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SuDragon2k3 t1_j5tgodi wrote

Blazing Saddles. a Mell Brooks tour de force absurdist deconstruction of the western genre. Warner Brothers wanted to hold on to the IP rights, which reverted to Brooks six months after release unless something was made of them.

So WB made Black Bart, a TV pilot continuing the adventures from the movie. It was shown on TV, once. A not unusual story of the time (1974) which appeared to conclude in a usual manner, pilot then shrug and move on when it doesn't gain traction.


What is unusual is the that they apparently filmed the rest of the season, put it in the cans (1974. Filming was done on film, edited on film then converted for broadcast) and then locked away. According to some sources they made four seasons of it. (Some old concept called syndication I believe.)


Nobody outside 70's Warner Brothers has ever seen it.

Was this cheaper than getting the lawyers to fix the contract with Brooks?

Was someone getting the really good cocaine to keep it going?

What the actual f*** was going on in Hollywood at the time they could keep an entire production team making this when they knew it wasn't going to be released?

What if it was actually a decent comic-western?