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spotolux t1_j4bb0o2 wrote

I don't believe Ryan and his like would do anything. When he was coming up he was promoted as a policy wonk with convictions, the new face of the Republican party who would usher in a new era of modern Republicans. Instead all he did was cut taxes and flee from Trump despite knowing exactly who and what Trump was. He didn't do shit when he supposedly had too much power and I don't think he'd do anything if he made a comeback.


Rosebunse t1_j4bb5ws wrote

I think he will try the same thing again, Im just not sure it will work


Rickshmitt t1_j4bvlzs wrote

I think he was one of the smart ones who got out. He knew his party would be sucking that orange ass and said naaah ive got enough money. Which is scary hes resurfacing. Hes evil but smart.