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SelectiveSanity t1_j48r5b0 wrote

>Late last year, California became only the third state in the US to allow digital license plates. The fancy customizable plates are only available from a company called Reviver, which charges users $20 to $25 per month.


Ok, I see the issue here...we're entitling a bunch of pretentious idiots with more money then common sense and acting like this isn't a problem that everybody could see coming a mile away.


aidan8et t1_j48xeda wrote

> Reviver swore that the DMV-certified cloud service backing the plates was entirely secure.

Because if there's one thing I always believe, it's a tech company that assures everyone that they are "hack proof". /s


bothunter OP t1_j48z0fy wrote

I read about how the hackers broke in and holy hell it's embarrassing. Basically they left a bunch of validation up to the client instead of enforcing it on the server. Hackers just emulated their own client and forged a different fields in the request and the server just let them do it.


TonyWhoop t1_j4adh4g wrote

>A team of security researchers hacking around in the automotive industry was able to easily gain access to Reviver’s system, revealing the real-time GPS location of all vehicles



GetlostMaps t1_j494e34 wrote

Who allowed this ridiculous system to be legal, and how much were they bribed?


mlorusso4 t1_j49qcfx wrote

I’m not even going to go into the joke of security this company used. But why the hell is a digital license plate even a thing? What purpose does this serve?


Glitchdx t1_j4a0lms wrote

it's purpose is to separate idiots from their money.


nativez t1_j4aa05k wrote

For the general public, the benefits are minor (stolen car alerts, toll road passes, registraion renewals through the electronic plate, etc.) . However, electronic plates will be a game changer for commercial carriers/semi truck drivers. Companies can just turn off a plate when a driver leaves the business. A surprising amount of companies struggle to get plates back from drivers. This means that they have to contact their local DMV and could run into issues with their safety record if the driver continues running on that plate.


PN_Guin t1_j4ay4nx wrote

That truck issues sounds more like a legal problem, that could (and should) be solved in a lot of different ways.


Laumser t1_j4aq5jm wrote

Why? Like how often would you want to change your license plate?


RettoBastion t1_j4b1kou wrote

Not every idea is a good idea, especially without any oversight or sensible planning.


trollsmurf t1_j4aiqqe wrote

So it's only the practically speaking invisible bottom text that can be changed?


[deleted] t1_j49udaw wrote

Love it. Some people have more teeth than sense.


MiraniaTLS t1_j48r7e8 wrote

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