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DrMux t1_j4f2j0a wrote

I find it easy to picture a marketing pivot to the kink market in this product's future.


Paramore90 t1_j4f3kkb wrote

Heck yeah that’s what I’m talking about… add-on a Fleshlight attachment and we’re good to go 🤣


DrMux t1_j4f3rzn wrote

Also, I for one will not be purchasing a haptic suit without nipple electrodes.


mekatzer t1_j4f5tcq wrote

Those not only exist, they’ve existed for decades




cutelyaware t1_j4f6620 wrote

Yes, but can your remote cock ring pair with your headset?


just-some-person t1_j4gd7tc wrote

There was seriously a Teledildonic device built to fit in 5.25" drive bays back in the 90s that was wildly hilarious.


Paramore90 t1_j4f2tnx wrote

At first I actually didn’t know it’s a muzzle to suppress the wearer’s voice. My horny ass thought it’s a kissing/mouth and tongue attachment for VR porn.

…. I should call her…


Mazcal t1_j4fm2ys wrote

Hold up so that’s what it’s for?

Can I put it on a colleague even if they’re not using VR at all?


Justherefortwoset t1_j4f9eme wrote

This reminds me of the Onions feeding bag! It’s finally here.


Alaishana t1_j4f1bbh wrote

The company name is Shitfall?


I misread that, you say?

What kind of idiot names their company Shiftfall, so that ppl will misread it as Shitfall?


TravelinDan88 t1_j4f38cu wrote

Someone that went to the South Harmon Institute of Technology, probably.


878_Throwaway____ t1_j4fo0r2 wrote

I'm buying it for the guy in my open office who refuses to grab a meeting room for his loud ass fucking calls.


Warpzit t1_j4fffhc wrote

Remote sex is the future like it or not.


beyondoutsidethebox t1_j4gwp9q wrote

All you have to do is stick some form of oscillating motor within a TV remote, and knowing humanity, remote sex has already happened...


oldthunderbird t1_j4fw4wo wrote

Couldn’t you just not talk?


beyondoutsidethebox t1_j4gw9wg wrote

Depends, especially if there is some voice component to the game. I also imagine it improves the voice pick up quality as it won't have to work so hard filtering out background noise. Also, suppose some mad lad made Outlast VR (if it doesn't exist already), not everyone wants to hear someone scream full volume. (Now that I think of it, adding a mechanic that enables enemies to find you based on the noise from your voice and or breathing in a VR setting could be quite an addition to the survival horror genre, for example, Alien: Isolation, where the xenomorph can find where you are hiding if you are too noisy.) Alas I am no programmer, but, it seems that such a thing would actually be possible to implement...


DigitalSteven1 t1_j4f8kzw wrote

Uninformed tech "journalist" for $200!


elwoodowd t1_j4gdyhk wrote

Its time for space helmets as common everyday hats. Like, airplanes should offer them instead of earphones.


cbk101 t1_j4iki4g wrote

I know it isn't very fashionable but I have 2 kids and having mic that keeps me quiet in VR Minigolf would be really useful


DcFla t1_j4izozn wrote

It would be hilarious if he took it off to reveal it’s actually like 6 inches deep in his mouth


Netxgmr t1_j4id7l7 wrote

“Say goodbye to your gag reflex!”


HungarianMoment t1_j4ifgy3 wrote

actually good product that solves a major common problem