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DeaDGoDXIV t1_j44u152 wrote

You know, I remember the "ethics training" we had to take yearly at my first real job. In one of the yearly training videos they "highlight an example of favouritism" (names changed, of course) in which a manager was so impressed with the landscaping contractor the company hired and wanted to hire them for her property. She was reprimanded when the contractor reported it.

Meanwhile, three years before I'd watched that video, the head of the "Network Design and Implementation" department had the entire department outsourced to a tech company she used to be a higher up at, and still had stock in. She got a promotion.

The kicker? If my father didn't work in that department none of my co-workers would have known. While there was only about 30 of us in that shop, all 30 of us stopped buying hardware from that company out of principle. Doubt we made the tiniest bit of impact on their bottom line, but it was the only course of action we could take because our "Ethics Department" apparently didn't have any ethics and saw "no conflict of interest" or "favouritism" but the lady that wanted to hire a landscaping contractor she knew did good work did.

Gee, I wonder why?