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mvdonkey t1_j5or6ia wrote

Went to Disney for the first time last year. The line for that ride was 3 hours long. After barely moving for 30 minutes I convinced my daughter it would not be worth the wait.


bucketsoffunk t1_j5otsvg wrote

Space Mountain is worth the wait. Gotta go when it first opens so you only wait 1 hour


mvdonkey t1_j5ou3ft wrote

Yeah, we skipped that one and the tower of terror as well. Had to go during April vacation, so the park was packed.


mitch8893 t1_j5pog63 wrote

no ride is worth that wait. with no line, almost any ride is enjoyable. space mountain is definitely better, especially if you get the front seats


KnightMareInc t1_j5plsny wrote

You just described most if not all of the rides at Disney


NetDork t1_j5qilt5 wrote

Damn, guess it's good that the last time I went there was 1994 when you could get through the line and still have time to do other stuff that day.


taptapper t1_j5rh6w0 wrote

Me too! Around 1995 I think. We got discount tickets from locals and spent a week doing all the rides, parks, experiences. water parks and Universal with no stress. Before half of Universal was wiped out by hurricanes. Even stayed on property. Nothing like how people talk about going there today