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coolluck33 t1_j45ja41 wrote

Isn't this like putting a fox in charge of guarding the chickens?


Extension-Slice281 t1_j45n2tl wrote

I mean, after 27 of these already and absolutely zero action, I’m not sure anyone attending isn’t a fox


PFavier t1_j48dbp1 wrote

Mostly discussing how to prepare the chickens without anyone noticing. "Nothing to see here.. the chickens are fine, we care for them"


Eberid t1_j46pkjl wrote

The U.S. has been sending someone from ExxonMobil since the first report. So, little late for that.


chaseinger t1_j45f1uz wrote

that's only oniony if you think that any of the petro states are playing a straight game.

which they're not. at all. like, more so than any other country in the assembly, and that bar is astonishingly low already.


Freethecrafts t1_j45h5zn wrote

The only straight game in world politics is most of us don’t like anyone else enough to want to be responsible for anyone else no matter what resources they might bring to the table.


Salt_Comment_9012 t1_j45qrcg wrote

Just end the world already it's just torture to us NPC's to keep dragging it out then blaming us


FreudoBaggage t1_j46p34w wrote

“No, no, everyone. Everyone, hear me out…what if burning more fossil fuel is the answer to your imaginary climate crisis?”


Eberid t1_j46q4wg wrote

There was a serious proposal to do exactly that back in the early 2000s.

The proposal is based on the fact that more rapid heating, with all of the increased water vapor in the air, will result in an ice age setting in sooner than natural. The goal is to cause that to start as soon as possible, then use the ice age to fix our reliance upon fossil fuels without worries about the long-term effects of too much heat.

Strangely enough, it's still a viable solution. Just, well... it should be obvious why no one is considering it.


FreudoBaggage t1_j46qoqk wrote

That is not the least bit surprising. It also appears to be the very plan we are implementing at the moment.


Eberid t1_j46qycr wrote

Sadly, it's not. What we're instead doing is half-mixtures with technology that is itself prone to disruption by climate change... as Europe has spent the last four years learning the hard way.

Edit: If you're curious about how, see my next comment.


Eberid t1_j46vbx1 wrote

Okay, to explain how.

Wind - Unfortunately, one of the effects of climate change is that wind patterns will shift. And, in fact, already are; this is what is causing Europe's energy shortage and forcing Germany to build more coal power plants. Effectively, this means the vast majority, if not all, of existing wind turbines are built in the wrong locations for both the short and long term. Notably, the only way they are disruptive is if you build massively more than needed for power generation in one area, so ignore that conspiracy theory.

Solar - Increased amount of water in the oceans is projected to cause increased volcanic eruptions, which are projected to increase the amount of silicates in the air... which will, in turn, decrease solar panel efficiency. Meaning we're currently building solar power plants for efficiency scales that will simply not be true when we need them the most. Oh, and then there is their contribution to the heat island effect and how that disrupts climate, but that's a different nightmare.

Water - Hydroelectric is problematic without climate change as a factor. It's becoming even more problematic as climate change impacts water supplies and lowers rivers and lakes. Pretty much, if it relies on water, we should be trying to reduce it as much as possible right now.


Earnastus t1_j473kzj wrote

We need to stop messing around. Open all the taps of all the oil rigs and let it flow. Then just nuke it all and let's get this party started! We all know how this movie ends, so let's stop messing around. Lite it up and let the world burn! (No, I am not in the least bit being satirical. This is obviously the way it's going to end.)


MidnightCh1cken t1_j47b7n7 wrote

I think people in the future will look back at us here - at the turn of the millennium and consider us to have still lived under a kind of pathetic feudal system.

It sure feels that we are reverting to it more every day.


MustLoveAllCats t1_j481nm5 wrote

I wish I shared your incredibly optimistic view of the future, but based on our current trajectories, there will be no one in a couple hundred years to look back.


zwaaa t1_j45w546 wrote

In other news, big bad wolf to lead Little pig housing forum.


supcoco t1_j46ijjr wrote

Not shocking when UAE is basically Saudi Jr


Thomas_JCG t1_j470z35 wrote

At least they are honest.


MustLoveAllCats t1_j481vrj wrote

You say that as if it's a good thing, but honesty isn't even useful in this case. Things would be better if they were dishonest, as at least by pretending to give a shit about the environment, some of their people might then believe it's something worth caring about.


TareQ_X t1_j486qym wrote

Either the most genius choice ever to put a decision maker on the spot, or it's the stupidest choice ever.

Only time will tell


AbjectReflection t1_j4a7wbe wrote

right... and whats next, the taliban is going to name andrew tate the head of womens rights in Afghanistan??? f*cking clown world!


Tenshi_girl t1_j4b2uau wrote

Kevin did not understand the assignment.


garlopf t1_j47vkc6 wrote

U A E is a fucking desert. They already don't have any trees. Climate change is a joke to them.


TareQ_X t1_j4876h4 wrote

I live in a desert town (north africa) , we saw huge climate impact more than in places like Indonesia or the Philippines where it's green everywhere.