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Llenette1 t1_j4bwrda wrote

I legit wonder about this guy every so He's definitely Conservative, but even he saw how batshit crazy things were getting and said "fuck this". And it's sad I feel the desire to give him credit for that. Smh. Lol.


TldrDev t1_j4czm90 wrote

That's not what happened, you're giving him far too much credit. He became a weed spokesperson. He's a fucking hypocrite. He was "vehemently opposed to Marijuana legalization" during his time in the house, got paid $20m, dropped out of congress, and became a lobbyist for a cannabis investment group. He's a fucking twat.


Radtk156 t1_j4f2ddw wrote

Sounds a lot like Harris. Politicians are so hypocritical, its wild we just accept it at this point


omgFWTbear t1_j4ci32j wrote

No. Any time a senior official or corporate type “steps down,” it’s to protect their resume. They didn’t quit, they didn’t vote for the bad thing, they didn’t lose, they didn’t oversee a 10% YoY decrease in sales in steak as veganism overtook the country, whatever - it’s entirely a calculation to keep a resume that is only associated with success.

And I’m not saying that to be partisan here - I’ve seen politicians on both sides escape scandal, as well as some corporate officers avoid litigation, by “taking time to spend with family,” etc.,. I am not suggesting PR was facing scandal - AFAIK his maneuver was just staying ahead of headwinds.


Top-Philosophy-5791 t1_j4cr89g wrote

He’s an Ayn Rand fanboy. Kind of an idiot.


CogitatorX t1_j4hbjfj wrote

A fanboy who grew up relying on social security and Medicaid let’s not forget that important little detail.


SirThatsCuba t1_j4f1y58 wrote

You don't need that "kind of" when talking about ayn rand fanboys


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fenu5 wrote

His favorite band is Rage Against the Machine, and he very specifically starred in congress as the Machine.

But seriously, I have my own pet theory.

Remember when Republicsns were opposed to Trump? Remember too when they all met with Trump and emerged lije docile puppies? Remember further when the word on the street was that Republicans were afraid of Trump?

Finally, do you remember that, when the Russians hacked the DNC and Assange leaked the contents, the Russians also hacked the RNC and never leaked anything?

My theory is that Putin handed Trump damning contents from that leak which he revealed to them in that meeting. Trump then threatened to expose them if they didn't cooperate.

Paul 'Rage Against the Machine' Ryan finishes the meeting by saying they're all family and drops out of politics ASAP.

Trump is holding seriously damaging info provided to him by Putin and using it to manipulate the GOP.

Bill Barr says Trump's election claims are bullshit but thst he's still voting for him? He says that Trump will destroy the Republicans if he doesn't get the nomination?

Trump is going to reveal something devestating if he loses the nomination or gets imprisoned.


SugarSweetSonny t1_j4fi2wa wrote

This requires Trump to be able to keep secrets for more then 10 minutes.

Considering that every person who has been close to him, winds up turning on him.

I can't imagine him having dirt and not having it leaked or talking to people about it.


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fj2iy wrote

The evidence is being held by Putin.

He may have even had instructions about avoiding blabbering.

That's hard to believe, but he still thinks he's running for president.

The Republicans have not split with him yet.


SugarSweetSonny t1_j4fk9jh wrote

Yea but that still requires Trump not to blab to people about dirt.

Its a pretty big stretch that he wouldn't be telling people around him.

Its almost antithetical to everything he has done for decades.

He's even been known to divulge information damaging to himself in public (regarding business dealings in the past) despite his own lawyers telling him not to.

Its not totally unfeasable IF you can find a way to take Trump himself out of the equation (i.e. use someone else without trump).


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fkl4m wrote

Well, we will see what happens.

Either the GOP turns on him or he passes away.

If he doesn't die before they turn on him, he will play whatever cards he has left.


BubuBarakas t1_j4e53vl wrote

I bought my ticket abroad for a job the day after the 2016 election. I got out when he did.


Easy-Concentrate2636 t1_j4ed9ix wrote

It’s wild how much saner old GOP seems in comparison.


Llenette1 t1_j4eq2rb wrote

Exactly. They still don't deserve any awards, but I kinda wish the GOP would go back to their regularly scheduled bs. Not this new bs.