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Rickshmitt t1_j4aqvvh wrote

I was so suprised Ryan retired. He was groomed to be the next McConnell. A smart, evil, little fuck. Thank goodness hes gone.


sighbourbon t1_j4awb2p wrote

Well he's not gone, is he. Suddenly the last two days he's all over the news trying for a comeback


finevcijnenfijn t1_j4bo2hw wrote

>Despite everything else, this is why George Washington is a big deal.
>"When told by the American artist Benjamin West that Washington was going to resign, King George III of England said "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world."
>Edit. Ok, so I found this regarding that quote.

He's gonna try to be pres if trump kanyes out.


BJntheRV t1_j4bvdxx wrote

Last 2 years he's been popping out of his hole since Trump lost reelection. It's almost like he's trying to stay relevant for a reason.


Rosebunse t1_j4b3kvg wrote

He was real hot with the beard...

Like, it was an evil beard, but he rocked it.

I think as Trump's power wanes, he is vying for a come-back. The GOP is clearly in a bit of a tizzy and you can bet we are gonna see people wrestle for control of it.


BloodTypeBourbonRye t1_j4b4bgu wrote

A lot of the more reasonable moderate Republicans dipped out in the middle of Trump's term when it was obvious they were going to lose a primary to a Trump-endorsed candidate if they didn't become lapdogs like Lindsey Graham did. I don't like Ryan but I'd rather have a House full of Republicans like him.


Rosebunse t1_j4b4mmx wrote

We would actually get stuff done that wasn't insane.

We are gonna see some weird shit out of the GOP. Normally, I would say that Biden's document drama was a career killer. But the GOP make it quite possible that it will be forgotten in a couple of weeks. They're disorganized, too obsessed with pleasing an insane base.


spotolux t1_j4bb0o2 wrote

I don't believe Ryan and his like would do anything. When he was coming up he was promoted as a policy wonk with convictions, the new face of the Republican party who would usher in a new era of modern Republicans. Instead all he did was cut taxes and flee from Trump despite knowing exactly who and what Trump was. He didn't do shit when he supposedly had too much power and I don't think he'd do anything if he made a comeback.


Rosebunse t1_j4bb5ws wrote

I think he will try the same thing again, Im just not sure it will work


Rickshmitt t1_j4bvlzs wrote

I think he was one of the smart ones who got out. He knew his party would be sucking that orange ass and said naaah ive got enough money. Which is scary hes resurfacing. Hes evil but smart.


tackle_bones t1_j4bcrv3 wrote

“Get stuff done that wasn’t insane.”

This is the guy that for years tried to organize the killing of social security and other social safety nets. He definitely has insane ideas and promotes them.


Rosebunse t1_j4bdrju wrote

I never got the obsession with killing off social security. What do they think will happen?


tackle_bones t1_j4bieb4 wrote

I’m not sure. I always thought they picked him, in part, because I believe he was raised partially on welfare. So of course, who is a better person to fight against it than someone that directly benefitted from it?!


Rosebunse t1_j4bj3r7 wrote

People like that are the worst because they have to believe that they were "deserving" of that help and that everyone else just needs to suck it up


DizzyAmphibian309 t1_j4cb60z wrote

They don't want to kill it off, they want to make it so that every X years you need to have a vote to extend it. Democrats will always vote yes, but Republicans will use it as leverage to get concessions. Because they're assholes.


MajorOrMinor t1_j4bmzvq wrote

He was apparently “sleeping” in his office often. So were his often underage and rather powerfully connected interns