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bomberesque1 OP t1_j4am7gz wrote

Yes Paul, we think so too


Is12345aweakpassword t1_j4ba8cm wrote

Lol my reaction

“Yeah, I was there”


teplightyear t1_j4dpquq wrote

Mine was "Then why did we have trillion dollar deficits from 2016-2018 when you had so much power and McConnell and Trump held the keys to the other two levers of power, Mr. Fiscal Responsibility?"


printers_rock t1_j4ej9r1 wrote

Well if we give a shit at all about being right specifically, not just generally... Deficit by year:

Year Deficit (in Billions)
2016 585
2017 665
2018 779

Accuracy matters, otherwise you're not helping. You're one of those people where a lot of us end up in a position of "I agree with your overall point but I fucking hate the way you made it"

Not a good person to be, imo.

A better version of that general argument would be to simply ask why deficits rose during his speakership. Should also lump in 2015 at $442B and 2019 at $984B, to make the point even more obvious. You could, of course, make a very concrete form of that argument by laying out the premises that he is both a fiscal conservative as well as acknowledges directly himself that he wielded a tremendous amount of power. But we're not exactly interviewing him, so that's a bit unnecesary.


FrillySteel t1_j4c06h7 wrote

Exactly my reaction.

"... funny that you're just telling us now..."


DoctorSteve t1_j4gplvp wrote

I do not like that he is making public appearances again.

Go back to never showing your face.


The-friar t1_j4bi01f wrote

Why? Would you rather the House freedom caucus had more power to tear everything down, or a Speaker that at least can still find some sort of compromise and get budgets passed?


tayroarsmash t1_j4clwgw wrote

Neither of those are happening so I think you just set up a false dichotomy.


The-friar t1_j4cz0mx wrote

There was a compromise at the end of the last congress, where McConnell and the democrats got a spending omnibus through, which angered the Freedom Caucus. Which is why the reforms that Ryan is defending here were championed by the likes of Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz.