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SelectiveSanity t1_j65bc9f wrote

I wonder how they'd feel if Democrats started sending them welcome baskets filled with gay porn, massive dildos and gummy dicks?


area_tribune t1_j65gtxo wrote

Horny probably.


TazeredAngel t1_j660h3t wrote

Nah. Matt Gaetz would confiscate all of them for “research”


ThePresidentsNipples t1_j65btz1 wrote

What flavor are the gummies...... asking for a friend


SelectiveSanity t1_j65dvhw wrote


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j66av6n wrote

Peacefully protested without a single one of them being convicted and the judge nearly holding the federal prosecutors in contempt for withholding evidence and the FBI getting in trouble for lying under oath.


Heijoshinn t1_j66w2ak wrote

Lol @ "gummy dicks".

It'd be funnier if they had a cracked-out-looking bunny with messaging like "Dicks aren't for kids" on a post card.


SelectiveSanity t1_j67mgle wrote

Thats just silly.

We have about another month or so till easter and doubt these guys are Catholic priests.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j66ai1o wrote

Shrug. He is on the armed forces committee and they are Made in HIs state. They are 40mm grenades, which is really more of a projectile.

I would think your suggestion of gay porn would have to come from a representative from Texas. You know, only steers and ______ come from Texas.


idahononono t1_j658ubb wrote

Florida, the only state that can make Idaho’s elected representatives seem normal in comparison. Sigh.


HarryHacker42 t1_j665nct wrote

If you sent real grenades right now, some of them would think they were the fake ones and blow themselves up. This is why we don't play with dangerous looking objects.


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j66a4yg wrote

….given the responsibility state elected officials have for military oversight, if they are that ignorant I support this.

And I suspect it would take out members of both parties fairly evenly.

They were 40mm grenades. Given the built in safety features, you couldn’t blow yourself up unless you put them in a fire.


HarryHacker42 t1_j66i3ee wrote

This is Florida. They'll find a way to do the stupidest thing possible. Did you know they elected a pedophile, Matt Gaetz, to represent them?


dratsablive t1_j65ixcc wrote

That's a paddlin!


Poluca t1_j65v5za wrote

Thanks but you can have this back without the pin


youngmindoldbody t1_j65s960 wrote

What's the fuss? I got a wonderful basket of grenades and landmines in my "Welcome to the Neighborhood" basket.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_j66r7fm wrote

Landmines? What fancy ass neighbourhood did you move in to? I only got sandbags* and razor wire.

*the bags had the word "SAND" printed on them but I had to supply my own sand.


Edelkern t1_j6810hg wrote

You can just own fucking grenades as a civilian in the US?


themengsk1761 t1_j675wr0 wrote

This will not be so funny when something blows up or there is violence again at the capitol. We have only ensured it will happen again.


CloysterMuk t1_j66gnm1 wrote

I read this and immediately assumed the jersey shore fat friend reference.


MikeDubbz t1_j6946ae wrote

The fuck is wrong with people?


CatAvailable3953 t1_j69iedv wrote

He knows they may need them in the next insurrection.


TheStrangestOfKings t1_j69vs9j wrote

Is it a bad sign that I’m surprised the grenades were inert and not live?


Nightruin t1_j66jai0 wrote

I mean, personally, I think an inert 40mm round would be kinda dope to have. These aren’t grenades like you’re thinking. What he sent were individual rounds that are fired from a mk19, an automatic grenade launcher that fired linked 40mm, usually explosive, rounds.


FiniteRhino t1_j66pe8q wrote

I think it’s more about r/theimplication


Nightruin t1_j66psxi wrote

I can see that, but I honestly don’t think it was meant in any sort of way. He’s an Iraq vet, his state and constituents produce these rounds. I know plenty of soldiers that would give inert 40mm as a gift just because it’s cool. Maybe there is a bit of an implication, but I don’t think it’s as malicious as people are claiming.

I could also be 100% wrong I don’t know the man at all.


Cwallace98 t1_j671mbc wrote

The point is that you don't know how malicious it is. In the current climate this is easily taken as a threat.


Nightruin t1_j673bcd wrote

Yeah. That’s what I said. I gave my opinion, and even said I could be totally wrong. I highly doubt it’s malicious. But it could be. Only person who knows for sure is the congressman himself.

But it’s wrong to claim it’s 100% malicious, because just like me, you don’t know.