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bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fj2iy wrote

The evidence is being held by Putin.

He may have even had instructions about avoiding blabbering.

That's hard to believe, but he still thinks he's running for president.

The Republicans have not split with him yet.


SugarSweetSonny t1_j4fk9jh wrote

Yea but that still requires Trump not to blab to people about dirt.

Its a pretty big stretch that he wouldn't be telling people around him.

Its almost antithetical to everything he has done for decades.

He's even been known to divulge information damaging to himself in public (regarding business dealings in the past) despite his own lawyers telling him not to.

Its not totally unfeasable IF you can find a way to take Trump himself out of the equation (i.e. use someone else without trump).


bozitybozitybopzebop t1_j4fkl4m wrote

Well, we will see what happens.

Either the GOP turns on him or he passes away.

If he doesn't die before they turn on him, he will play whatever cards he has left.