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littlest_dragon t1_j65x0w9 wrote

You don’t need an AI to skim Reddit and twitter for content, a simple bot should be sufficient.


pkosuda OP t1_j66e76k wrote

At this point I can't be positive all of you aren't just bots engaging with what I posted so that I feel nice.


fiblity t1_j66jjro wrote

Thank you for your engagement, great article here.


black_brook t1_j66qghq wrote



MetricVeil t1_j68b6of wrote

>... all of you aren't just bots...

I would just assume they/we are all bots.

I like to play 'Spot the Human' in subreddit comments. The internet has become a warzone and the demise of human interactions are the collateral damage in the 'Great Bot vs AI Battle'. :D


OfLittleToNoValue t1_j68csjv wrote

I was having that thought earlier. Astroturfing is already so bad in this shit hole. How much worse is chatgpt and such going to make it?


Serris9K t1_j6c0dc9 wrote

I'm a human, albeit a very strange one


doctorscratchman t1_j66vgly wrote

I agree with your opinion and am a lonley hot single in or near your city. Can I have your credit card number please.


thefunkybassist t1_j67rdav wrote

Sure just follow this bot link right here to find out my secret credit card number:


dmk_aus t1_j68a2cm wrote

If Buzz Feed sacked all of their content creators, not a single journalist would lose their job.


kafka123 t1_j698mfw wrote

Pretty sure they got into trouble for this (and Tumblr) and that's why they're using an AI instead.


EverybodyHasPants t1_j65tbgh wrote

Well shit. Maybe Buzzfeed may finally make something worth reading.


masasuka t1_j6c1omz wrote

my first thought was 'hey, Buzzfeed's finally doing something to improve their content'...


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_j65zqz6 wrote

they dont already?


VidE27 t1_j68k1bj wrote

Nothing intelligent about their articles so I assume no


blahbleh112233 t1_j668ubh wrote

Isn't this already happening on a lot of spam sites? I swear half the "you'll never know what this banana is meant for" sites are AI generated


Cetun t1_j66dxjy wrote

"top 10 things"


fawe9374 t1_j66s6gc wrote

You'll never believe what's on number 7 FireEmoji FireEmoji FireEmoji


Sonof8Bits t1_j69con5 wrote

The point where I noticed a site was an AI fake was because everything was labeled top 10 and every post was at least 50 pictures. Good at scraping content, not so good at counting.

Come to think of it, that's quite an achievement, making a computer program so dumb that it can't do basic computations.


Emergency_Doubt t1_j65wvsy wrote

Now the NPCs are not just the consumers, but the creators as well. What a timeline!


TieDyedTexan t1_j66929z wrote

Can we just all agree to admit buzzfeed is bankrupt. Doesn’t matter who writes the content.


Sonof8Bits t1_j69ct0f wrote

I thought we agreed on this at least 10 years ago?


TieDyedTexan t1_j69cylu wrote

Lol me too but I still see their name. Somebody who thinks they are important was left holding the bag.


ChugstheBeer t1_j66kykz wrote

I am using ChatGPT to create several pitches for TV shows that I plan on selling to Netflix. None of you better steal my idea


KittenKoder t1_j671l16 wrote

I'm stealing the idea of a movie about someone who uses CatGPT to create pitches for shows that don't exist, all Oceans' 11 style and shit.


ChugstheBeer t1_j671siq wrote

I hate you. But that's a wonderful pitch. Gonna use it.


Rheum42 t1_j671wmu wrote

Not if I use it first


ChugstheBeer t1_j6742rr wrote

This is how the AIs are going to take over. Isn't it? Through people creating series on Netflix using ChatGPT.


fish_bacon t1_j67zuub wrote

I'm stealing the idea of a cinematic universe and TV series based on your movie about someone who uses ChatGPT to create pitches for shows that don't exist, all Ocean's 11 style and shit. Based on the novel Push, by Sapphire.


Defiant-Peace-493 t1_j68ohok wrote


1: A cat plays basketball
2: A farm cat discovers a message hidden in a robot and sets off on a journey
3: A cat tries to convince a small town that his yowling can prevent pool halls


mekatzer t1_j689orc wrote

You can’t steal it, it’s what you were programmed to do.


pkosuda OP t1_j65t2sx wrote

On the Top 10 List of things Buzzfeed needed in order to help create what it calls "content", I didn't believe this one.


HomemadeBananas t1_j66a1s9 wrote

I don’t get why this is such news. Spammy sites have been using AI to write articles for years. It just makes this more oniony.


ImJoeontheradio t1_j689g3w wrote

ChatGpt is much better than the other ones.


HomemadeBananas t1_j68p3nq wrote

Not really, GPT-3’s davinci models that ChatGPT is based on may even be better because you’re not going to have to constantly work around it saying “as a large language model…”

There are countless writing tools that are also based on GPT-3 like Jasper AI. People are just hyped about ChatGPT because it’s free for anyone to poke around with, but this tech has already existed.


ImJoeontheradio t1_j68y05r wrote

My company pays for Jasper, and the writers are using ChatGPT instead. I don't use either because my writing style can't be imitated by AI. But the people I manage, who can choose, have all switched to ChatGPT.


SyeThunder2 t1_j66mq1e wrote

In other news the quality of Buzzfeed articles takes a sudden and dramatic increase


pkosuda OP t1_j66dy5w wrote

That's hilarious. They not only used an AI to make the book, but they didn't even bother to "proofread" the photos.

I look forward to the inevitable future where AI will be writing fictional stories for us and nobody bothers to read it before selling it so you end up with Brony fanfiction in the kid's section.


Thomas_JCG t1_j66sxa1 wrote

They are retiring their pigeons?


Mrsimple00 t1_j65z0hc wrote

No surprise. They barely worked before.


Rheum42 t1_j667y2w wrote

As if they weren't already lol. We probably won't notice the difference


Wranglicon t1_j669mi4 wrote

Top 10 things that totally, really aren't poisonous to humans! Number 5 will blow you away!

And this how they take over


DigitalSteven1 t1_j66kwgn wrote

It'll be better than the shit they can come out with...


jad2121 t1_j68ucg7 wrote

I think everybody is missing the importance of this. After they announced it, the stock went up by 150%!!

Why? Probably because it means that buzzfeed can produce the same content with less staff (I.e. layoffs). Other companies are going to follow suit. This is the beginning of society completely changing. Whether it’s for the better or worse remains to be seen.


Pitshit22 t1_j66qqht wrote

When the AI purposefully spreads misinformation over the internet


Iucidium t1_j673l8z wrote

I thought they already did?


ThatAlliLady t1_j67tqz2 wrote

How to kill the international freelance content writer market.


ic4llshotgun t1_j68p3io wrote

I wonder when we're gonna get to a point where all the comments on an AI generated article are from bots. No human interaction at all, just machines talking at one another


Sonof8Bits t1_j69c6pg wrote

Wait, Buzzfeed still exists?


cheekyb2 t1_j673hz7 wrote

Pretty sure they just use excel macro today for their articles. Not sure why they need AI.


akwsd89 t1_j67aug4 wrote

Using AI to steal contents and write it in their own version?


djdestrado t1_j67becb wrote

"Top 10 Reasons that I Don't Care about this Press Release..."


plankright37 t1_j67d60y wrote

That’s fucked up but might be worse if the content is not real and factual.


SoWokeIdontSleep t1_j67fl36 wrote

This will be first time any form of intelligence has been involved in the making of buzzfeed content


noimdaveman t1_j67ndnx wrote

Their headlines and photos might actually make sense now.


Darkality24 t1_j67pm2j wrote

They may well, it's not like they were using talent of effort before.


wicktus t1_j67tata wrote

They most certainly already have crawlers and data aggregators in place..just a little tool upgrade


jacobwebb57 t1_j685qr8 wrote

buzzfeed is still a thing?


mayoroftuesday t1_j68cvg5 wrote

It’ll be better than the garbage they produce now.


yenks t1_j68e0c8 wrote

Should improve the quality


DooglarRampant t1_j68n65f wrote

Everything on Buzzfeed reads like it was made by AI already. AI trained by children.


fgk55555 t1_j6ac8z1 wrote

Should be a step up from whatever piss poor AI they're using already.


Actual__Wizard t1_j6au300 wrote

I think it's really sad that people are not being properly explained how these algorithms work, because once you know how they work, you will lose all interest in them and then realize that they are completely useless...

It's sad to hear about any media organization planning to use this type of tool at all in their business.

You would be better off just Googling an article and rewriting it, which is definitely a type of plagiarism.