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sealmeal21 t1_j4bsc05 wrote

They all do. They're all too disassociated with reality and not looking to the interests of the people. The whole system is garbage.1 term maximums, minimum wage the whole time, bank accounts monitored the whole time, no charitable donations or campaign donations allowed, any attempted "donations" go to a fund that fuels each politican equally for their campaign and each politician gets the super basic healthcare benefits while in office. Also any criminal act is automatically moved to max sentencing allowable for an elected official. They all need to fear the power they yield, find it fiscally irresponsible to stay in office, and work their fingers to the bone trying to help the people they represent.


thinkstohimself t1_j4ebivf wrote

1 term max? So basically you want the government to be even more ineffectual?


The-friar t1_j4eeeot wrote

Also paying representatives the minimum wage is a good way to ensure that only the very wealthy can afford to run and hold office


sealmeal21 t1_j4yk9n8 wrote

Not when there is legislation such as Trump has to sign to turn over his assets to another person while in office and when the offices held are only going to cause financial hardship for them they really aren't going to show up. They're going to try to bribe those in those seats with a living wage instead of billions to do their bidding. Well until they get caught and it's treated as a felony much like attempted treason.