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i81u812 t1_j483ycr wrote

"Believe what they say the first time".

-Maya Angelou


Agouti t1_j49lfkz wrote

> In his introductory remarks, Nelsen told the first meeting of Idaho's Agricultural Affairs Committee on January 10: "I'm a lifelong dairy farmer who retired, still own part of the dairy; grew up on the farm. I've milked a few cows, spent most of my time walking behind lines of cows, so if you want some ideas on repro and the women's health thing, I have some definite opinions."

Walking wasn't the only thing this guy has done behind a cow.


mzincali t1_j4axuem wrote

Maybe he was kicked in the head and that’s why he’s talking gibberish. But that doesn’t explain why most of the Republicans also say shit like this.


oldsadgary t1_j4coolo wrote

>Right wingers make unsubstantiated claims about liberals enacting shariah law

>Frequently try to force actual religious law into congress

>Openly compare women to animals, like Iranian clerics

>The Taliban start advocating for Andrew Tate’s release, the right say they were never that bad

>Vladimir Putin is fighting for religious freedom, actually

Wait are you telling me rightards might be hypocrites


Anustart_A t1_j4bccqa wrote

Repro: A veterinarian with a rubber gloves and bill semen in hand artificially inseminates the cow while a second person stimulates the cow’s clitoris to encourage reproduction.

…in other words, this guy is fucking bonkers.


redrumWinsNational t1_j4cgcw4 wrote

This is not what a veterinarian does. It’s not is her job description


Anustart_A t1_j4ch204 wrote

Then my veterinarian wife who has done artificial insemination led me astray. I’ll make sure to set her straight



redrumWinsNational t1_j4cj3ny wrote

Yeah she can do it, similarly a taxi driver can help deliver a baby. Edit: it’s not in the job description but she can do it


big_sugi t1_j4co0hx wrote

I don’t think you know that large animal veterinarians exist. Artificial insemination is very much part of their job description.


redrumWinsNational t1_j4cws0d wrote

You are correct, my apologies. In some countries in Europe, there are specialist that only do AI. I spent time on farm, and guessed wrongly that US was similar


LordElfa t1_j4d62xm wrote

I'm just trying to understand what he was getting at. What link did he think he had between milking and walking behind cows and women's repro and health?!


stalphonzo t1_j4ay3uq wrote

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

Is the actual quote.


davereit t1_j4b42yx wrote

I have this hanging on the wall over my workstation. Truly words to live by.


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bf314159 t1_j49el0n wrote

What do these bots actually prevent?


NaturalFaux t1_j49huih wrote

People creating multiple new accounts and spamming bs


bf314159 t1_j592fhx wrote

But do people not realize there are literal pools of idle accounts old enough to post so they just make new ones and let them sit?? So again is it really helping much or is it just being exclusive?


NaturalFaux t1_j5ax2jt wrote

They still have to wait for those accounts to be old enough, and most people aren't willing to do that. So yes, it's helping


suzydonem t1_j489cfe wrote

And 75% of Idaho white women will still vote Republican, even from their barn stalls


aknabi t1_j4aqbi9 wrote

They’re pretty gad dang dumb in them parts


snarefire t1_j48cocm wrote

When a mysoginist waves a big red flag stating he would ban any and all reproductive health and treat women like breeding stock. BELIEVE HIM and then vote his ass out.


aknabi t1_j4aq7ul wrote

Actually in them parts that’s a reason to vote him in.


QuestionableAI t1_j485i4n wrote

He compared women to milk cattle ... this man, married to a woman thinks women are cattle, like any other fuckable property. His apology was non-existent.


freemason777 t1_j48cvr1 wrote

You uh, you fuck your cattle?


all_the_gravy t1_j48d1kr wrote

You uh, don't fuck your cattle?


Rickshmitt t1_j48ggjk wrote

No,no. If you were a sheep, would you fuck another sheep?


all_the_gravy t1_j48jqwx wrote

Naw I'm much more into the Coalition for Liberating Itinerant Tree-Dwellers


necromundus t1_j490g63 wrote

Well, this is Idaho we're talking about


JMLobo83 t1_j49w951 wrote

In the counties of northeast Washington adjacent to Idaho, bestiality is a fairly common crime. Not sure if it's a crime in Idaho though.


gregorydgraham t1_j4amgh9 wrote

I thought they were big on potatoes


aknabi t1_j4aqi42 wrote

Gotta boil them potatoes before you fuck them


SuperFatSlime t1_j4are14 wrote

Depends on wether it's you that fucks the potato or the potato that fucks you


QuestionableAI t1_j48jiu1 wrote

Are you seriously that incapable of following the meaning of words in a sentence?


freemason777 t1_j48kxmo wrote

"...thinks women are cattle, like any other fuckable property"


AnOrdinaryMammal t1_j48qv9h wrote

Yeah… I know English. This person thinks at least 7/10 cattle are fuckable property. That dude is gross.


giddy-girly-banana t1_j4bqy3r wrote

“Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” - my friend’s dad to his daughter


Firm_Transportation3 t1_j4cbuur wrote

His apology states that he thinks women should have control over their health care, so that would imply he would be against banning abortions, no?


___o---- t1_j49rsdf wrote

He actually did give a rather nice apology the next day. He said he has a wife and five daughters and believes as he always has that the government should stay out of women’s medical decisions. Sounds pro- choice but terrible at making “jokes.” I forgive him.


Xyrus2000 t1_j48j1dk wrote

He wasn't apologizing. That's exactly what republicans think of woman as.


SgtMajMythic t1_j4ahlwu wrote

So then what do Republican women think of themselves…enlighten us


gregorydgraham t1_j4ama35 wrote

The exception.


SgtMajMythic t1_j4brz2w wrote

That makes zero sense. Red man bad though 😡


FeralSparky t1_j4lnpph wrote

Its the same with people who are anti abortion but will get an abortion themselves because "Their reason was different"


furrylandseal t1_j4asmud wrote

Republican women employ impressive mental gymnastics to minimize or excuse misogynistic comments, because they need the approval of Republican patriarchal men in order to feel powerful in a conservative social hierarchy that makes them second class citizens.


SgtMajMythic t1_j4bs2yj wrote

The only one going through mental gymnastics is you. Have you considered that they just choose not to victimize themselves 24/7?


furrylandseal t1_j4efo9m wrote

I’m sorry that you feel threatened by women who demand to be treated as equally valuable humans. The good news is that insecurity is a treatable condition.


SgtMajMythic t1_j4ewdfj wrote

It’s the other way around. You’re projecting now.


Xyrus2000 t1_j4b9rai wrote

Not much if they continue to vote for and support men like this.


omally_360 t1_j4a4rh3 wrote

I know one republican. He doesn’t think like that at all. Sources?


Kittenscute t1_j4ad5yy wrote

> He doesn’t think like that at all.

He votes for people who think like that so I don't give a shit if he claims to think or not think like that.


omally_360 t1_j4b0vx0 wrote

You guys on reddit live in a special kind of bubble :-)


ifelife t1_j4b1xf8 wrote

You know one republican, make your decision based on them and think it's the redditors who are in a bubble?


omally_360 t1_j4b2o8k wrote

Nope, that’s not even a little bit close to what I was saying.

I was just saying that not every single person who consider themselves republican thought of women as farm animals.

I can see from the downvotes that You guys disagree with that, which I find astonishing.

But then I remember this is just Reddit :-)


Mouthtuom t1_j4b40zk wrote

Yet they are willing to vote for people who are willing to compare women to farm animals, or are openly racist, or are transphobes, or antisemites, etc etc etc.

To be a Republican in 2023 is to be either a bigoted troglodyte, or to support them (Same thing)


omally_360 t1_j4c1cyp wrote

No idea. I don’t follow american politics too closely, but this is like saying all muslims are terrorists. I don’t see how you guys can have a serious dialogue if you and your democrat friends use these childish and - quite frankly - infantile rhetorics. That goes for republicans too by the way. The sooner you realise this, the better.


Mouthtuom t1_j4c5h8l wrote

Lol I’m not a democrat.

No it’s not like saying Muslims are terrorists. It’s nothing like that. There are over a billion Muslims. Only the smallest fraction supports terrorist violence.

Ask how many republicans think political violence is justified. Or have many agree with racist sentiment When polled.

It’s not possible to have a “serious dialogue” with proud republicans anymore because they are incapable of good faith. Maybe not living in America has insulated you, but after almost half a century here I’m see it clear as day.


omally_360 t1_j4cuhk0 wrote

I find that democrats are just as «crazy», as it were, but I guess I am coloured by social media, which obviously highlight the extremes. That’s why I am sceptical enough when you and other tells me that every single person who consider themselves a republican are horribal human beings, and downvote me when I dare question this.

Anyway, I don’t really care. This just isn’t in my world, I live in a democratic and quite liberal nation where we believe in dialogue, not silencing our political counterparts. Seems to work.


Mouthtuom t1_j4d2od1 wrote

Lol yea and where you aren’t surrounded by heavily armed neighbors with racist symbols all over their yards and cars. Again, insulated.


omally_360 t1_j4d5bo5 wrote

Well, I guess that’s fair enough


Mouthtuom t1_j4d83bq wrote

In fairness I don’t actually believe every conservative is evil. I’m really just talking about proud republicans. Many independent conservatives know what the Republican Party is doing is wrong.

It’s just exhausting living with these people. My country is 70% trump voters and the county clerk still made illegal copies of the voting systems and claimed voter fraud. They’re insane.


Rennarjen t1_j4b2nu7 wrote

But effectively there's not a difference. Actions are more important that thoughts. Your friend can think whatever he likes but if he's voting for the people who do think like that and are making decisions in line with their ideas then...what makes him any different? Maybe you don't know your friend as well as you think.


jdvhunt t1_j4a8ku4 wrote

I think he means Republican politicians not voters


Kittenscute t1_j4ad77i wrote

When you vote for bigots, you are bigoted as well. End of story.


omally_360 t1_j4b19cy wrote

I don’t believe the explanation is as simplistic as that, what a sad narrow view you have, no wonder your country is so polarized as it is.


Mouthtuom t1_j4b446c wrote

That’s called reality kid. Coddling fascists and their enablers is moronic.


Kittenscute t1_j4en5bh wrote

> I don’t believe the explanation is as simplistic as that, what a sad
narrow view you have, no wonder your country is so polarized as it is.

It really is, if you vote for bigots, you agree enough with their bigoted views. If you didn't agree with their bigoted views, you wouldn't vote for them.

This is a universal fact, and has nothing to do with America specifically.

> what a sad narrow view you have

What's sad is you unironically defend bigots. Also makes you a disgusting excuse of a human being btw.


omally_360 t1_j4b10ip wrote

Fair enough, quite a few of them are a little out there


Xyrus2000 t1_j4b9l1f wrote

If you support those who hold these beliefs, then you are complicit.


omally_360 t1_j4buq22 wrote

I am saying he doesn't. It doesn't matter what you think or how you argue this, you are just wrong, period.


dumb_progenitor t1_j4c28eg wrote

That's a dangerous line of thinking that can ironically lead to extremism and eventually fascism. People vote the way do for a variety of reasons, and all politicians are fucked in some way or another(personally I think Republicans are clearly more fucked up), I'm sure you can find untoward comments made by liberal politicians that were later forgotten, because that's how it goes unfortunately, people forget and move on, focusing more on policy/propaganda rather than some random statement a politician makes for better or worse.


Xyrus2000 t1_j4cadr4 wrote

There are ideological differences on things like taxes, spending, etc. and then there are ideologies of hate.

There is nothing wrong with supporting conservative ideologies like low taxes and smaller government (even if I generally disagree with the policies that spring from that). There is something wrong with supporting someone who supports ignorance, bigotry, misogyny, racism, etc.

That doesn't lead to fascism or extremism. Supporting people who hold these views does, regardless of where they fall politically.


dumb_progenitor t1_j4cdnks wrote

Fair enough, but its always better to try to bridge differences because in my experience a lot of people are more ignorant than malicious and get defensive when confronted, and sometimes it's better to be less confrontational, of course it depends on how extreme their views are, in this case what this dude said was obviously unacceptable but all or his base might not be equally abhorrent.


wthareyousaying t1_j4gwfmy wrote

Pray tell, how do you "bridge the difference" with a neo-fascist? Let them riot in the capital again with another attempted coup?


ThreeDogs2022 t1_j48dnm8 wrote

""I absolutely respect women, and the right to choose their own healthcare," Nelsen—who has a wife and five granddaughters—wrote."
People who respect women and their right to choose their own healthcare do not vote republican, let alone run on a republican ticket.


Rosebunse t1_j493r3y wrote

He would definitely make sure they had an abortion.


Kangar t1_j483vff wrote

I have nipples, Jack, can you milk me?

What a troglodyte this guy is.


ItsDokk t1_j48vrnu wrote

Jack says that to Greg, otherwise solid and hilarious reference!


Kangar t1_j48wtwo wrote

Jack is the Republican in this case. :)


ItsDokk t1_j48wycj wrote

Derp 😅

At least I wasn’t so dense as to compare women to cattle though.


Kendog75 t1_j48jzrj wrote

He’s only sorry because people called him out on it. This fucking pig still thinks women are pigs, he just has to make an untrue apology for it.


gregorydgraham t1_j4ambsb wrote

Technically, he believes they’re cows.


HauntingChapter8372 t1_j4b9kg6 wrote

AH, BUT WAIT! He has "ideas" on the women's health thing. Honestly, it sounds like he may want to start with his mental health, etc., and leave my health to me and all the other women's health to their own discretion in this great nation of FREEDOM.


misumena_vatia t1_j48bqp4 wrote

He wasn't even making a statement on a reproduction-related bill, or engaging in a debate about reproductive rights. THIS WAS JUST HOW HE INTRODUCED HIMSELF.


Sad_King_Billy-19 t1_j4833l8 wrote

guy's a pig


GetlostMaps t1_j484cxg wrote

Pigs are intelligent animals.


SelectiveSanity t1_j48702q wrote

I can see why he choose dairy farming them.

Pigs would have easily out smarted him, then sold him to market.


RPDRNick t1_j48d6uw wrote

Instead, he went wee wee wee wee all the way to the state house.


Donut_merchant2 t1_j48ks0a wrote

They’re also surprisingly decent animals compared to other smart animals.


GetOffMyAsteroid t1_j49cru3 wrote

On my farm I raise bulls, and I have strong opinions about bullshit...


ChuckFeathers t1_j48bhny wrote

I'm more shocked that a Republican actually said this:

>Nelsen stated: "I have always operated and will continue to operate under the standard that the government does not belong in the doctor's office."

Sounds more like political suicide in Idaho than his original remark.


Xaero_Hour t1_j48nm3o wrote

He doesn't actually mean what those words say. EVERY Republican says they want to keep government out of the doctor's office (and various other places), but what they MEAN is they want THEIR form of government in the doctor's office. Classic double-speak; just like how they are with the concept of being anti-fascist.


BR1N3DM1ND t1_j4avf2l wrote

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the reason he "operates" this way is because he's 100% certain that women are only seen by veterinarians.


John-the-cool-guy t1_j482mxl wrote

His apology wasn't sincere. We all know what he thinks about women and his party will back him on it.


The84thWolf t1_j48nwmr wrote

The amount of time he took describing women as cows is a pretty good indicator how sincere his apology was. He’s probably thinking “harumph, women these days can’t take a joke.”


ramtax666 t1_j48bqgf wrote

"Farm animals have value" continuing in his head


ceton33 t1_j481ntr wrote

I have no idea why Republicans hates on women and have the nerves to ask why they have relationship problems.


megapuffranger t1_j485tpk wrote

Republicans yearn for the old days where women were subservient to men. If a woman talked back you could slap the shit out of her and no one would lift a finger to help. If a woman turns you down you just harass the shit out of her until she gives in out of fear. Women stayed home and cooked and cleaned and served, the man was always right too so no more being called on their bullshit.

Republicans want to go back to the old days for minorities too.


Dr-P-Ossoff t1_j49ze3s wrote

One of the funny things about that is there is an old old idea of “manhood” where the idea of “unmanly males” hurting women could get you large numbers of random dudes determined to crush the bad guy. Misogynists were there, there were plenty of them, but they had to be secretive.


Photodan24 t1_j4865uj wrote

He's VERY sorry (that you heard that.)


FaliedSalve t1_j4b8ku6 wrote

"I take full responsibility... as long as there are no consequences"


be-like-water-2022 t1_j4atguk wrote

They're not pro-life. You know what they are? They're anti-woman.

Simple as it gets, anti-woman. They don't like them. They don't like women.

They believe a woman's primary role is to function as a brood mare for the state."

George Carlin

Ps: and they don't hide it anymore. During the Holocaust, Nazis referred to Jews as rats, Untermenschen. Hutus involved in the Rwanda genocide called Tutsis cockroaches. Slave owners throughout history considered slaves subhuman animals. When republicans dehumanize women, they actually conceive of them as subhuman creature.


pdinc t1_j48ofci wrote

The only surprising word in this entire title is "apologizes"


DoNotPetTheSnake t1_j489adx wrote

Wow the article is almost impossible to read through the ads. What did he say exactly?


wallstreetegg OP t1_j48aaq3 wrote

>In his introductory remarks, Nelsen told the first meeting of Idaho's Agricultural Affairs Committee on January 10: "I'm a lifelong dairy farmer who retired, still own part of the dairy; grew up on the farm. I've milked a few cows, spent most of my time walking behind lines of cows, so if you want some ideas on repro and the women's health thing, I have some definite opinions."


DoNotPetTheSnake t1_j48fgy1 wrote



The84thWolf t1_j48o35g wrote

Best part was, one of his female colleagues was sitting right next to him. He obviously thought she’d laugh at his silly joke 🤮


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_j48v4pg wrote

Oh, leave him alone, it's totally understandable for a guy that fucks farm animals to accidentally talk about women like sex objects.


Punkpallas t1_j4ami6q wrote

Why apologize? Everyone knows this is how they view women: as brood mares and workhorses who perform the unpaid labor of managing households and raising children (future taxpayers and workers) while simultaneously working a full-time job in most cases.


Dem0s t1_j483fpw wrote

But did he apologize for being a total waste of oxygen?


DigitalSteven1 t1_j48ac2f wrote

His party doesn't care. Neither does he.


smaartypants t1_j48p6pm wrote

His fingers are probably crossed behind his back.


BunnyTotts97 t1_j49bafj wrote

Maybe he’s sorry he said it next to a microphone?


necromundus t1_j490owq wrote

A republican treating women like property? This tracks


SunchaserKandri t1_j495jj3 wrote

He's just sorry that the mask slipped, let's be real.


blakewoolbright t1_j4963q7 wrote

More degenerative nonsense from a state with 2 us senators, and two cities over 100k people.


ShaggysGTI t1_j4awnfs wrote

He didn’t relate women’s health to milking cows. He related it to animal husbandry, which is way more gross.


Ok-Ordinary2035 t1_j4b0r36 wrote

I continue to be outraged at men thinking their opinions about women’s health care matter. Being a dairy farmer only makes you qualified to talk about cows.


jxj24 t1_j4856kr wrote



zyqzy t1_j495rn7 wrote

He may have made the apology to farm animals…


lashvanman t1_j49ceh9 wrote

Oh brother, this guy STINKS!!


Majares t1_j4a286t wrote

There’s no walking that back


NNewt84 t1_j4ahh3d wrote

And people wonder why I say America is a horrible country for women to live in - it’s basically the new Saudi Arabia. I’m still wondering when they’re gonna legalise marital r*pe.


_welcome t1_j4airfh wrote

why apologize, isn't that why he got voted in to begin with?


unique_passive t1_j4ak36j wrote

He’s not apologising for doing it, he’s apologising for getting caught


bodrules t1_j4b1ayu wrote

The other GQP cultists will be pissed at him - for saying the quiet part out loud.


Acherstrom t1_j4b8l0w wrote

Freudian slip from Idaho.


climatelurker t1_j4bbcf0 wrote

The thing about his joke was that it was only half a joke. He thought it was funny AND he meant it.


sanjsrik t1_j484f9c wrote

Maybe he was talking about his preferences for sex partners.


steven-daniels t1_j48ah79 wrote

Yeah, that sounded like someone who had spent *way* too much time on the farm. Way too much.


jxj24 t1_j48bdxk wrote

For him, they probably are interchangeable.


phollox t1_j49lwu9 wrote

He's apologizing because he knows he offended many many animals in the great state of Idaho....

And that was a joke


sexybimbogf t1_j4a0bar wrote

the onion-y part is that he apologized


racetrack_insider t1_j4a0nr7 wrote

Republican? I'm not surprised. They see women as breeding cattle.


Ok_Tomato7388 t1_j4a7asl wrote

Typical. He'd fit right in in Gilead. Blessed be the fruit.


midtownoracle t1_j4aipoz wrote

Put him in a cage on a farm… see if he still feels the same way after 48 hours.


CobaltTJ t1_j4aj50a wrote

Idaho? No youdaho


FreddyFrogFrightener t1_j4aktop wrote

I’m assuming this is on this sub because he apologised, not because he said it?


[deleted] t1_j4b0i6q wrote



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[deleted] t1_j4b0qy9 wrote



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stopyacht t1_j4b37wc wrote

Maybe he’ll go on to create a social network


djbk724 t1_j4b3u6o wrote

And woman still vote for guys like this because a lot to people are Not informed


medlabunicorn t1_j4bf19r wrote

At least he gave a real apology, and not an ‘I’m sorry you were offended’ apology.


wholy_cheeses t1_j4bouf5 wrote

He gave a good apology. We can only hope he follows it up with actions. We all make mistakes.

I think he was trying to tell a self-deprecating joke, and as he said, “missed the mark”.


Inside-Palpitation25 t1_j4btvua wrote

Why would he apologize? He was just telling the truth about how the GOP thinks all women are just breeding stock.


gr8ful_cube t1_j4c1ivg wrote

Least mysoginistic and zoophilic idaho politician


EFT_Syte t1_j4c708b wrote

Why do people vote Republican? Like, serious question. I have seen 0 policy plans from any of them. And if it is, it’s usually anti women, antilgbtq or really just more government control over people. So why?


pm-me-souplantation t1_j4c8dcq wrote

Idk, his apology was pretty good, he made it clear he’s pro choice, and a few of his constituents said that after they called to complain about what he said, he personally called back to apologize. We could use more of this in govt.


Arcades_Samnoth t1_j4daiep wrote

Sad thing is this will turn him into a hero for some conservative voters.


AlbinoWino11 t1_j4f59h7 wrote

I am truly sorry…for being caught on camera saying what I think.


Wisdom_Of_A_Man t1_j4a1u2r wrote

Further proof that the dairy industry is vile and needs to end. Literally based on exploiting the female reproductive system. I feel sorry for the women and cows in this guys life.


adamttaylor t1_j4aajts wrote

I mean technically governments farm their citizens for tax dollars. They spend money at the beginning of their lives in the hopes of getting a return on their investment when their livestock reaches adulthood and can pay taxes. They spend additional money to convince the livestock to work without complaint in the hopes of one day living life without work.


dmann27 t1_j48m8yj wrote

I've seen farm animals with more personality than some women