones I've personally seen and dealt with.

But the persecution complex thing has got to go. You're not persecuted. you're the vast and loudest majority of any group on planet Earth. FFS...


[deleted] t1_j43f7st wrote

That’s why y’all wanna ban gay people from getting married, ban women’s reproductive rights AND curb transgender rights.


Malachorn t1_j45oapv wrote

>Most of us are pretty used to being insulted and belittled all over the place.

That's not true at all.

Let's not pretend like Christians tend to be the disenfranchised minority.

It's one thing if we actually were talking about the small percentage of Christians actually in countries where they are a disenfranchised group... but largely, we're talking about Christians in privileged positions that are delusional in pretending otherwise and often claiming they're somehow "the real victims." It's absurd.

There IS a difference between "punching up" and "punching down."

Christians very much tend to not be some disenfranchised, subjugated group.

Realistically, Christians often wield a far greater amount of power than other groups and it's just ludicrous to not recognize that when those being marginalized want to lash out in some fashion then it's going to be against the system and those in power... which is NOT the same as those with power using that power and marginalizing others.


MakesMyHeadHurt t1_j4379qu wrote

That other religion just isn't popular enough in the U.S. to get that kind of attention. You're seeing so much pushback toward Christianity right now because its extremists have become a legitimate danger here.