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FlyingFox86 t1_j475wql wrote

Ah yes, the US. I can't say I'm well informed, but I've heard things about your healthcare.

I'm from Belgium and it's pretty decent here. Cheap, mandatory health insurance, good accessibility to doctors, and well equipped, modern hospitals everywhere. Plenty to complain about if you want, but compared to a ton of other places in the world, I feel extremely lucky to be born here.

Usually, you can get an appointment with your GP in a matter of days, or the same day. In case of my own GP, he introduced a rather annoying system where you can only make an appointment for that day, from 7 in the morning. That mean I have to be ready with the app or behind my PC at that time, because all the appointment slots are filled up in a matter of minutes. No idea why he did that, but compared to having to wait weeks or months, it's fine.

Specialists do take longer here as well, on average, but there is usually something to be done if the matter is a little urgent. Like, if my GP thinks I should really see a specialist soon, he might make a call to the specialist himself to get me squeezed in.