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an_african_swallow t1_j4b4nbs wrote

Is this guy attempting to crawl his way back into politics now that trump doesn’t have as much of a spotlight as he used to?


Toothlessdovahkin t1_j4b83xr wrote

He will 100% be running as the I’m totally not crazy Maga Republican candidate


framed1234 t1_j4bg3sy wrote

"I'm not trump crazy, I'm bush crazy"


Toothlessdovahkin t1_j4bhv27 wrote

Yep. Still crazy and still wanting to do crappy things for personal and corporate profit. Still a jerk and an AH, just not crazy. A perfect example of Lawful Evil vs. Chaotic Evil.


jlaw54 t1_j4dliv1 wrote

“I won’t try to ruin my own country completely, but I might invade a sovereign nation for no reason”.


macrofinite t1_j4bpjom wrote

Smells like the perfect time to start pearl clutching about the deficit as an excuse to delete social security again.

The current dumbasses forgot the pearl clutching step and are just trying to cut it.


CrazyCoKids t1_j4chxua wrote

"...But I 100% indulged those crazy MAGA republicans".


Sandman1031 t1_j4ckhiv wrote

Yeah, he was one of the 1st bunch of rats to jump ship to preserve their political future. He has enough separation to come out relatively unscathed from MAGA. He looks like he wants to be a key leader in a post-MAGA GOP if that actually becomes a thing.