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bomberesque1 OP t1_j4am7gz wrote

Yes Paul, we think so too


Is12345aweakpassword t1_j4ba8cm wrote

Lol my reaction

“Yeah, I was there”


teplightyear t1_j4dpquq wrote

Mine was "Then why did we have trillion dollar deficits from 2016-2018 when you had so much power and McConnell and Trump held the keys to the other two levers of power, Mr. Fiscal Responsibility?"


printers_rock t1_j4ej9r1 wrote

Well if we give a shit at all about being right specifically, not just generally... Deficit by year:

Year Deficit (in Billions)
2016 585
2017 665
2018 779

Accuracy matters, otherwise you're not helping. You're one of those people where a lot of us end up in a position of "I agree with your overall point but I fucking hate the way you made it"

Not a good person to be, imo.

A better version of that general argument would be to simply ask why deficits rose during his speakership. Should also lump in 2015 at $442B and 2019 at $984B, to make the point even more obvious. You could, of course, make a very concrete form of that argument by laying out the premises that he is both a fiscal conservative as well as acknowledges directly himself that he wielded a tremendous amount of power. But we're not exactly interviewing him, so that's a bit unnecesary.


FrillySteel t1_j4c06h7 wrote

Exactly my reaction.

"... funny that you're just telling us now..."


DoctorSteve t1_j4gplvp wrote

I do not like that he is making public appearances again.

Go back to never showing your face.


The-friar t1_j4bi01f wrote

Why? Would you rather the House freedom caucus had more power to tear everything down, or a Speaker that at least can still find some sort of compromise and get budgets passed?


tayroarsmash t1_j4clwgw wrote

Neither of those are happening so I think you just set up a false dichotomy.


The-friar t1_j4cz0mx wrote

There was a compromise at the end of the last congress, where McConnell and the democrats got a spending omnibus through, which angered the Freedom Caucus. Which is why the reforms that Ryan is defending here were championed by the likes of Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz.


Nagger_Luvver t1_j4ao80n wrote

Weird that republicans can't grow a spine until they retire.


The-friar t1_j4bhium wrote

Ryan is just saying this to give some cover for Kevin McCarthy, who was forced to make embarrassing concessions to the far right to win the gavel that made the speakership much, much weaker. Indeed it was probably better that the speaker was so powerful, so that they could still make deals and work around the extremes of the party


BartholomewBandy t1_j4boigp wrote

This is the answer. McCarthy has no room to negotiate, he has no control of the crazy right and is very likely to fuck up our credit rating as a country, here in the next few weeks. In chaos is opportunity, and here he is, the previous weakest speaker in our times… He should have gone into the cannabis business, like that hypocrite Boehner.


twoaspensimages t1_j4ce4i9 wrote

Honest question. At what point does the GOP fucking over the country not benefit the billionaires that fund their campaigns?


playbeautiful t1_j4dmq9y wrote

They won’t let the US default, their sugar daddy’s would never allow it


LurkethInTheMurketh t1_j4dnyxi wrote

All economic downturn short of societal collapse can be turned to billionaires’ benefit. Do not forget that a significant subsection of their donors either are or are aligned with literal enemies of the state a la Russia and China, among others.


start3ch t1_j4ccagh wrote

Fuck up our credit rating? What’s going on now


twoaspensimages t1_j4cejym wrote

Shutting down the government to stick it to the libs could weaken the US credit rating. Which will weaken the petrodollar and cause real harm to the economy.


diomedes_13 t1_j4cia2p wrote

The debt limit is about to be hit, which has to be raised by congress. If they don't raise it we can default on our national debt shortly after.


HungerMadra t1_j4b759i wrote

To be fair, I can't imagine any government official giving up power


Nokomis34 t1_j4bg5fk wrote

Despite everything else, this is why George Washington is a big deal.

"When told by the American artist Benjamin West that Washington was going to resign, King George III of England said "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world."

Edit. Ok, so I found this regarding that quote.

Quote #1

"If he does that he will be the greatest man in the world!"

  • George III to Benjamin West after learning George Washington was going to resign his commission as Commander of the Continental Congress and return to Mount Vernon.

George's Commission

You'll find this quote on the Fount of All Knowledge sometimes with a description of a meeting where King George asked his then-court painter, Benjamin West, what George Washington was planning to do now that peace had been agreed to. Benjamin replied (we read) that George was going to resign his commission. Then King George made his famous exclamation.

Certainly a great quote (and it also appears in some bonafide, albeit relatively recent, history books) it is indeed a "reconstruction". Its source is a memorandum book of Rufus King, the now-forgotten Founding Father who later served as minister to Britain. The book contained a letter written May 3, 1797 where Rufus wrote about a recent conversation with Benjamin West. The letter is (with modern spelling and punctuation added):

Mr. West called on me. We entered into politics after speaking of the Dinner at the Royal Academy and of the annual exhibition

Mr. West said things respecting America had changed very much, that people who could not formerly find words of unkindness enough now talked in a different language, that the King had lately spoken in the most explicit manner of the wisdom of the American government and of the abilities and great worth of the characters she produced and employed. He said the King had lately used very handsome expressions respecting Mr. Jay and and that he also spoke in a very pleasing manner of Mr. Gore.

But that in regard to General Washington, he told him since his resignation that in his opinion "that act closing and finishing what had gone before and viewed in connection with it, placed him in a light the most distinguished of any man living, and that he thought him the greatest character of the age."

So there was no record of any meeting with George III and Benjamin right after the Revolution. And the letter recording the conversation itself was written only in 1797 and is secondhand at best.

Still although King George may not have said exactly what is in the famous quote, certainly the sentiments were there.

Source: The Life and Correspondence of Rufus King , Charles King (Editor), Volume III, 1896


aidan8et t1_j4b7u8d wrote

>any elected government official


There are countless people in "hired" positions that are not power hungry monsters... I mean... Politician.

Anyone with enough arrogance to run for a political office automatically loses some of my respect.


psilocin72 t1_j4bdyeu wrote

The people least fit to be in positions of power are the only ones who can get them.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j4bl0im wrote

False. They are also power hungry monsters.


aidan8et t1_j4bm3qg wrote

I mean... Postal workers, grounds keepers, and desk clerks are also all govt workers. Not sure exactly what "power trip" the person cutting grass at the park would get.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_j4brs9r wrote

> Not sure exactly what "power trip" the person cutting grass at the park would get.

You've never been accosted for walking on someone else's grass before?


the_fly_guy0423 t1_j4bsrpu wrote

not by city workers maintaining public lands, it's always been private landowners making a fuss


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_j4bvg7o wrote

I don't think that is accurate, unfortunately. Whether someone is a government employee or a private landowner really makes no difference about whether or not they're gonna be a douche to you.


the_fly_guy0423 t1_j4bzjf7 wrote

ofc not, just sharing my experiences when i have to cut corners through a patch of grass 😂


SugarSweetSonny t1_j4fia4q wrote

There is a long held belief that not only should government officials have power but they need to preserve it (for "the institution") so thats it there even when they no longer are.

Its a weird thinking. Like instead of thinking "hey one day my enemy will have this job", they think, we must make this office/job MORE powerful all the time.

Even the courts are getting in on the act now (and giving themselves more work as a result).


hamsterfolly t1_j4c3ozu wrote

“Party above all, screw the People!” -Republican Party motto


PloppyCheesenose t1_j4euxcd wrote

Paul Ryan once fell down the stairs. Witnesses said it took five minutes and he looked like a Slinky.


SquishyBoggle t1_j4ew8bs wrote

I misred your username and was like “no way Reddit let that through”


Your_Fault_Not_Mine t1_j4d0c5s wrote

Then you have Diane Feinstein who should have died 10 years ago embarrassing herself.


[deleted] t1_j4bl461 wrote



poboy212 t1_j4bmj8t wrote

No, enough if this ‘both sides are bad’ shit. The GOP has become a fucking menace and it isn’t even close. Zero interest in actually governing. Their sole goal is to just troll the left.


[deleted] t1_j4bzyhj wrote



poboy212 t1_j4c0w1z wrote

It really isn’t. The left doesn’t worship its politicians. It isn’t a cult. The left politicians aren’t perfect and they get criticism. There aren’t people driving around with giant Biden flags on their pickup trucks.


yosoydorf t1_j4bb4ma wrote

Republican toes party line and does what he’s told while in office just as any democrat would do. More at 11. Give me a break.


passwordsarehard_3 t1_j4bg1ll wrote

That’s not really being honest is it? Democrats vote with their hearts instead of their minds, republicans vote with the party. Look what happened to Liz Cheney when she didn’t tow the party line.


bhollis6895 t1_j4eiww7 wrote

“Democrats vote with their hearts” don’t let any of these politicians fool you.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j4bl7wv wrote

Lol are you on crack? I have nothing good to say about pelosi, hit her ability to keep dems in line is legendary.


yosoydorf t1_j4bohbw wrote

Pelosi made over $100M while in office by voting with her HEART using this one simple trick


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_j4c8zml wrote

I mean, she clearly loves money, so OP ain't wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


yosoydorf t1_j4cbhcb wrote

The heart wants what the heart wants. If the Heart just so happens to want $20 ice cream and Napa Valley vintages, what else is one to do?


passwordsarehard_3 t1_j4bmicq wrote

And why is that? Pelosi is the exception that proves the rule, it’s impressive she got them to tow the line because dems usually don’t. When was the last time you were impressed every republican voted for a bill? That’s because they always all vote for the bill.


yosoydorf t1_j4bp3ot wrote


So why didnt the supposed Monolithic GOP give all of their votes to McCarthy from the get go, as you would expect from a. group that you claim votes party line every single time. Why did they need to go 15 rounds of voting to get it done?

Meanwhile, every single DNC member voted for Hakeem Jeffries.

You seem very, very confused.


yosoydorf t1_j4bnfez wrote

Funny, Liz Cheney is still a Republican party member.

Meanwhile Sinema left the DNC - so welcoming for those who land outside of the parties shibboleths.

Both parties suck, dumbass.


psilocin72 t1_j4bdt68 wrote

Unfortunately this is true. We need to change our government of ethics and morality matter to us at all. An ethics committee that is not a part of the group it oversees would be a start. If they get to grade themselves, they will get an A+ every time.


PartyYogurtcloset267 t1_j4b9wuj wrote

He's only "growing a spine" because the speaker is now a Democrat. Then again, what does "growing a spine" even mean? He toed the party line to great profit to himself and his donors. What exactly do you think he should have done with his time in congress?


latebloomer2015 t1_j4balmk wrote

Ummmm…I think he was speaker of the house. Which is currently held by a spineless, power hungry member of the gqp…Kevin “I will give you anything so long as I get to be be speaker and have my picture on the wall” McCarthy (R).


EaterOfFood t1_j4b84cf wrote

Did you ever think you’d miss John Boehner?


Llenette1 t1_j4bwrda wrote

I legit wonder about this guy every so He's definitely Conservative, but even he saw how batshit crazy things were getting and said "fuck this". And it's sad I feel the desire to give him credit for that. Smh. Lol.


TldrDev t1_j4czm90 wrote

That's not what happened, you're giving him far too much credit. He became a weed spokesperson. He's a fucking hypocrite. He was "vehemently opposed to Marijuana legalization" during his time in the house, got paid $20m, dropped out of congress, and became a lobbyist for a cannabis investment group. He's a fucking twat.


Radtk156 t1_j4f2ddw wrote

Sounds a lot like Harris. Politicians are so hypocritical, its wild we just accept it at this point


omgFWTbear t1_j4ci32j wrote

No. Any time a senior official or corporate type “steps down,” it’s to protect their resume. They didn’t quit, they didn’t vote for the bad thing, they didn’t lose, they didn’t oversee a 10% YoY decrease in sales in steak as veganism overtook the country, whatever - it’s entirely a calculation to keep a resume that is only associated with success.

And I’m not saying that to be partisan here - I’ve seen politicians on both sides escape scandal, as well as some corporate officers avoid litigation, by “taking time to spend with family,” etc.,. I am not suggesting PR was facing scandal - AFAIK his maneuver was just staying ahead of headwinds.


Top-Philosophy-5791 t1_j4cr89g wrote

He’s an Ayn Rand fanboy. Kind of an idiot.


CogitatorX t1_j4hbjfj wrote

A fanboy who grew up relying on social security and Medicaid let’s not forget that important little detail.


SirThatsCuba t1_j4f1y58 wrote

You don't need that "kind of" when talking about ayn rand fanboys


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fenu5 wrote

His favorite band is Rage Against the Machine, and he very specifically starred in congress as the Machine.

But seriously, I have my own pet theory.

Remember when Republicsns were opposed to Trump? Remember too when they all met with Trump and emerged lije docile puppies? Remember further when the word on the street was that Republicans were afraid of Trump?

Finally, do you remember that, when the Russians hacked the DNC and Assange leaked the contents, the Russians also hacked the RNC and never leaked anything?

My theory is that Putin handed Trump damning contents from that leak which he revealed to them in that meeting. Trump then threatened to expose them if they didn't cooperate.

Paul 'Rage Against the Machine' Ryan finishes the meeting by saying they're all family and drops out of politics ASAP.

Trump is holding seriously damaging info provided to him by Putin and using it to manipulate the GOP.

Bill Barr says Trump's election claims are bullshit but thst he's still voting for him? He says that Trump will destroy the Republicans if he doesn't get the nomination?

Trump is going to reveal something devestating if he loses the nomination or gets imprisoned.


SugarSweetSonny t1_j4fi2wa wrote

This requires Trump to be able to keep secrets for more then 10 minutes.

Considering that every person who has been close to him, winds up turning on him.

I can't imagine him having dirt and not having it leaked or talking to people about it.


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fj2iy wrote

The evidence is being held by Putin.

He may have even had instructions about avoiding blabbering.

That's hard to believe, but he still thinks he's running for president.

The Republicans have not split with him yet.


SugarSweetSonny t1_j4fk9jh wrote

Yea but that still requires Trump not to blab to people about dirt.

Its a pretty big stretch that he wouldn't be telling people around him.

Its almost antithetical to everything he has done for decades.

He's even been known to divulge information damaging to himself in public (regarding business dealings in the past) despite his own lawyers telling him not to.

Its not totally unfeasable IF you can find a way to take Trump himself out of the equation (i.e. use someone else without trump).


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fkl4m wrote

Well, we will see what happens.

Either the GOP turns on him or he passes away.

If he doesn't die before they turn on him, he will play whatever cards he has left.


BubuBarakas t1_j4e53vl wrote

I bought my ticket abroad for a job the day after the 2016 election. I got out when he did.


Easy-Concentrate2636 t1_j4ed9ix wrote

It’s wild how much saner old GOP seems in comparison.


Llenette1 t1_j4eq2rb wrote

Exactly. They still don't deserve any awards, but I kinda wish the GOP would go back to their regularly scheduled bs. Not this new bs.


FiveNations54 t1_j4daqkh wrote

Highlight of my day when he finally pronounced Boehner as boner


Eddiebaby7 t1_j4eblxh wrote

Actually yes. He was the last Republican House Speaker who believed in a functional government and had no problems working across the aisle to keep the country going. His ouster signaled the end of the Republican belief in compromise, the beginning of GOP obstruction for obstructions sake, and a steady stream of incoming performative lunatics.


crippylicious t1_j4ddmai wrote

This is exactly what Justin Amash says, that he helped organize a coalition to oust Boehner, but everyone since has been even worse.


TheRealGeoffPerson t1_j4fbptc wrote

Couple years ago I was asking people the same question about GW. Odd that GW would look relatively benign compared with the abomination in the office just a few years ago.


Derrick_Mur t1_j4an720 wrote

And yet all Ryan managed to do with it was pass a shitty tax cut bill and enable a moronic psychopath with his finger on the nuclear launch button


soda-jerk t1_j4aqfeo wrote

Hey, he made that really bizarre workout video, too. Don't forget that, it was pretty powerful.


Derrick_Mur t1_j4as9oh wrote

Was that during his Speaker tenure? I thought that was during the ‘12 presidential election


soda-jerk t1_j4b043l wrote

I feel like he'd still put it on his resume.


Rickshmitt t1_j4aqvvh wrote

I was so suprised Ryan retired. He was groomed to be the next McConnell. A smart, evil, little fuck. Thank goodness hes gone.


sighbourbon t1_j4awb2p wrote

Well he's not gone, is he. Suddenly the last two days he's all over the news trying for a comeback


finevcijnenfijn t1_j4bo2hw wrote

>Despite everything else, this is why George Washington is a big deal.
>"When told by the American artist Benjamin West that Washington was going to resign, King George III of England said "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world."
>Edit. Ok, so I found this regarding that quote.

He's gonna try to be pres if trump kanyes out.


BJntheRV t1_j4bvdxx wrote

Last 2 years he's been popping out of his hole since Trump lost reelection. It's almost like he's trying to stay relevant for a reason.


Rosebunse t1_j4b3kvg wrote

He was real hot with the beard...

Like, it was an evil beard, but he rocked it.

I think as Trump's power wanes, he is vying for a come-back. The GOP is clearly in a bit of a tizzy and you can bet we are gonna see people wrestle for control of it.


BloodTypeBourbonRye t1_j4b4bgu wrote

A lot of the more reasonable moderate Republicans dipped out in the middle of Trump's term when it was obvious they were going to lose a primary to a Trump-endorsed candidate if they didn't become lapdogs like Lindsey Graham did. I don't like Ryan but I'd rather have a House full of Republicans like him.


Rosebunse t1_j4b4mmx wrote

We would actually get stuff done that wasn't insane.

We are gonna see some weird shit out of the GOP. Normally, I would say that Biden's document drama was a career killer. But the GOP make it quite possible that it will be forgotten in a couple of weeks. They're disorganized, too obsessed with pleasing an insane base.


spotolux t1_j4bb0o2 wrote

I don't believe Ryan and his like would do anything. When he was coming up he was promoted as a policy wonk with convictions, the new face of the Republican party who would usher in a new era of modern Republicans. Instead all he did was cut taxes and flee from Trump despite knowing exactly who and what Trump was. He didn't do shit when he supposedly had too much power and I don't think he'd do anything if he made a comeback.


Rosebunse t1_j4bb5ws wrote

I think he will try the same thing again, Im just not sure it will work


Rickshmitt t1_j4bvlzs wrote

I think he was one of the smart ones who got out. He knew his party would be sucking that orange ass and said naaah ive got enough money. Which is scary hes resurfacing. Hes evil but smart.


tackle_bones t1_j4bcrv3 wrote

“Get stuff done that wasn’t insane.”

This is the guy that for years tried to organize the killing of social security and other social safety nets. He definitely has insane ideas and promotes them.


Rosebunse t1_j4bdrju wrote

I never got the obsession with killing off social security. What do they think will happen?


tackle_bones t1_j4bieb4 wrote

I’m not sure. I always thought they picked him, in part, because I believe he was raised partially on welfare. So of course, who is a better person to fight against it than someone that directly benefitted from it?!


Rosebunse t1_j4bj3r7 wrote

People like that are the worst because they have to believe that they were "deserving" of that help and that everyone else just needs to suck it up


DizzyAmphibian309 t1_j4cb60z wrote

They don't want to kill it off, they want to make it so that every X years you need to have a vote to extend it. Democrats will always vote yes, but Republicans will use it as leverage to get concessions. Because they're assholes.


MajorOrMinor t1_j4bmzvq wrote

He was apparently “sleeping” in his office often. So were his often underage and rather powerfully connected interns


TraehNoil t1_j4bc4ps wrote

And yet, zero war under Trump, war within months of Biden taking office. Kinda funny


PacJeans t1_j4beqhp wrote

What are you talking about? The US was at war during the entirety of Trumps term. A war which the Biden administration ended. It's literally the opposite of what you're saying.


psilocin72 t1_j4be4jr wrote

Maybe because Russia was getting what they want under trump? I don’t know


poboy212 t1_j4bm7q7 wrote

Him and fucking Boehner enable all sorts of ridiculous bullshit for years while in office and then do all this hand wringing after they leave. Go fuck yourself, Paul.


ElectricMan324 t1_j4ek0mw wrote

They both literally said that they "compromised" with the lunatic fringe of the party in order to keep them under control, in their opinion. Remember Michelle Bachmann? Old Boehner said that he knew she was nuts but tried to work with her because he was afraid of her growing power.

If they had acted differently and worked with Dems to box in the crazies when they were a minority, maybe things would have turned out differently. People like Ryan and Boehner were worse than the tea party/MAGA people in my opinion. They KNEW there was a problem but decided that the party was more important than the country.

That decision directly led us down the crazy train to Trump and 1/6.


an_african_swallow t1_j4b4nbs wrote

Is this guy attempting to crawl his way back into politics now that trump doesn’t have as much of a spotlight as he used to?


Toothlessdovahkin t1_j4b83xr wrote

He will 100% be running as the I’m totally not crazy Maga Republican candidate


framed1234 t1_j4bg3sy wrote

"I'm not trump crazy, I'm bush crazy"


Toothlessdovahkin t1_j4bhv27 wrote

Yep. Still crazy and still wanting to do crappy things for personal and corporate profit. Still a jerk and an AH, just not crazy. A perfect example of Lawful Evil vs. Chaotic Evil.


jlaw54 t1_j4dliv1 wrote

“I won’t try to ruin my own country completely, but I might invade a sovereign nation for no reason”.


macrofinite t1_j4bpjom wrote

Smells like the perfect time to start pearl clutching about the deficit as an excuse to delete social security again.

The current dumbasses forgot the pearl clutching step and are just trying to cut it.


CrazyCoKids t1_j4chxua wrote

"...But I 100% indulged those crazy MAGA republicans".


Sandman1031 t1_j4ckhiv wrote

Yeah, he was one of the 1st bunch of rats to jump ship to preserve their political future. He has enough separation to come out relatively unscathed from MAGA. He looks like he wants to be a key leader in a post-MAGA GOP if that actually becomes a thing.


vivahermione t1_j4bhwat wrote

I quite agree, which is why he shouldn't be given a second chance in the future. "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."


redditQuoteBot t1_j4bji4w wrote

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It looks like your comment closely matches the famous quote:

"When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time." - Maya Angelou

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-domi- t1_j4anltf wrote

Not just you, Ryan. All the other politicians, too.


Pusfilledonut t1_j4b6g5h wrote

He was only able to shill for a fascist and a media baron.


farbekrieg t1_j4aqa5c wrote

and yet he didnt go all super saiyan once


baddfingerz1968 t1_j4b3tpz wrote

Agreed. He was the biggest heartless Repugnican sociopath in the Congress at the time. Except for Moscow Mitch.


charaznable1249 t1_j4b1tu8 wrote

I had no problem then, but now that I'm out and it's someone else


bayoubuddha77 t1_j4e8gn5 wrote

The Paul Ryan self-rehabilitation tour continues. Don't buy it


sealmeal21 t1_j4bsc05 wrote

They all do. They're all too disassociated with reality and not looking to the interests of the people. The whole system is garbage.1 term maximums, minimum wage the whole time, bank accounts monitored the whole time, no charitable donations or campaign donations allowed, any attempted "donations" go to a fund that fuels each politican equally for their campaign and each politician gets the super basic healthcare benefits while in office. Also any criminal act is automatically moved to max sentencing allowable for an elected official. They all need to fear the power they yield, find it fiscally irresponsible to stay in office, and work their fingers to the bone trying to help the people they represent.


thinkstohimself t1_j4ebivf wrote

1 term max? So basically you want the government to be even more ineffectual?


The-friar t1_j4eeeot wrote

Also paying representatives the minimum wage is a good way to ensure that only the very wealthy can afford to run and hold office


sealmeal21 t1_j4yk9n8 wrote

Not when there is legislation such as Trump has to sign to turn over his assets to another person while in office and when the offices held are only going to cause financial hardship for them they really aren't going to show up. They're going to try to bribe those in those seats with a living wage instead of billions to do their bidding. Well until they get caught and it's treated as a felony much like attempted treason.


95blackz26 t1_j4dswab wrote

I saw Paul Ryan is a liar carved into the door at a rest stop the other day


Ragnakak t1_j4e1hg4 wrote

Remember when Paul Ryan said his favorite band is Rage Against The Machine?


Crichton1987 t1_j4f2hi7 wrote

Where has this spineless clown been for the last few years???


scorpion_tail t1_j4bb0qj wrote

Yeah, probably from those oiled-up guns and bitchin abs. Paul Ryan gets in the gym, twists his ball cap backward, and it’s like flipping a switch. A switch that takes him…

Over The Top.


trucorsair t1_j4blali wrote

Too much power but failed to use it, the definition of a blowhard coward


MajorOrMinor t1_j4bmt8n wrote

He should go back to “sleeping” in his office. We don’t need another 6 years of utter hatred paddled. Go away maggot


snewz404 t1_j4c5etk wrote

Hey Paul Ryan, nobody wants to hear from you.

Sincerely, The US


Gilgie t1_j4dwunl wrote

The fact that he is groveling at CNN says it all.


Sweatytubesock t1_j4da3a0 wrote

You got your bullshit huge tax cut to your wealthy owners, you enabled every action of a criminal president, you retired rich, so be happy, and go fuck yourself with a chainsaw, Paul.


ZeroM60 t1_j4dw6fo wrote

You know Paul Ryan looks like a more put together version of Jake Gyllenhaal character from Nightclawler.


HarlequinMadness t1_j4ezprj wrote

Funny how people never think they have too much power, while they're in power.


Yunofascar t1_j4gmew9 wrote

Ah, of course. He only says this when he's out of the seat and there's a new appointment going on where he can hope to sway opinion on the topic.

Just like how George Washington freed his slaves... Yet only in his will. Eat the cake and have it, too. Fucking politicians.


lazyfacejerk t1_j4hyiuc wrote

"Hey, I used to scream about responsible spending, but when I got the chance, I cut taxes for the ultrawealthy (including my family) and created a several trillion dollar deficit. Once I cut that shit passed, I peaced out, yo."

-Paul Ryan, fucking asshole


essray22 t1_j4avhid wrote

I randomly came upon him while he I was mountain biking at John Muir. He didn’t have enough power to make it up the punchy hill climbs.


ATribeOfAfricans t1_j4bfpyr wrote

Well, that could very well be true but it certainly doesn't help that he is an objectively massive piece of shit


tinacat933 t1_j4c742e wrote

I feel like this guy keeps popping up again now for a reason- and it has to do with “entitlement “ cuts- he always had a raging boner for this shit


TatonkaJack t1_j4c8rhc wrote

That’s weird cause that congress didn’t really get much done even though they had the house, senate, and presidency.


notreal088 t1_j4caz7r wrote

And this is why I believe we should fight to also give congressmen and senators term limits. Holding on to power for so long only encourages corruption and prevents progress and innovation in thoughts since we can have the same person in office for over 30 years


westwardhose t1_j4cl0ma wrote

You're not making sense. The longer they spend in office, the better they get at fucking us all. They've gotten so good at it that not only do we barely feel it but we beg for more.


coolluck33 t1_j4ctocp wrote

How odd that the dishonorable Paulie didn't bring this issue up while he was Speaker ...


joeyl5 t1_j4dculg wrote

I remember him as a spineless coward


farbs12 t1_j4df5zh wrote

Say what you want about him, but for 52 he looks damn good. Testament to exercise routine.


dayison2 t1_j4dmhso wrote

Funny how he says that now that he's no longer...


Gilgie t1_j4dwpx0 wrote

Did he do anything as speaker?


irredentistdecency t1_j4e2bqm wrote

Paul Ryan would have too much power as a school crossing guard…


squidvalley t1_j4ewcfx wrote

Remember when he passed corporate tax cuts and the Koch Bros gave 500k to his campaign the next day, despite him not running again?


TheEffinChamps t1_j4f0nl7 wrote

No one man should have all that powaarr


morahman7vn t1_j4f1pa5 wrote

We need a greatest hits of madness compilation reel of examples to further drive this point home.

Because honestly at once point I just sort of tuned out of politics. A refresher would be greatly appreciated.


CrawlerSiegfriend t1_j4fbj7i wrote

So I've been seeing increasing Paul Ryan coverage. Is he back now or something? I thought he quit.


puckerbush t1_j4fpy61 wrote

What an incredibly absurd statement from a bona fide failure.


PityFool t1_j4g6wdc wrote

The Speaker has two kinds of power. One based on the rules of the House and one based on their political capital. Ryan may have had a good amount of the former, but possessed none of the latter. We’re long past the days of Joe Cannon who ruled the house with an iron fist with both types of power but after the members essentially revolted, the powers of the speakership were drastically cut back. A generation later, Longworth should have been another weak Speaker because of the rules, but he was a master politician who managed to rule the House by force of will and skill even though on paper he wasn’t very empowered.

All that’s to say that when we fast forward to recent history, Gingrich was probably the resurgence of what it looks like to have a Speaker who was truly powerful for both reasons… until he wasn’t, after some political blunders. But he handed a very strong speakership to his successors but with each passing Speaker they gave up more and more of their power until you get to Ryan who was a sniveling weakling of a Speaker who had neither political capital to spend nor much power on paper to wield. Pelosi was clever, deft, adaptable, and skilled enough so that she got her way on legislation, but the Republicans have no one with anything close to resembling her skill. And Ryan is one of the last people with anything valuable to say on the subject given his abject failure of a speakership.


burrito-disciple t1_j4ij8o3 wrote

This party is turning into an absolute clown show


Brewing_Tea t1_j4blick wrote

Wait, you can actually do LESS useful stuff than Paul Ryan???


mymar101 t1_j4bri33 wrote

Maybe the house speaker should have no power at all to do anything. Sarcasm.


Hermit_Lailoken t1_j4bxj20 wrote

Is that why you left after setting up a sweetheart deal for yourself?


MediocreDungeonMastr t1_j4c0e3q wrote

> Paul Ryan despises the fanfare he supported during his career

And this is why Paul Ryan always has and always will be a worthless twat


snagsguiness t1_j4cay3s wrote

Why didn’t he say that at the time?


sulla_rules t1_j4f30q8 wrote

And. Couldn’t wield it, he is a huge disappointment


Arcades_Samnoth t1_j4cz94d wrote

Stopped clock moment for Paul Ryan..... man things are getting wierd