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The-friar t1_j4bhium wrote

Ryan is just saying this to give some cover for Kevin McCarthy, who was forced to make embarrassing concessions to the far right to win the gavel that made the speakership much, much weaker. Indeed it was probably better that the speaker was so powerful, so that they could still make deals and work around the extremes of the party


BartholomewBandy t1_j4boigp wrote

This is the answer. McCarthy has no room to negotiate, he has no control of the crazy right and is very likely to fuck up our credit rating as a country, here in the next few weeks. In chaos is opportunity, and here he is, the previous weakest speaker in our times… He should have gone into the cannabis business, like that hypocrite Boehner.


twoaspensimages t1_j4ce4i9 wrote

Honest question. At what point does the GOP fucking over the country not benefit the billionaires that fund their campaigns?


playbeautiful t1_j4dmq9y wrote

They won’t let the US default, their sugar daddy’s would never allow it


LurkethInTheMurketh t1_j4dnyxi wrote

All economic downturn short of societal collapse can be turned to billionaires’ benefit. Do not forget that a significant subsection of their donors either are or are aligned with literal enemies of the state a la Russia and China, among others.


start3ch t1_j4ccagh wrote

Fuck up our credit rating? What’s going on now


twoaspensimages t1_j4cejym wrote

Shutting down the government to stick it to the libs could weaken the US credit rating. Which will weaken the petrodollar and cause real harm to the economy.


diomedes_13 t1_j4cia2p wrote

The debt limit is about to be hit, which has to be raised by congress. If they don't raise it we can default on our national debt shortly after.